Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle – Review


Give yourself permission to leave it all behind, the work, the commuting, the hassles, the daily reports. Leave it all behind and throw yourself down some hills on a Mongoose; that will surely relieve your stress. The dirt under your nails and the dust in your nose after a day of riding will liberate you from the cubicle. Since 1974 Mongoose has been the brand for people like you. There is nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose!

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is a great bike for entry level. Due to its unique features, you will have a smooth and soft riding experience. You will cover all trails and terrains with this solid bike from Mongoose. It is stylish, functional, and an affordable bike for the outdoor fun.

This is a mountain bike worth investing in, considering the best mountain bike value for your money. The MongooseMongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle proves that it’s possible to find an affordable mountain bike for your lifestyle and riding demands.

The Mongoose Impasse is the ultimate 29er at an affordable price. Equipped with an aluminum full-suspension frame, this trail-capable bike offers a smooth and controlled ride featuring an Element front fork, Shimano gearing, SRAM twist shifters, and front & rear disc brakes.

Solid Frame

Made of aluminum, the full suspension frame of the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is steady and tough. It has been precisely engineered to give the user maximum comfort and biking performance.

Although the solid aluminum frame is a bit heavier than beginner mountain bikes in the market, you are sure of optimum control and a very responsive ride in all conditions.

Whether you are a casual rider or a trailer, this mountain bike gives you the best full suspension. This is made possible by the combined frame and suspension. The aluminum material is durable and will offer you service for many years.

Dual Full SuspensionMongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

This mountain bike has all the suspension bases covered with a dual full suspension mountain bike system. For improved control and smoother bumps, this mountain bike has been fitted with an element suspension shock. The rear elements shocks have no hydraulic dampening or pneumatic.

They will comfortably handle any off road runs. The spring pre-load of the suspension can be adjusted by tightening or loosening, for your own personal preference or terrain.

When you are riding on those dirt roads, rural roads, and gravel-lined trails, the suspension will work very well in smoothing out those potholes.

New users may find the full dual suspension quite stiff. However, after a few hours on the road, the fork will ease out. This will give you that smooth ride.

Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

Effective Brakes

This mountain bike has been designed to give you a full responsive and safe biking experience. The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle comes with reliable disc brakes both front and back. You are sure to stop any time you apply the brakes even during those emergency moments.

You will be riding with confidence with this effective braking system. With such great braking power, you will not slide out of control or end up slamming into objects.

The brake system is highly efficient in all types of weather conditions and different terrains including downhill Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)inclines and muddy tracks.

Gear Shifters

The shifter system of the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is a 21-speed TX-35 rear derailleur from Shimano, MTB front derailleur and on top of that, it also comes with SRAM MRX twist shifters.

That system has been perfectly combined together to let you switch and shift gears easily for the best convenience in riding.

Wheel Set

The wheel set of this mountain bike is 29 inches. The rims of the wheels are made of alloy while the hubs are made from alloy discs. For adjustments and stress free replacements, the headset has been made to be over sized and thread less.

The receptive alloy bike pedals and the durable Suntour crank put this bike among the best. These wheels give you maximum traction and wide surface contact when you are riding. The quick release front function makes storing and transporting the bike quick and simple.


  • Frame: Aluminum suspension frame, recommended for riders 68 inches and taller
  • ​Gears: 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters
  • ​Brake: Alloy front and rear disc brakes
  • Alloy wheels with quick release front
  • Alloy front & rear disc brakes
  • Dimension: 57 x 9 x 31 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 45.7 pounds
  • Suspension: Dual suspension with Element suspension fork
  • Wheel size: 29 inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

Final Words

The Mongoose Impasse Dual full suspension Bicycle (29 inch) offers a lot of benefits for a typical mountain bike within the price range. The aluminum suspension frame used makes the bike lighter, cooler and sturdier. However, due to the big frame size, it is recommended that this bike is used by people who are 68 inches or higher. To get the running right, spend a few hours to give it a complete tuning.

In fact, the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-inch) is really easy to be assembled. When the package arrives, the bike has partially been assembled with the front wheel being attached to the frame. The assembly process is fast and straight forward.

The only remaining things you have to do are to install the seat, pedals and handlebars. If you are a handy person, with tools such as metric wrench or screwdriver available, you can do it just in the blink of an eye.

For those who still hesitate to buy this bike, please remember that with the cost under $500, this bike has so many things to offer you. More than that, though this bike has its own failures, these drawbacks are easily overcome with some small investments. Therefore, if you are a biker who usually rides on normal trails with a few of obstacles and have a low budget, this bike is a smart choice.

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