Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

North Woods is one decent quality mountain bike brand which is managed by Kent International Inc. Full adventure and rider’s safety is the primary goal of this company which are then translated into the designs of their products. Founded in 1947 in the Lower East Side of New York, right now Kent International Inc is one of the few companies who have the best understanding of a biker’s needs.

The North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a great bike for both boys and girls. Critics and reviewers has even nominated this bike as one of the top 10 mountain bikes under $200 as well as the best dual suspension mountain bikes of 2018. The highlights of this bike include its design and color choices, lightweight sturdy frame and wheel rims, as well as its suspension system.


North Woods really do help its consumers to get the most bang out of their hard earn buck with this mountain bike. Despite its low cost, the whole frame on this mountain bike is constructed from aluminum. Aluminum is known as a lightweight material, certainly lighter than the more common steel, yet could be quite expensive and therefore, is more commonly found in higher end mountain bikes. The North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike weighs approximately 42 lbs, which is quite light indeed. However, don’t worry as the lightness of the frame does notNorthwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review sacrifice the feel of the bike, the performance, or the speed.

This mountain bike’s frame measures at 26 inch, the perfect size for most boys and girls. It comes in a few exotic colors, such as orange and grey, to satisfy every style taste from your son or daughter. The North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is among the most durable bikes in the market as it provides a great defense against rocky roads or difficult mountain trails. Whatever terrain your boys or girls are looking to conquer, this is the right vehicle to help them achieve it.


The title might have give it away. North Woods uses dual or full suspension system on this mountain bike. It is called dual suspension because both the front and the rear aspect of the bike have a suspension system albeit a bit different. On the front, the suspension system is delivered by a 50 mm travel steel crown fork. Steel may be a bit heavy, but it gives the system more protection against wear and tear that comes from harsh environment without sacrificing the bike’s comfort. Warp or damage is something you do not need to worry about with the suspension on this bike. As an addition, this type of fork has a superior ability in enhancing the control of the bike in whatever terrain your boys or girls might encounter. Riders are able to do various different maneuvers such as quick turns and abrupt stops thanks to this design.

As for the rear suspension, it acts primarily as a shock absorber. Riders will not have to worry too much about fatigue with this bike as every ride will feel smooth and comfortable. However, the rear suspension also inhibits power transfer from the pedal to the rear wheel which will cause the bike to ascend more slowly and requires more energy from the rider. But if your boys or girls are a casual biker that prefers a flatter terrain, then this would not be a problem for them.


Your boys and girls will be a happy camper after knowing that the North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike has 21 speed levels. It also uses the Speed Twist shifters which will give them the ease of shifting without having to experience skipping or fidgeting of the gear shifter. A smooth transition is guaranteed with this shifter. There is also a rear derailleur which comes from the Shimano brand, so you will not have to worry about the performance and durability. The rear derailleur on this bike is adjustable and very easy to work with, eliciting an excellent movement between the gears when shifting.

Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike


North Woods sure have installed a great braking system in this mountain bike. It has a dual linear pull brakes or rim brakes, located both on the front and the rear aspect of the bike. As many may have known, linear pull brakes is a great system that will provide stellar stopping motion whenever necessary in whatever kind of terrain the rider is in. It is an aggressive type of brake even though it is slightly topped by disc brakes. However, you need to pay a bit more attention when the kids are biking on a muddy area or under rainfall as the grip to the rim may not be as strong.


This mountain bike is equipped with 24 inch wheels which is the most common measurements for kids. The tire itself is knobby and wide, providing more stability and traction compared to the normal tire. Knobby tires will dig into the ground and grip it strongly without interfering with the handling of the bike. Your kids will undoubtedly feel Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike Reviewmore safe with this type of tire. The wheel rim is made out of alloy, which will decrease wear and tear that will be caused by the linear pull brake. Alloy rims also allow the rider to handle bumps, crashes, and impacts better than steel rims.


  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Various color choices
  • 26 inch frame
  • Dual suspension system
  • 50 mm steel front suspension crown fork
  • 21 speed level
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Dual linear pull brakes
  • 24 inch wheels
  • Knobby, wide tires
  • Alloy wheel rims


  • Not suitable for trick riding
  • No space for additional back seat

Once again, the North Woods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a bike that is designed for kids of both genders. Its measurements are perfectly sized for them, with the 26 inch frame and the 24 inch wheels.