Top 5 Bike Inventions you must have

Nowadays, the mountain biking keeps on developing and makes strides. Exhibited beneath are the top 5 bike inventions you must have in the historical backdrop of street bicycle developments.



If you want to be visible in the dark just by biking or you want to flaunt your new bike moves with the help of flashing lights, there is only one answer to your problem. Monkey Lights has developed the brightest and most durable bike wheel lights for commuter cyclists or bike enthusiasts.


  • It gives added safety and reduces your chance of being hit since many cars will drive slowly just to check out your wheel lights
  • It is waterproof
  • Needs a lot of patience during installation
  • Has a two year warranty

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Tired of pulling in and out your bike in the storage room or don’t have enough space for your bicycle keeping? With the use of Clug’s fantastic bike rack innovation, you’ll end up as minimal, tiny and you’re all set.


  • A tiny and minimal way to hold your bike
  • Help save storage space
  • Keep your house tidy
  • Works in one specific bike size

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Looking for a smart bike but don’t have enough cash to purchase one? Do you have a bike but is not equipped with smart innovations? Worry no more, as Cobi can be your solution to all these woes. Cobi has developed an intelligent system that you can connect to your bike using your smartphone. With the innovative connectivity of Cobi, you’ll have a smart bike that is capable of producing over 100 smart features.


  • Gives automatic front and rear light
  • Provides bike navigation
  • Has an alarm system
  • Has a smartphone holder with charging functions
  • A bit pricey for one small device

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Go-e Onwheel

There are pretty good electronic bikes out there in the market, but anyone can have an e-bike without buying those super expensive ones. If you already have a bike then all you need to do is purchase Onwheel to make an e-bike out of your favorite bicycle within seconds. From anywhere you are you can just carry it and plug it onto your normal bike and you’re ready to get going.


  • Has a very small and lightweight electric motor to transform your normal bike to an e-bike
  • It can drive your rear wheel up to 800W of additional power
  • It has an adjustable power and speed level to keep you driving at any speed you want

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Smart Halo

For the savvy bikers, owning a smart bike offer them a big advantage that enhances their riding experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the steep costs it involves especially if they have one good bike available at home. Thanks to the upgrades which Smart Halo produced to help standard bicycles transform into a smart one. With this product you’ll be riding with a smart and safe direction.


  • It has an intuitive, LED-based navigation system to allow hands free steering
  • It uses a color-changing and blinking LED light to guide bikers to their specific destination
  • Equipped with a military grade lock to prevent theft while allowing you to keep it on your handlebars
  • Offers a metric recording capability with a built in front light

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On many large cities anywhere in the world, the best way to tour around is by a bicycle rather than driving a car. However, the downside of using just a standard bike can give you headaches. You need smart navigation system, proper lighting and just a clean, savvy and head turning design to flaunt your bike moves.

These products are extremely helpful for all your road safety, security and navigation needs. Grab either one of them or better yet all of those and make your biking get you to the best biking experience you’ve ever had.