Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum – Complete Review

For the price, the Merax Finiss Mountain Bike cannot be beat. If you need to purchase a mountain bike, but don’t want to invest a large sum of money, until this is the bike you need to go for.

A good cross-country mountain bike is the best choice you can make. A cross-country mountain bike needs to have good suspension, smooth shifting, and dependable brakes.

The Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum 21 Speed boasts an 80mm travel front suspension fork, and dual mechanical disc brakes for reliable braking and easy maintenance. The Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shiftersMerax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum - ReviewMerax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum - Review enjoy a reputation as quality components, and provide easy shifting during long rides across rough terrain.

The aluminum frame and wheels mean that this mountain bike is light, and that encourages speed. In fact this bike only weighs 33 pounds. Speed and control are the two things cross-country racers look for in a mountain bike.

The bike looks great! The paint scheme is patriotic, and the black accents from the seat and handlebars offer great contrast. The wheels are slightly thinner than on other bikes, and balance out the lines of this particular mountain bike.

The complete package presented with the aluminum frame, dual disc brakes, and front suspension fork, makes this mountain bike the perfect cross-country ride for both the casual biker and the serious racer.

Frame and Suspension

Merax’ Finiss 26 inch mountain bike uses heat-treated aluminum for its frame which allows it to be more on the light side and this makes the bike easier to carry or bring along. It also has about 80 mm suspension fork that helps in providing a smoother ride and this one also helps in increasing the control the rider has over the bike when in rough and bumpy roads. With the features it has within a 300 bucks price it surely is one of the best mountain bikes available for beginners.

Aluminum resists stress fractures better than alloys, so besides being extremely light, it is also durable. Aluminum won’t rust and that is important. Trail riding means the bike is subjected to all sorts of grit, mud, water, and sludge. Aluminum does not degrade when exposed to these elements.

Having both an aluminum frame and rims, makes the Merax Finiss one of the lightest bikes on the market priced Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum - Reviewunder 300 dollars.

Quality Gear

Since speed is one of the factors you look for when purchasing a mountain bike, it is important that it can give you a variety of speed choices to find your comfortable speed. This mountain bike has about 21 possible speed controls you can shift and adjust into, as it uses Shimano components to make it happen.

The Shimano EF51 Shifter moves easily and is a nice upgrade over the old twist-type shifters. As a whole, the shifter seems to work seamlessly with the Shimano front and rear derailleurs. The chain does not slip off the sprocket, and the mountain bike moves from gear to gear, quietly and smoothly.

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum

Strong Brakes

Another thing considered when buying a mountain bike is the safety net it will offer you as you find and get to know your speed limits. With Merax Finiss, it guarantees safety by using Shimano components for both its front and back rear disc brakes, which allow a stronger stopping power particularly when you are at a high speed.

Dual disc brakes ensure more consistent brake performance than traditional rim brakes. Normally, you would only expect to find dual disc brakes on higher priced mountain bikes. To find dual disc brakes on a mountain bike at this price point is truly exciting.

It is a good guide for riders to get a better grasp of the best speed they are most comfortable with as it have powerful linear pull brakes that ensures a high powered stopping ability at any speed rate, and still provides safety.

Easy Assembly

Assembling the bike is both straightforward and easy. It takes about 20 minutes using the included tools. Be careful Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum - Reviewthat you mount the front wheel and handlebar correctly. They can be a little tricky if you don’t follow the directions exactly.

The kickstand comes already installed, eliminating that extra step. Adjustments do take a little bit of time, but are pretty straight forward and will not present any unexpected problems.


  • Frame: 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum
  • Fork: Suspension Fork Alloy 80mm Travel
  • Shifters: Shimano EF51 21 Speed
  • Wheels: Double Wall Aluminum Rims
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-TZ30
  • Crank: Aluminum Triple 42/34/24
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc
  • Brake Levers: Shimano Aluminum
  • Seat post: Aluminum w/ clamp 31.8 M8*60MM
  • Handlebar: Aluminum
  • Pedals: Aluminum 9/16″
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Product weight: 33 lbs
  • Frame size: 19″

Final Words

The Merax Finiss 26 inch mountain bike is one of the most affordable and easy to handle mountain bikes designed for entry level riders.

This is highly suggested foMerax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum - Reviewr those not looking for a very serious trail, but still challenging to take. With its heat-treated aluminum alloy, it is definitely lightweight and will barely be adding up to the weight that the rider needs to be balancing when doing a ride.

At only 33 pounds, this bike is extremely light. The lighter the bike, the faster it goes. This comes in handy if you are biking long distances across country or if you decide to do a little cross-country racing. Maintenance is easy, since you can literally pick the bike up and flip it over. Even smaller riders should have no trouble carrying the bike, if needed.

This bike is perfect for taller riders. The bike has a 19 inch frame and 26 inch tires. With seat adjustment, people between 5’ 7” and 6’ 2” can ride comfortably.

Overall, great things can be said about the Merax Finiss Mountain Bike. It looks good, it performs well, and the price can’t be beat.