Mystery Of Why Heavy Bikers Fall Often And Techniques To Overcome

 Mystery-Of-Why-Heavy-Bikers-Fall-Often-And-Techniques-To-OvercomeMountain biking is a good exercise to lose a lot of calories. But, why is that a lot of heavy people do not opt for mountain biking or normal cycling? Have you ever noticed that the heavy people fall a lot than the other people? It is not because they do not have stamina or they are not good riders. There is a lot of relationship between the weight of the rider and the frequency of falling. Ask any heavy biker and he would say how humiliating and hurting it would be to fall off often from the bike. No matter how trained one might be, the heavy bikers often fall off. Professionals do not have this problem, though. Why is that they fall often? Is there any ways to overcome this humiliation?

The Body Position

The basic concept of balancing is to distribute your weight properly. The way to distribute the weight is to sit upright and keep the head up. This would help you to have a good visibility and comfort while riding. Leaning towards the handle would make you put more pressure and decrease your comfort.

The Wobbling Mystery

Why do people wobble before they fall? It is because they are pedaling slowly. The moment you start to wobble, start to pedal fast and gain some speed and you would be back on balance. The standard speed for heavy bikers is 12 miles per hour and anything less than that would lead to wobbling. Professionals can pedal at a slow speed and still stay on balance. But, as of now, you make sure that you maintain adequate speed to keep the balance.

The Mystery Of The Tire

One of the misconceptions is that a full tire would give good shock absorption and is an indication that the bike is in good condition. This is completely false. The main reason for falling in many cases is that the pressure of the tire is high. High pressure does not mean a smooth ride or fast ride. It would make you lose balance. Your tires should have a little lesser pressure and if you are riding on a wet terrain, reduce it even more.

The tire should have a good grip. It should not have side to side movement and must fit to the frame perfectly. There are a lot of branded tires to choose from.

The Mystery Of Unknown

Some people tend to fall due to unknown reason. This unknown reason originates from the bike. Check the tires, frame and other parts of the bike. Make sure to check whether the brakes are working. Check the seat and make sure that it does not wobble. The pedals should not have sidewise movements. Your bike is the base for you and you need to maintain it perfectly to make sure that you do not fall for unknown reasons. Before every ride, one should inspect the bike completely to avoid any mishap.

Choosing the bike

If you are a professional, you can ride the bike that you want. In case you want to make sure that you do not fall down often, you need to handpick the bike that would suit your body weight. If the bike is not able to carry your weight, it would wobble when the terrain is rough. Moreover, it would insert pressure of your bike. Heavier people would need a bike that has stronger rims, wider saddle, thick frames and overall, a heavy bike. There are a lot of manufacturers who provide customized bikes for people. If you are planning to take up a wet trial, make sure to have fenders on your bike. You can choose such bikes to have a comfortable ride. A fender in the bike does not make you an expert. If you are not sure about handling wet trails, stay away from those tracks or avoid cycling after heavy rain.

Most of the bikes that you find in the market have the strength to handle a biker whose weight is less than 200 pounds. Thus, no matter what brand you choose, those bikes would not be able to handle heavy bikers. Thus, it is better to choose the manufacturers who provide customized bikes.

There are bikes that can handle up to 500 pounds which makes it easy for the riders to balance. Starting from the handle to rims, every part of the bike can be customized. Ask the manufacturer about the bike and the parts that can be customized. There are specialty stores that design mountain bike for heavy riders.

By following the above tips you can minimize the frequency of falling. Most importantly, it would reduce your fear of falling down. When the fear is minimized, you would be more balanced on the bike.