The Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Review – 2017 Edition

We’ve been riding as a family for a while now, but my daughter has outgrown her small bike. She’s ready to move up and have a mountain bike designed to fit her and her needs. I’ve been elbow deep in bike’s that I think she may like, but there’s one that really stands out to me.

The Mongoose 24in Girl's Spectra Mountain Bike looks like it will be the perfect match for her, but let’s take have a look at it for more details.

Consider Before Purchasing the Mountain Bike

The Mongoose 24in Girl's Spectra Mountain Bike is a full-suspension mountain bike with high-quality parts and a steel frame. This bike is designed with girls’ in mind and at an affordable price.

This bike is ideal for girls and junior adventure seekers to ride who are above 60 inches in height. The frame is a bright pink, so boys may not be interested in this 24-inch Mongoose bike, nor would adult males. This bike is also not for experienced riders who need more from their bike to get through dangerous terrain.

Some things you need to think about are:

  • Types of Mountain Bikes: The types of mountain bikes include the hardtail and full-suspension styles for the riding your child wants to do. There are three main types of mountain biking (XC, All Mountain, and Downhill) that they can choose from to determine the type of bike they need.
  • Materials of the Frame: The materials for bike frames are heavier and cheap steel, lightweight and affordable aluminum, or very lightweight and very expensive carbon.
  • Parts on the Bike: You’ll want to make sure the brakes are high quality, the shifting system should be a brand you’ve heard of and has smooth shifting between gears, the tires should be knobby and wider than cycling bikes and have steel or aluminum rims.
  • The Size of the Wheels: You’ll want to start with the 24” wheels until your child grows out of them, and then you can invest in better tires at the height they need, mostly 26” tires.
  • The Price: This bike has an affordable price tag that is an excellent value for the parts, materials, and suspension system this bike has to offer.
  • The Size of the Bike: To check if this mountain bike is compatible to your height, you can check your mountain bike sizing for more information.

The Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Package

The Mongoose 24in Girl's Spectra Mountain Bike is a resilient, steel-framed bike with a full-suspension for smooth riding on rugged terrain. It has responsive handling and large, tires made for added stability and balance. This bike allows for a comfortable but athletic riding position.

What the Product Includes

Compared to its Competition

Compared to its Previous Model

Who It's For and Not For


  • The full-suspension system aims to handle rugged terrain and hard use on the bike. The system will take the impacts and make the ride smooth and comfortable.
  • The steel frame is very durable and designed to last and handle impacts and collisions without breaking or warping of the frame.
  • The tires are wide and knobby with durable aluminum rims that provide balance and stability to the bike. These tires can handle rough terrain with ease and are built for traction.


  • Linear pull brakes can flip you over the handlebars if you don’t know how to use them properly. These brakes can also slide against your rims and could cause your braking not to be as reliable.
  • The steel framed bike makes for a heavy bike. This bike will feel heavy and is not designed for casual riding due to its weight.
  • This bike is not suitable for extreme terrain and experienced riders who are looking for high-performance bikes and high-quality materials and frame.

The Features

With Mongoose mountain bikes, there are many features to consider, especially for the price of the bike. The features of the 24-inch Mongoose mountain bike make the bike worth the investment.

Frame & Suspension

The frame is made of steel that is forged through hydro-technology. The frame is durable, handle impacts, collisions, and falls, and should last a lifetime if cared for properly. This is where bike maintenance will show in how your care for your bike.

The Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike is a full-suspension bike that provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even in the bumpiest and roughest terrain. This bike can handle curbs, jumping, rocks, gravel, and grass with ease. The suspension fork has a riser handlebar and smooths out the bounce and bumps of your ride.


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Shifting & Brakes

The Shimano shifting system gives a simpler shift using twist shifters that are quick to change and resilient to wear. The shifting system also offers 21-speeds for this bike to easily glide over any terrain.



The Mongoose Spectra 24 comes with front and back rim brakes that are lighter on this heavy bike and easier to maintain and repair. These brakes provide you with a controlled and powerful stopping mechanism.



Tires & Saddle

The tires are wide and rugged, allowing for a stable and balanced ride. These tires have aluminum rims and will hold up over rough terrain, curb jumping, and trick riding.



The saddle can be adjusted for riders above 60 inches. The seat is padded with memory foam and designed to fit girls’ sitting styles on long bike rides to be comfortable and soothing.



Height & Colors

The height of this bike is for girls above 60 inches. The seat is adjustable so you can get the best fit for your height and the maximum comfortability for longer rides.

This bike does come in an assortment of colors. You can find the Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike in pink, black, and white. Some of these colors will even fit boy’s styles if they’re interested in this model.


If you are finding that this 24-inch Mongoose mountain bike isn’t for your child, then you might be interested in an alternative bike that is similar.

Mongoose Girl's Maxim Bicycle has an aluminum frame for a lighter bike while still using a full-suspension system for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. This bike has a Shimano rear derailleur but uses SRAM twist shifters for a smooth shift up to 21-speeds.

This bike has linear alloy pull brakes for a controlled stop and knobby tires for excellent traction, support, and balance throughout your rides.

Mongoose Ledge Bike features an aluminum frame with a full-suspension that smooths the bumps and bouncing from your ride to be more comfortable. This bike offers a smooth shift between 21-speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur and Shimano twist shifters.

The 24" Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Bike uses linear pull brakes for a stop you can control and rough, knobby tires for a complete traction on any terrain or surface.If this is more the bike you’re looking for, check it out on this video by Balance Bike Man.

Schwinn Mifflin Hybrid Bicycle has a steel framing and no suspension system. This hybrid bike is mostly for grass, pavement, concrete and dirt paths. With a Shimano rear derailleur and grip shifters for an easy transition, offers a smooth shift between 7-speeds.

This bike features linear pull brakes for a great stop and fenders to cover your tires to protect you from wet grounds.

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5 Tips Girls Need to Know About Their Mountain Bike

#1: Tire Pressure

You do not run your tire pressure too high because it might reduce the traction and handling. Rather, you should run your tires with as little of an air pressure as possible, while still guarding against pinch flats.

#2: How to Position Your Hands for Braking

Ride with your index fingers ON the brakes. Don’t just use your back brake or you will slide and skid, and you could end up losing your control.

Linear brakes can be tricky to use. The front brake is more powerful compared the rear brake and will allow you to slow down quicker.

Going over the bars occurs if you are going down a steep drop while pulling on the front brake too hard and not leaning back.

If you fear this, then do what I just said: use only the back brake until you learn to master it before using both.

#3: Your Stance

Make sure you keep your hands light on the bars and your feet grounded on the pedals. When you hold onto the bars tightly, you could become fatigued early and could crash.

#4: Riding Downhill and Technical Skills

Try to lean back and squat down when you are going downhill or over technical features. Keeping your center of balance low and shifted back will make you more stable, and you can ride faster with confidence.

#5: Shifting

Shift before the hill. This will make the shifting smoother and help boost you up the hill easier.

Enjoying the Bike

Everything on the Mongoose 24in Girl's Spectra Mountain Bike is all right here laid out for you to read. This option I like. I think it’s a great fit for my daughter who enjoys trick riding, all-mountain style mountain biking with the full-suspension, and it’s the perfect height for her to grow with over the years.

What do you think about this Mongoose Spectra review? What do you wish I had discussed more of? Is there anything you want to add to this revie


Hi my name is Dale Obrien. I started Mountain biking 8 years ago. I also worked as a manager in a local mountain bike shop for 5 years. I love helping beginners getting their first mountain bike. Welcome to our blog. Enjoy!

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