How to Improve Your Simple Bicycle Drawings in 6 Steps

Do you want to find out how to draw a simple bicycle drawing? They’re very easy to do, and once you know how to do the basic bike picture, you can change up the design and add features to make it more complicated to fit your desires!

Once you get the basics down, you can take it even further!

The best benefit to having this skill is teaching it to your children, friends, your class (if you’re a teacher), or using it when making trail maps and such! It’s a very nice treat to be able to see your work and put it to use, or to help others learn a new skill.

Tools to Gather Up

Before we start with the process of an easy to draw a bike, let’s first gather up the materials we will need for our lesson!





Black Marker

How to Simple Bicycle Drawings

Here we have arrived at out next destination: the process of easy bike drawing!

This process isn’t hard to do and takes no time at all, with each step there will be help right alongside you.

Remember, we’re drawing too! We are with you each step of the way!

1. First, The Height, Then the Wheels!

Make a rectangle about the length and the height you want the bike to be. In that rectangle, draw circles for the wheels, each one falling just in the lines on the opposite side of the rectangle.

You can make your wheels as simple or as detailed as you’d like to. Have an idea of where the frame will go first, or you’ll have to erase, I did.

At this point, you should have two wheels and an idea of how tall your bike is going to be, and about how wide.

2. What’s Your Frame Made From?

Can you guess what’s next? Yep! The frame! I’m choosing an aluminum frame. There’s no difference really, we’re all using pencils here… right?

So first start out with some guidelines of where you want the frame to be, how it’ll look, and the design of your bike. Make sure to draw the handlebar shaft, the seat shaft, the rods to conned those two, and the back wheel frame.

I totally left out the connecting rod that behind most chains, my bad.

3. Where Are the Parts?

Good question, I think our bike is a bit broken. Let’s fix it! In this next step, we’re going to add handlebars, a seat, and pedals.

Finish up the frame for the handlebars and seat post, then add in the handlebars and seat. Make a circle with a slightly smaller circle inside at the connection point of the frame, and the seat post come together.

Add in the pedals.

4. Finish the Frame and Extras

At this point, you’re ready to finish up the design of your frame. Add on the chain, chain guard (optional), spokes, rims, and anything else.

This is the point where you want to add any details to your bike to see how it looks before inking it. Play around, try out new things, and find what you like.

5. Inking and Erasing

This is the part where you go over all of the lines you want to keep permanently. Follow them in smooth strokes, careful not to bleed the pen or to move out of a line.

Take your time. This takes me about 10 minutes to do it carefully. You want to be thorough. You spent the time drawing your bike to your standards, ink it carefully.A

fter you finish inking, allow the ink to dry into the paper. The next step, one the ink is fully dry, is to erase all the pencil marks. Go over the entire drawing and erase all the pencil marks from the drawing.

Your drawing is complete if you don’t want a thicker or darker outline. If you do, proceed to step 6, if not, then:



6. Marker Outline (optional)

I see I congratulated you too soon. Let’s continue!Just take the marker and follow the pen lines, carefully. Markers bleed and create a fat line. Pick the marker that is right for your project and outline your drawing.

Carefully and thoroughly outline your bike.

Sign it and send it to me at:

…no? I can’t have it? Fine.

Congratulations on finishing, you can now do simple bicycle drawings!

A New Skill is Learned

You did it! You have taught yourself to draw a simple bicycle. Well, simple is saying it lightly, I’m sure the bike you drew fits you perfectly. You’re perfect!

I hope to see you posting your drawings all over the internet! I want them on your next trail ride posts, and I want to see them in your planned trips.

Show me pictures of you teaching someone else to draw! How cool would that be! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi my name is Dale Obrien. I started Mountain biking 8 years ago. I also worked as a manager in a local mountain bike shop for 5 years. I love helping beginners getting their first mountain bike. Welcome to our blog. Enjoy!

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