Finding the Best Mountain Bike Grips Easily – 2017 Edition

Whether you are using your mountain bike outside or inside on a trainer, you need the best mountain bike grips you can find for your style of riding. When riding your mountain bike, you need to be able to be comfortable and have a firm hold on your bike.

That is where grips come in. They help make gripping comfortable and provide a non-slip surface for your hands. This is important on extreme terrain because losing your grip could result in an injury.

Mountain bike grips provide you with a sturdy, durable surface that doesn’t slip or slide around your handlebars, to ensure you keep a secure, firm grip while riding.

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Grips Made for You

Grips are designed to fit better the more you ride. Over time, grips will mold to your hands, and you will notice the proper place to rest your hands and fingers, based on how they fit into the mold.

Grips are designed to also help with wrist problems. If you have carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, or another wrist injury, and the way you move your wrist is limited, the ergonomic grips help enhance your grip.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Grips

What Are the Benefits to Using Grips?

The Advantages to Using Grips

The Disadvantages to Using Grips

The Best Mountain Bike Grips

OUTERDO New Handlebar Grips Bicycle MTB BMX Road Mountain Bike Soft Rubber Handlebar End Grips are ergonomic comfort grips that are safe to use for extended rides and secure gripping.

They are made with TPR rubber to prevent the grips from turning and sliding off the handlebars.

These are shock-resistant, so you will not have to worry about feeling any shocks or impacts in your hands. These are durable and safe for extreme riding and normal cycling.

These mtb bike grips help your hands to relax but not affecting your grip strength.

These are available in a variety of colors and have a durable inner lining to help prevent tears and rips in the material. These grips should not be left in direct sun exposure or extreme cold when the bike is not in use.

My Rating:


  • These grips are a variety of colors.
  • These grips are a durable rubber and will last a long time.
  • The grips have shock-absorbent materials.
  • The grips are ergonomically made to enhance hand comfort.
  • These grips are made from non-skid material to prevent sliding across handlebars.


  • These grips have a chemical smell.
  • Cannot handle rain.
  • The outside rip, tear and crack easily.

It have a triple layer to provide a comfortable ride for your hands no matter how long you ride. These grips have a shockproof effect that prevents your hands and fingers from going to sleep.

These grips have an ergonomic design that keeps your wrists and hands in a single position without them moving around too much.

They include a non-skid material that prevents your hands from sliding, even on the roughest of terrains.

The grips are easy to install and will take a forceful effort to remove them. These grips are ideal for rough terrain as they will prevent your hands from slipping and sliding around the handlebars.

My Rating:


  • These grips are easy to install and will stay on.
  • Grips are designed to be ergonomic.
  • These grips prevent hands and fingers from numbing.
  • Affordable for the material and quality or product.No-skid surface provides good grip strength.


  • The ends of the grip come off a little.
  • These grips become tacky and sticky in warm weather.
  • Hard to remove from handlebars.

It have a ribbed pattern and can use end plugs. These are a very soft and durable rubber material.

The tacky material makes for a durable grip and is for children. These kids bike grips will keep their hands on the bike, but will not leave any residue on their hands.

These are an upgrade to a lot of entry-level bikes for kids. The grip is better suited and textured for them to hold on to while riding.

My Rating:


  • Tacky grip material makes for better gripping.
  • These grips fit bikes and scooters.
  • You can use end plugs to customize your bike.


  • Suggested for entry-level bikes, or children bikes.
  • The material will crack and break off.
  • The grips will slide off after use in warm weather.

It have an extra gel layer for added support and comfort when riding. The material of these grips are Kraton, so they are of a very durable material. The large foam pad is to support the hand to prevent numbing in the palm and fingers.

The grip has a textured pattern to improve grip strength and to enhance the traction of your skin on the grip. These grips will provide excellent use when cycling.

They are easy to install and once on, are hard to remove. The grips do not slide off the handlebars or twist when riding. These grips are made to last and do their job well.

My Rating:


  • These grips have triple layer support.
  • Grips have a unique pattern to improve grip strength.
  • Non-slip and non-skid grips improve biking.
  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials.
  • The added hand support prevents numbing.


  • These are suggested for cycling, not for mountain biking.
  • The grips are longer than some handlebars, and you may have to cut them to size.
  • Very stiff and hard.

It is used by all level of riders and is affordable. They come in a variety of colors to match your bike or your favorite color. These grips are high-quality and durable material.

These grips are in motocross and BMX because of the riders like the quality and durability of the product. They are well-known to be durable and long-lasting; a grip you can rely on and depend upon while focusing on your riding.

These take a little extra effort to install, but once they are on, they will not move. You will not worry about the grips coming loose or falling off in mid-ride.

My Rating:


  • There are a variety of colors to choose.
  • These are durable to motocross and BMX standards.
  • Used for any level of rider.
  • These grips will stay in place.
  • Comfortable grips prevent numbing.
  • Made to absorb shocks and impacts.


  • Hard to remove the grips from the bike.
  • These grips cannot handle rain or extreme weather.
  • It is recommended to glue these grips onto your handlebars.

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Making the Choice Count

The best mountain bike grips from our list would have to be the Oury MTN Grip simply because they are the option that has the best advantages versus their disadvantages. These grips are comfortable, will stay in place, and are durable enough for extreme sporting.

While you may have to ‘glue’ them on or store your bike inside or covered, the grips are well worth the added support to your bike. Having good grips make you more comfortable in your riding.

The best bike grips will keep your hands and fingers from numbing and provide you with support from shocks and impacts. These grips will better your riding experience and improve your performance and quality of cycling.

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