Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Women’s Mountain Bike – 2017 Edition (UPDATED)

I was training for a half-marathon, and developed a hotspot on my right heel. I did not want to quit training, so I decided to do some endurance riding on a bike. I needed to purchase a mountain bike, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one.

After looking through lots of reviews, I purchased the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike. The bike was perfect for my needs, and the cost was less than 100 dollars.

The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Women's Mountain Bike as a Training Bike

I wanted to work the muscles in my legs, so I decided that my bike route would include both paved streets and dirt trails, with uneven terrain and some steep hills. A good cross-country mountain bike promised to be the best choice for my needs.

The Roadmaster bike had the three elements necessary for a good cross-country mountain bike: good suspension, smooth shifting, and dependable brakes.

This bike features a front suspension fork that absorbs the shock of sudden bumps or drops in the road. Over long distance, this eases the stress on your lower back, which acts as the body’s shock absorber. The tires also help dampen some of the impact from road hazards.

The SRAM drive twist shifters move easily and quickly with just a flick of the hand. The change between gears is smooth, and the three-piece mountain crank offers 18 different speeds, with its wide range of gears.

The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike. is fitted with linear pull brakes. This type of brake, also known as a v-brake, is an upgraded version of the old cantilever brakes. They adjust easily, and provide reliable stopping power. On long rides, you need the control that these brakes offer.

The steel frame means that this mountain bike can withstand the rigors of riding off-road. Dirt, grit, and the constant stress caused from riding over rough ground, won’t hurt this rugged frame. All of these components, make this mountain bike the perfect choice for cross-country, endurance riding.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Price
  • Linear-Pull Brakes
  • ​Alloy Wheels
  • SRAM Drive Twist Shifters

The greatest selling point for the mountain bike is its price. The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike sells for less than 200 dollars. Most entry-level mountain bikes are priced closer to 300 dollars, and the Roadmaster includes several features that make it ideal for long training rides.

This bike adjusts to fit most riders. Its 26 inch wheels are just a bit shorter than the average size of 27 ½ inches. With the seat and handlebars lowered as far as they go, a person as short as 5 foot 4 inches should be able to ride comfortably. Conversely, a taller rider, up to 5 foot 10 inches tall, can be accommodated just be raising the seat and handlebars as far as they will go.

roadmaster-granite-peak-26-mountain-bike-review-advice-sizeLinear pull brakes ensure more consistent brake performance than older style cantilever brakes. Adjusting the tension and movement of the pads is relatively easy, and many YouTube videos show the process in detail. For a small amount of money, a bike shop can make the adjustments for you, if they are even needed.

The bike only needs a minimal amount of assembly. It takes about 20 minutes to attach the handlebars, pedals, front wheel, and seat. Be sure to follow the instructions provided as you mount the front wheel and handlebar. They can be a bit tricky, but the included instructions explain the process very well.

Steel resists stress fractures better than less durable metals. Having aluminum rims, cuts down on the weight of the steel-framed bike, making it easier to maneuver or carry around. The aluminum wheels won’t rust which is very important. Trail riding subjects the wheels to all sort of elements, such a grit and water, which would degrade other materials. The combination of steel frame and aluminum wheels means this bike will last a long time.

The SRAM drive twist shifters move easily and switch gears smoothly. As a whole, the shifter seems to work seamlessly with the front and rear derailleurs. The chain does not slip off the sprocket, and the mountain bike moves through all 18 gears with ease.

Overall, great things can be said about the Roadmaster Mountain Bike. It looks good, it performs well, and the price can’t be beat.

roadmaster-granite-peak-26-mountain-bike-review-advice-featureAnyone wanting an inexpensive, cross-country mountain bike, should definitely buy the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike!


The Roadmaster Mountain Bike is a no frills, entry-level bike and priced as such. This bike might not suit the needs of serious, competitive, mountain bike racers, but it does meet the needs of the average rider. With its price of less than 100 dollars, this bike is less than most entry-level children’s bicycles. Amazing!

The seat is a bit uncomfortable, for long-distance riding. Replacement seats can be found at any local discount store, or bike shop. You can find one that fits your shape perfectly for very little money. Changing out the seat is not difficult, and you should be able to do it yourself.

What People Thinks About This Bike After Using It?

Based on reviews made by our customers and bikers across the web, we give the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike

Looking over the comments by our customers, we see the same things over and over again:

  • Can’t beat the price!
  • This is a great bike for the money.
  • ​Awesome bike.
  • ​I would recommend this bike to anyone shopping for a mountain bike!
  • The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike is a good choice for your first mountain bike. It handles the dirt trails behind my house, and even did well on gravel roads. The brakes stopped the bike with precision and the bike was very quiet. I was comfortable even after riding for an hour.
  • ​Make sure you adjust the height of the bike to fit your body. Move both the handlebars and the seat so that you do not put pressure on your back. If the chain does not shift properly, check for a frozen link. A bit of lube applied directly to the link, should take care of the problem. The bike handled well, and you just can’t beat the price!
  • For a first time rider, this bike is great. The instruction manual was very clear and assembly was a breeze. The gears shift easily, and I love the way it looks. It fit my 5 foot 4 inch body perfectly, once I lowered the seat all the way. It’s hard finding a good adult bike that fits shorter riders. I don’t think this bike would work well in extreme conditions, but the average rider will find that it more than meets their needs.

Final Thoughts

This bike is the perfect choice for anyone new to mountain bike riding. The performance of the bike, more than meets the need of the average rider and the price point is spectacular.

If later, you wish to invest in a more expensive bike, or upgrade this one, the investment you’ve made in the Roadmaster won’t leave you feeling you’ve already spent too much to warrant an upgrade.

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Based on our observations and the reviews of others, we suggest you purchase the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike and start riding it today!

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