Mountain Bike Tours – 8 Reasons Why You Will Have a Great Adventure

Hitting the trails on a bike is much more adventurous than what it sounds like. It is an absolute pleasure for eco lovers. Most of the mountain bikers don’t pursue it just as a sport. They see it as a lifestyle. It is as if they are branded for adventure.

Here are 8 reasons why you will have a great adventure through mountain bike tours:


No Cars, No Drunk Drivers, No Traffic Signals, No Murder Cycles and No Auto-rickshaws

 Mountain-Bike-Tours-green-landscapeDoesn’t this sound awesome? Imagine a road with lush green landscapes around. There is no sound of any car engine, no murder cycles getting you irritated and no auto rickshaws, whose drivers think that the road is their own private property. You are far away from the noise of the city’s hustle and bustle. You feel like a brand ambassador to mountain biking.

Adrenaline Boost-up

Mountain biking is an awesome adventure, as it helps to pump up your adrenaline. You can feel the thrill at every inch of the monster climb in front of you. You somehow challenge your own self and defeat your own limits.

Mountain biking teaches you lessons of self-containment

You feel absolutely autonomous in your existence. You learn that ‘balance’ is the most important quality. Speed and force comes second. It is a sheer bliss to live in a world where you are not reliant on the luxuries of the outside world or the comfortable life you live at home. You get to know a lot about bike mechanics and repairing bikes because you are the only help you can seek for; Quitting isn’t even an option while mountain biking. Isn’t it a priceless adventure to be able to identify your ability as a bike engineer?

You possess a more confident and positive outlook towards everything

There are ample chances where you prove yourself on a mountain bike tour. Be it carving through the rock climb or paving a smooth way through the gravel and rocks, you do it all on your own. You get to learn that sometimes facing the obstacle means going straight through it. You have no one to turn to, and that makes your determined and confident. It gives you strong willpower and strength to achieve anything in life. You learn to make split second decisions and recover the faith in yourself. Mountain bike tours instill a new life in you where you pick yourself up every time you fall and still keep going without cribbing or complaining about it. You learn to enjoy the little pleasures of life like hearing a bird chirp or seeing a peacock dance. You learn to dance in the rain and smile in the scorching sunshine. You become friends with everyone you meet on the way, which helps you bond better to people in the world.

You will be in the QUIET lap of nature

Mountain-Bike-Tours-QUIET-lap-of-natureMountain biking takes you to the peaceful corners of the world, that are unexploited and beautiful. They bring you very close to nature and let you experience the serenity of being so close to the beautiful creations of God. They take you far away from the monotony of city life where you see concrete forests all around and crowded paved roads. The stressful and uninteresting life is brought to an end in the picturesque mountain roads and you feel reinvigorated. You will experience the outdoors and you feel as though you are communicating with the trees, bees, butterflies and birds.

You regain a spiritual connection with the world

You feel empowered by the peaceful and spiritual aura of the mountain trails. You feel fitter mentally and emotionally. We often forget that the smile exists right beneath our nose. The tranquility of the mountains leave a smile on your face about which you forget in the routine of life.

It is the MEDICINE?

Mountain biking is medicine as much as it is adventure. If you have had a rough week back at work and feel like quitting everything, just put on your biking shorts and get going. It helps you to be happy. You will feel rejuvenated and positivity will take reins of your life. There are no carbon di-oxide emitting manmade vehicles around you, so fresh Oxygen enters your blood and leaves your lungs feeling so much better.

Mountain biking is one of the best workouts.

Mountain biking is better than any other workout that you might be able to do in an ordinary gymnasium. It improves your cardiovascular fitness and boosts up your cardiac output. Riding a bike in the mountains surely increases your life span by a few years in a way even the treadmill cannot do. It requires much more stamina, resilience and tolerance, and keeps you in shape.

So next time, your adventure bone tickles, you know just the right thing that you can do. Just buy yourself a bike and get going to the closest mountain trail.