Wait on Sta Tru Wheels Until You Read About Them

Sta-Tru Wheels are an amazing brand of wheels for your road or mountain bike. While they can cost a lot, they are well worth the investment. Sta-Tru Wheels were founded in 1984 in a garage where they hand-built each wheel.

As time went on, the wheels were developed by machines, but each wheel was still inspected by hand. The wheels are made with high-quality parts, wheel-building robots, and inspected by a real person before being shipped off.

Sta-Tru Wheels are a brand you can trust when they come with parts from brands you know, trust, and love. They use parts that cyclists prefer to better their products and cater to their biker’s needs.

The Lowdown on the Wheels

Sta-Tru Wheels are high-quality wheels with parts that you can trust. When you get these wheels, you also get the trusted brands of Enduro, Shimano, and Sapim. The wheels are durable with good, long-lasting parts.

There are 5 reasons I love Sta-Tru Wheels, and after you see what I’ve got to tell you, you’ll love them! There are many people who use Sta-Tru Wheels and swear by them, and by the end of this list, you’ll be ordering yours too!


1. There is a High Variety of Wheels

We are not talking 1 or 2 wheels for a road or mountain bike. We’re talking 8+ wheels for road bikes and 6+ wheels for mountain bikes.

The wheels offered from the Sta-Tru Wheels company are recently made wheels, but you can find more at online retailers.

The number of wheels that are available for you to choose from should let you know how long they’ve been making wheels and how they change their designs to fit the need for new bikes.

Wider wheels are becoming more and more common in bikes. This makes for better traction and stability when riding. Spoke counts have increased and have many different patterns due to the strength and durability they add to the wheel.

No matter the wheel you choose, make sure it fits your needs. They carry wheels for all types of riders to give the best support and durability for that rider. The number of spokes you need depends upon how much pressure you put on the wheels and the weight and conditions they will be put up against.

If you are having trouble deciding between the wheels you should get because of the price point, there are other places to order from and try for a lower price.

2. The Wheels are Made with High-Quality Parts

These wheels are made from alloy, carbon, or steel and contain parts from Shimano, Enduro, and Sapim. These wheels are built to last, be sturdy, and designed to withstand all the riding you put into them.

The spokes and nipples are usually made by Sapim, who have been producing these parts for well over 90 years. They only use the highest-grade materials to provide safety in the parts, so you won’t have to fear.

Sapim works to better its products, not just for manufacturer’s or company’s needs and desires, but also to tailor to the needs of amateurs and professionals in the biking world.

The bearings on the bike wheels are mostly sealed cartridge bearings by Enduro. Enduro products are made with high-quality materials ranging from stainless steel, ceramic, and more. Each bearing is put through a rigorous process to make sure they can withstand certain pressure and weight put on them.

The Shimano parts are very well-known in the cycling world. Shimano is a part of almost every bike out there on the road today. Shimano is a Japanese company that produces one of the highest-quality materials for bikes on the market today.

Shimano makes a lot of great cycling gear, which is highly useful in, not just Japan, but countries around the world who really on good, quality made biking gear.

No matter the wheel you choose from Sta-Tru Wheels, you will know that you are investing in a high-quality product that features high-quality parts. Your bike will thank you, and you will thank yourself for investing in the durable, sturdy, long-lasting wheel.

3. The Wheels are Lightweight

It’s extremely important for wheels to be lightweight and not weigh you down. The wheels should not keep you from handling your bike or from keeping control. Good, lightweight wheels weigh anywhere between 5 and 17 lbs.

Heavier wheels could affect your overall performance. Heavy wheels can decrease your acceleration rate, create a harsh braking, and affect your handling on rough terrain.

Between the wheels, they are lightweight wheels to give you the best performance possible. The wheels are made to enhance performance, rather than hindering your skills. These wheels are designed to help with stability, acceleration speeds, wind resistance, and to help the body adapt to lighter style wheels.

The wheels may be wider than you’re used to; however, they are to provide better traction and durability for the wheel. The wider wheels allow for the tread to grip better and keep the bike more stable and balanced.

4. Well-Known Brand

Sta-Tru Wheels is a well-known brand that has been around for a while. Bikers like the wheels due to the high-quality materials they are made from and how durable they are.

These wheels are a great addition to bikes that you want to keep updated and well-maintained. These wheels will last at least 2 to 3 years so long as they are maintained properly and cared-for.

These wheels are showing up all over the place because of the durability and dependability they provide. You can find a Sta-Tru Wheels review on almost any site out there because these wheels are worth it.

They have a quality company that backs their wheels and their products and are willing to do what they can to help you with their wheels, should any problems arrive.


5. Sta-Tru Wheels Will Last a Long Time

These wheels will last about 2 to 3 good years so long as you keep them cleaned, maintain them, keep them tuned and true, and they will make your investment well worth it!

I’ve had my Sta-Tru Wheels for about 2 years now, and besides a little worn and the tire having to be replaced after a flat, I’ve had no issues! I would recommend these wheels to everyone I know and to those I meet on the trails.

If you are hard on your wheels, take a lot of falls, or do a lot of rough jumps then these wheels might not be the best option for you. If you are easier on your wheels and ride rough terrain, but you don’t crash or fall a lot, and you care and maintain your wheels, you will love these wheels.

With the durable materials added into the wheels and the composition that make up the wheel framing, these wheels will be able to handle rough terrains, while providing you with the best performance possible. The components don’t loosen and provide you with a safe wheel to add to your bike.

Sta-Tru Wheels Kill the Competition

These wheels will last you a long time if you care for them. The high-quality parts ensure for safe riding and quality in your product. The brands that you know and trust are a part of a durable product that will increase your performance and enhance your bike.

You can feel safe and happy with your investment into your bike by providing the best wheels that will keep your bike stable and provide better traction and support for you as the rider. Sta-Tru Wheels will be the wheels you don’t regret purchasing.

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