Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike – Complete Review

As a well-known mountain bike manufacturer, Mongoose distributes this sports equipment for riders of all ages, including for girls. The Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike may be the perfect choice for your daughter or niece, especially when they have outgrown their training bikes. Whether it is for a stroll in the neighborhood or for a more challenging outdoor experience in a gravelly path or on a mountain trail, the Spectra Mountain Bike can help your girl to have fun while keeping them safe.

The Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike is perfect for riders above the height of 60 inches. As it is a mountain bike designed for girls, it comes in the color pink. It also comes with a limited warranty for normal wear and tear of the bike and the defective parts. However, the true highlights of this mountain bike are – the responsive Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike - Complete Reviewhandling, tire stability, and riding comfort. Let’s have a look at other specifications from the Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike.


The Girl’s Spectra Mountain bike is a resilient bike constructed from steel material. The steel is forged through hydro technology, making the frame durable and strong. The material also gives the frame a superior ability to handle impact, collisions, and falls. If cared for properly, this bike can last you a lifetime. A regular maintenance where you clean your bike, tighten the bolts, and inspect the parts for damage may just make a whole lot of a difference.

Steel material is famous for making a bike heavy. Typically, due to its weight steel mountain bikes are not used for an everyday, casual riding. However, this material comes in a much lower price compared to the lightweight aluminum alloy and therefore is quite attractive, especially if your daughter or niece are only trying the sport out.

Another plus point of the Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike is that this bike is equipped with a memory foam on its saddle. It enhances comfort as it is specially designed to fit a girl’s sitting and riding style. Long bike rides on a harsh terrain will feel less straining.


This mountain bike is a full suspension type rig. This is the most comfortable type of suspensions out of the three. Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike - Complete ReviewThe suspension is located on both the front and the rear aspect of the bike. In the Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike, the front suspension fork has a riser handlebar in order to smooth out the bounce and bumps your girl may feel during a ride. It is also made of steel to enhance durability. The rear suspension is a shock suspension which allows your girl to handle curbs comfortably, as well as any jumping motions, even in a terrain that is rocky or gravelly or grassy.

However, if your girl is more of an avid biker that looks for a challenge, this type of suspension may hinder that objective a little bit. As both wheels are cushioned and supported, the bike loses its ability to generate energy and momentum to climb uphill. This condition will then require your girl to push out more exertion on a steep incline. The performance on a flat terrain is the same, if not better and more comfortable, but if your girl prefers to ride in a hilly area, a full suspension mountain bike may just be a bit more exhausting to ride in.

Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike


The Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike has 21 speed that can be utilized to help riders glide through any terrain. The gear shifting system is very simple. It uses twist shifters from the Shimano brand which are resilient to wear and tear as well as providing a quick gear change without stall.


This mountain bike features a dual brake, on the front and on the back aspect of the bike. Both are rim brakes, or also known as linear pull brakes or V brakes. It comes with several advantages. First, it is lighter and so does not add up to the weight that is already there from the steel frame. Second, it is easy to maintain and repair compared to disc brakes. Third, it gives riders a great control and a powerful stop when needed. However, the stopping power of a rim brake is still somewhat below that of disc brakes. Also, as rim brakes work by gripping onto the wheel rim, it may work less efficiently in wet conditions, such as in a muddy terrain or during heavy rainfall. It also may bring wearMongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike - Complete Review and tear to the wheel rim a bit faster than a disc brake would.

Tires and Wheels

As mentioned on the product’s name, the Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike uses a 24 inch wheel. This wheel size is the most commonly used among children aged seven to ten. The tire itself is thick and knobby to increase balance and stability, roughly sized at 1.95 inch. This measurement will help your girl to conquer a variety of terrain with more confidence and comfort. The wheel rim is made of aluminum, a lightweight and durable material compared to steel. As discussed before in the brakes section, the rim brakes will bring wear and tear rather fast to the wheel rim, and the aluminum material used here will definitely prolong the process. despite being lightweight, aluminum can take the abuse from rough terrains, jumping motions, and trick rides.


  • Durable, impact resistant frame
  • Memory foam seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Pink body, attractive to girls
  • Full suspension, on both the front and rear aspect
  • 21 speed choices
  • Shimano shifters
  • Dual rim brakes
  • 24 inches wheel diameter, perfect for kids
  • Thick, knobby tires
  • Aluminum wheel rim


  • Heavier feel, not for everyday casual ride
  • Needs more power on an uphill track
  • Less efficient braking in wet conditions

The mountain bike is indicated for girls above the height of 60 inches who love to take on an adventure outdoors in light to medium terrain difficulty. The seat is adjustable so it will take some time until your girl grows out of this bike. It’s perfect for long rides as it has a full suspension and a comfy saddle, and it will keep your girl save with its stellar brakes and stopping power. All in all, the Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike may just be the right choice for your girl’s biking needs.