Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review

Nashbar is a brand created by Arni Nashbar in 1973. Upon its founding, Nashbar immediately started to manufacture bikes. This company is unique in its effort to provide a lifetime guarantee for all their products as they believe fully in standing behind their name. The level of customer service should you experience any problem or issues with one of Nashbar’s products should not be a concern. Another unique trait from this company is the Price Protection. This company feature enables you to find the lowest price on everything they sell. If you find a lower price on an item they sell, then they will match it.

The Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike is a bike suitable for an introduction to riding on mountainous paths, trails, and scenic byways. It is a value pack with a lot of highlights, including the strength and durability of the frame, the versatility of the gears, as well as the wheels. In short, if you are looking for an entry level bike that will last a lifetime without breaking your bank, the Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike is the one for you.


The frame of this bike is built around a TIG welded aluminum. This type of aluminum is extremely popular in automotive applications thanks to its mechanical strength and visual appeal. TIG welding itself is the number one process most pro welders use for professional racing, auto enthusiasts, and other hobbyists. As for the aluminum material, it is already very famous for being lightweight which can’t hurt to have in a mountain bike.

The saddle is a Selle Royal with steel rails and seat post. The handlebar itself is of high tensile steel which will give you great control and strength, as well as a bit of flexibility.


The Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike is a hardtail type of rig, which is very favorable among cross country cyclists.Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review Hardtail suspension means that there is only one suspension system at the front of the bike and none at the rear. The front suspension is a fork with 50 mm travel, which should give riders enough ability to roll over lightly challenging terrains, though perhaps not quite enough should the trail is quite incredibly rocky.

As mentioned previously, there is no rear suspension which usually carry the shock absorber feature in a mountain bike. Therefore, this mountain bike may feel quite hard as it doesn’t absorb the vibrations and impact given by the road. However, the reason cross country cyclists prefer a hardtail bike like this is because by getting rid of the suspension at the rear, the energy transfer from the pedal to the rear wheel is uninhibited and so can take you to the top of the mountain much quicker.

Nashbar 26″ Mountain Bike


There are 21 possible speed levels in the Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike. The shifters is the 7 speed Shimano Tourney brand, ensuring riders to have a smooth gear change without nags. The front and rear derailleurs also play a part in this positive outcome. The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ31 and the rear is a Shimano Tourney TY300 with direct attachment. The crankset in this mountain bike is wholly constructed of pro wheel alloy which will not add extra weight to the bike itself. The crank is of 170 mm arm length in all frame sizes.


Nashbar equips their 26 inches Mountain Bike with a linear pull brake. However, theirs are made of alloy which is a Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Reviewsuperior material to the more common steel as it has stellar longevity and awesome power against wear and tear that would inevitably happen to bikes with linear pull brakes. It also provides an ample stopping power despite being regarded as inferior to disc brakes. Just pay more attention in muddy or rainy situations, because linear pull brakes work by gripping onto the wheel rim and when it is wet, there may not be enough traction to stop the bike.

There is a freewheel feature in this bike, which means you can pedal back without interference from the brake. For beginners, this feature may help you a lot so biking may feel less awkward and choppy.


As the product name might have suggested, this bike is equipped with the standard 26 inches wheels. This is the perfect measurement for beginners and avid cyclists looking for casual biking. The tire itself is of Kenda brand with TPI casing, with a width of 1.95 inch. The wheel rims are made of alloy which will work well with the alloy linear pull brake to fight against the wear and tear.

Many cyclists start out with the 26 inches measurement and once they are comfortable with it, they will better know if they want to stay with the 26 inches or replace it with the 27.5 inches or 29 inches. Each measurement has a different feel and benefits but the 26 inches is generally a very good place to start, which is why most bikes carry this measurement in the first place.


  • Strong, durable TIG welded aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • HiTen Steel handlebar
  • 21 possible speed levels
  • Shimano shifters, front and rear derailleurs
  • Pro wheel alloy crankset
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Include freewheel featureNashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review
  • Alloy wheel rims


  • Slightly uncomfortable, hard seat

The Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike may come at a very agreeable price but it does not diminish its quality and performance. The frame is very well constructed with materials that could match a higher end mountain bike. Its strength and durability are no longer a question, and as far as a bike’s frame goes, this one will last you a lifetime. The gears and shifters components are also worth mentioning. They are all of the Shimano brand, a well-known brand for its quality and durability. Technically, Nashbar guarantees that riders are safe and supported fully with this brand. The brakes and wheel rims in this bike are also made of alloy which adds to the durability and lightweight quality of the bike. In conclusion, the Nashbar 26 inches Mountain Bike is a bike of choice if you are looking for a good starting vehicle into the mountain biking sport.