Finding the Top 5 Merax Mountain Bikes With Ease

There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to the Merax bike company, but one thing for sure is that their bikes are quality products with high-performance. They utilize aluminum and steel frames to make their bikes and invest in mostly Shimano shifting systems. These bikes are made in China, but they are stored in their US warehouse.

The Merax mountain bike started with a lot of hype around the parts and the bikes performance, which led more bikers to put out reviews, including my own Finiss Mountain Bike review.

These bikes come in two distinctive styles, road bikes, and mountain bikes. The company hasn’t produced any hybrid bikes or top-notch pro bikes, though they have put out a few children’s bikes.

The most popular Merax brand bike is the Merax Finiss bikes. These bikes get rave reviews from all over the internet from bike riders to the pros. Let me introduce some more Merax brand bikes you might not have known about!



The Top 5 Merax Mountain Bikes Countdown

These are the top five Merax mountain bikes I’m going to show you, break them down, and discuss what makes each one of them unique and what riders they’re compatible with.

The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed Bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that weighs 28 pounds with an aluminum kickstand. The shifting and gear system is comprised of Shimano parts for a reliable and smooth shifting while riding.

The fork is a 700C steel threadless that gives good support and suspension to your ride. This is a hardtail bike, made to give front suspension only.


  • Extremely lightweight design for a fast ride.
  • The consistent shifting system provides for a smooth shift while biking.
  • The large tires make for smooth riding with increased traction.


  • This bike is a road bike made for pavement and concrete, not for rugged terrain.
  • The fork can bend during riding and cause issues with your tire alignment.

The front wheel is a quick release with an aluminum rim and Kendra 700C tires which allow for an easy install and even better traction when you’re riding. This is ideal for assembly and will help you with riding in no time. This is a mountain bike under 300 that you can really appreciate the value of.

The Merax 26" Hardtail Mountain Bike features a steel frame and a front suspension. The brakes are dual disc brakes for a controlled stop. The shifting system is generic but does feature 21-speeds.

The product is heavier than most mountain bikes, weighing 46 pounds. However, this bike has a maximum weight limit of 330 lbs.

This bike will be mostly assembled, but you will need to install the pedals, handlebars, front wheel, and add air to the tires. The tires do feature a dual aluminum rim for a more stable and balanced riding experience.

This Merax bike does include a 1-year warranty on parts and frame if anything happens to the bike. The instructions included for assembly are hard to read, so if you are unsure of how to assemble your bike, you may need to take it to a local bike shop.


  • This bike features a 1-year warranty on all parts and the frame.
  • The bike design is very modern and sleek.
  • This bike has an easy assembly and comes with all the tools necessary to build it.


  • This bike is made in China and shipped to the USA headquarters to be sold.
  • The pedal cranks are made of cheap plastic and break easily.

The Merax 21-Speed Road Bike has a lightweight aluminum frame for easy riding. The shifting system is all Shimano parts and is 21-speeds. The wheels have a quick-release, so there are no tools needed for installation, making the process smooth and straightforward.

The brakes are an alloy caliper pull brake system. The Kendra 700C tires have an aluminum rim for durable stability. The tread is improved and gives a better traction to wet pavement. The pedals are a high-quality plastic with reflectors.


  • Includes a water bottle cage for beverages while you ride.
  • The competitive price point for the quality of this bike is great.
  • This bike is very lightweight that is easy to carry and travel with.


  • The braking system is unreliable, and the brakes seem to skip.
  • The larger gears are hard to shift to while riding.

The Merax 608XC 21 Speed Road Bike features an aluminum frame made to be lightweight and durable with a hardtail suspension.

The shifting system is compiled of a Shimano shifter and Shimano derailleurs for a smooth shifting while riding. This bike has dual linear pull brakes that provide a reliable stop.

This bike comes partially assembled, but you will need to add the brakes, handlebars, seat, pedals and front wheel. The front wheel features a quick release for an easy installation with no tools needed. You will also need to add air to the tires.


  • This bike is easy to assemble, and the instructions are clear to follow.
  • This hardtail bike offers a smooth and comfortable ride on your commutes to work or casual rides.
  • The bike has a sleek design and is made for avid cyclists.


  • While the bike is easy to assemble, it is also time-consuming and can take more than 2 hours.
  • This bike does not include a water bottle holder or a kickstand.

The Merax 21 Speed Road Bike in Red is a 21-speed, aluminum framed bike, with a hardtail suspension. This bike features a quick-release front wheel, a Shimano shifting system, and dual alloy linear pull brakes.

This bike is a high-performance bike with an affordable price. The Shimano shifters are used by your thumbs, to offer easy shifting while riding. This bike is designed for the casual cyclists who like to enjoy a daily ride or commute to work.

The frame height of this bike is 19-inches, so it’s best for riders above 5’3”. This bike is packaged well and ships quickly to US addresses.


  • This product has a 1-year warranty on all parts and the frame.
  • This bike offers high-performance for a budget friendly price tag.
  • This bike is easy to assemble and requires no tools.


  • The linear pull brakes squeak and will sometimes skip when trying to stop.
  • The chain can fall off the gears in the middle of shifting to larger gears, or it might jump during moving.

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The Contenders Finale

These Merax mountain bikes are all quality bikes for an affordable price. The Merax bike company might be hard to find information about, but the results are clear; they produce some great bikes for cyclists and mountain bikers alike.

These bikes are ideal for cyclists who need a bike to ride to work, commute around town, or like to casual ride through the neighborhood and parks. The mountain bike is perfect for a beginner just getting started in mountain biking.

Whatever your skill level may be, I hope this guide helped you discover more about the Merax mountain bikes that are out there and what you could be looking to buy.

What were your favorites on this list? Do you own a Merax bike? What would be one you’d like to see more details about?

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