What Everyone Needs to Know About the Royce Union Bicycles

Royce Union Bicycles was a company who imported bikes from Japan, Taiwan, and Germany to sell them as high-end department store bikes. Due to the sizes of the bicycles made in Asia; they were selling towards adolescents.T

he Royce Union brand gathered bike sellers from overseas who made high-quality products and imported the bikes to sell in America. These bikes were first no-speed or a three-speed bike; the higher speeds came much later in manufacturing.

The bikes all ranged in designs and colors, making this bike one you could see many children riding around the neighborhood. These bikes last for a long time, which is while you will still find some today that is in immaculate condition.

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The Amazing Features of the Royce Union Bicycle

The amazing features about the Royce Union bicycles were how durable they were, the high-quality parts they were made from, and the sturdy alloy rims. Their bikes were lightweight and mostly made for road cycling.

The Royce Union bicycles are a well-known brand from the early 1900’s. These bikes were highly popular during the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Even now you can still find some cyclists riding them.

Royce Union bicycles are a brand I remember my dad telling me stories about them. He would tell us stories of his family riding together, or when he got his first Royce Union Bicycle, and even when he rode his bike in the woods downhill and crashed.

The Royce Union brand was a name he knew, trusted, and bought. My dad is one of the reasons I believe in the Royce Union so much.

The other reason is that I also own a Royce Union bike. It is not an old, 1960’s model or anything, but it is from the late 70’s. It was my aunt’s old bike. My dad bought this bike for me as a birthday gift when I was fifteen. I love that bike, and I still own that bike.

1. Durable Framing

The frames of the bikes varied from steel to aluminum depending on who made the bike. The frames were made strong and built to last, no matter what they were put through.

When people find Royce Union Bicycles in old barns, in garage sales, and all they need are a little cleaning, that tells you how well made these bikes are.

The steel frames are heavier than their aluminum counterparts, but they are still made to last and withstand the wear and tear of cycling and aging.

While some companies do skip on valuable parts, Royce Union still uses steel or aluminum frames that are of the highest-grade materials. You may still find that your bike is from overseas, but it will be of high-quality.

2. Quality Parts

Shimano derailleurs, linear pull brakes, and the works are some of the pieces of old Royce Unions, but nowadays you find these bikes with full suspension, steel frame, linear pull brakes, and they come in 21-speeds.

The parts have improved in quality for the brands they have kept working alongside. The parts that they should upgrade are the linear pull brakes and invest in a lighter frame material such as alloy or carbon.

3. Alloy Rims

Alloy rims have been the primary seller for rims. Alloy rims are reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting. These rims can take a lot of beatings and stress while keeping their shape and strength.

These rims can support the steel framing of the bike and the rider on top of the ride itself. These bikes have been off-road, and these alloy rims on the Royce Union Bicycle will not let you down.

They have 36 spokes for added safety and strength to the wheels’ support.In the 1980’s, wheels had 72 spokes. These wheels could have handled anything coming their way and more!


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4. Lightweight

Even the steel frame bike is not that heavy compared to steel bikes now. Their steel frame and aluminum framed bikes are lightweight, easy to carry, store, and bring for travel. Their lightweight frames made for faster riding without the need for shifting.

The lightweight frame was designed to better cyclists’ performance and decrease travel time by providing less resistance.

Why the Royce Union Bicycle is a Great Choice

Royce Union Bicycles will hold up through the years. Their durable framing materials, high-quality parts, and their affordable prices make this brand a big seller.

The Royce Union brand is a name people remember either as children or their parents talking about them. This bike brand was a major brand sold at department stores.

This bike is the one kids would save their birthday and Christmas money to buy.Have you heard about Royce Union Bicycles?

Did you ever own one? Let me know if you did or not, and if you did, what did you think about it?

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