I Will Tell You About the Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review – 2017

When you’re reading through the reviews on bikes, you’re usually doing it so you can gain knowledge on features, benefits, and the way the bike works all together.

In our Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review, we’ll tell you all the great features the bike has, the benefits to using it, and answer questions you might have, like who makes Nashbar bikes and are Nashbar bikes any good?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike

The Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike is a beautiful bike made from great, quality materials. This hardtail bike is great for paths, trails, or pavement riding as well as making your inclines more manageable. You can take this bike anywhere and do anything with it.

The tires for this bike are large and beefed up, which can be an added expense when having to replace them. The gear shift is a 24-speed drivetrain, which can give you a lot of options for your riding, however for new riders, this could cause some potential confusion in shifting and could cause you more harm than good.

It's a good thing to also know your height before ordering. When purchasing this bike, the size of the tires you choose will affect your riding, so you do need to choose the correct size bike for your height and weight.

Features & Benefits

There are plenty of features to this bike and added benefits that can make your life easier when riding.

I’ll talk about the bike materials, gear shift, the ride, what this bike can do and where you can take it, and of course all the benefits you get from purchasing the Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike.

Who are Nashbar Bikes?

Bike Materials

Bike Parts

Smooth Riding

Where to Go and What to Do

Benefits of the Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike

In the Public Eye

Nashbar has a reputation for having great bikes, and their AT2 mountain bike is no exception. You can find people riding Nashbar bikes all around, and they’ll even come recommended by friends and other riders.

The Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike makes changing terrains easier and simpler, thus making it such a sought-after bike. The shifter, the frame, and the brakes are great quality and produce no heaviness to the bike, which could restrict your riding ability.

Our Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike Review is Backed with Proof

Looking through my review, you may ask yourself if the frame is really that good, or if the bike can really do all that I’m telling you it can. The bike will even be taken care of by Nashbar company if anything does happen to your bike.


Source: forums.mtbr.com

The truth is, I’m not the only satisfied Nashbar rider, and you’ll find plenty of them out there who will tell you the same things. This review is based on the parts made by Nashbar, the bike’s ride and how well the bike works.

Alternative to this bike

​An alternative to the Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike is the Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike which is similar. The bike has 29” wheels and is a bit heavy compared to the AT2 mountain bike. The wheels are great for switching terrains and are good for pavement, paths, and trails.

The bike is comfortable and knowing your height will help when determining the frame, you need for a comfortable fit.

You will need to assemble this bike, and it can be tricky without proper instructions. However, a local bike shop could easily put this together for you.

If you want a full-suspension mountain bike instead, check out these bikes:

​My Takeaway Advice

The Nashbar AT2 Mountain BikeThe Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike is a great value. It isn’t overly expensive, is made with great parts, and is backed by a forever guarantee by the Nashbar company themselves. The bike is made to withstand all terrain and make your ride much easier.

Having to assemble the bike yourself could prove to be tricky and intimidating. However, your local bike shop can easily put your bike together. You will need to make sure to get the proper frame size for your height, or the bike could be uncomfortable to ride.

Overall, the Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike is a great bike to use for your riding, whether you use it for everyday biking, trail riding, or mountainous paths. The bike offers smooth riding, easy shifting, and a good suspension.​

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