About the 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike – 2017

The Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike is a great bike for rough trails when you really need the support and comfort. While riding on rugged terrain, I find that some mountain bikes don’t give me a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike offers a smooth ride with a great suspension system. The aluminum frame paired with full suspension and the Suntour fork offers a smooth and controlled ride to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire ride.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

When you’re looking to buy a mountain bike of any kind, there are certain things to keep in mind. There are also some things you need to know before purchasing a bike you just like to look at.

You should be aware of your height and the frame size you need. Frame sizes usually range from 15 inches to 21 inches, but the more common frame sizes are 17 inches and 19 inches.

Keeping this in mind, you may not be able to ride the bike you want if the frame and tires don’t fit you correctly. The balls of your feet should touch the ground when you are standing over the bike.

You should also think about where you will be riding. If you plan to stick with paved roadways and park pathways, then a mountain bike isn’t what you are looking for and won’t benefit your riding style. If you are looking for a bike that can get down and ride like a pro in rugged terrain, then you need a mountain bike to ride hard.


The Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike

Mongoose was founded by Skip Hess back in 1974, a little over 40 years ago. They have been assembling bikes in Simi Valley, California ever since, and they haven’t stopped yet! With the Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike, they’ve come even further.

When you purchase a Mongoose bike, you are getting a limited warranty, assembly help, instructions and manuals, and a support system to help with any trouble you may have with your bike.

This bike is made with an aluminum frame, making it a little heavy at 37 lbs. The bike features parts made by Suntour and SRAM, for good-quality materials.


  • Control and comfort on long rides.
  • 24-speeds.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy assembling.
  • Durable, solid frame.
  • Smooth riding.
  • Comfortable for all size riders.


  • Heavier than other lightweight frames.
  • Continuously needing upgrades.
  • No kickstand or drink holder.
  • The seat is uncomfortable.
  • Brakes are flimsy.

Features and Benefits

The 29" Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike has a lot of special features and benefits that make this bike one of a kind. This bike is great for the outdoorsman who enjoys the rugged terrains of mountains, dirt paths, and just off-roading in general

Durable Aluminum Frame

Full Suspension and Suntour Suspension Fork

Wide Handlebars



Our Review

I’ve talked about the beautiful frame of the bike and the wonderful suspension it has, but maybe you’re wondering if I’m just saying these things to get you to buy the bike. I want you to know I’m not.

Over at AudioBoom, you can hear Jhon discuss his take on the bike, as well as over at Cyclester, who details in on some of the very things we talk about with the flimsy brakes and the wide handlebars.

These reviews will show you just how great this mountain bike is, and what about it isn’t so hot. It’s great to get multiple thoughts on something, this way you aren’t rushing into buying the first thing you find. Trust me from experience that is no way to buy things!


It is for the casual rider. It is a 21-speed bike with linear pull brakes and weighs about 47 lbs. This is a hardtail mountain bike made with a Suntour front suspension fork that will smooth out bumpy rides.

Read our review of this bike here.

It is a full suspension bike that is lightweight and made to be fast. This bike is great for roads, off-roading, and so much more. It is a 24-speed, and with a Shimano shifter, you won’t have to worry about any problems with shifting during your ride.

Read our review of this bike here. Or the review about newest model of this bike: Gravity FSX 2.0 Review.

Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike weighs about 46 lbs., is equipped with rear shock and disc brakes. This bike allows the rider to be in control of their ride always. The suspension fork allows your ride to be smooth and comfortable while your frame stays strong and durable throughout many rides.

Read our review of this bike here.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

Final Thoughts

The Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike is a great bike for you if you have the issues with feeling uncomfortable on your rides due to feeling every dip and bump you ride over. The Mongoose XR-PRO really got the suspension under control so you could ride in comfort, style, and wherever you want to go.

This mountain bike has made my rides on tough terrain a piece of cake. Between the ease of shifting and the great suspension this bike is a great value. You can focus on your ride rather than where you can stop and rest.

If comfort, style, affordability, and a smooth ride are what you seek, you need to check out the Mongoose XR-PRO Men's Mountain Bike.

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