Merax Falcon Mountain Bike Review

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame is one of the best mountain bikes available to buy on the market. The bicycle features a sturdy aluminum frame and a dual-suspension design which helps increase user control and smoothes out the bumps.

The mountain bike comes fitted with Shimano 21-speed shifters and derailleurs which provide smooth and reliable shifting. The Merax Falcon Mountain Bike features linear pull brakes which have excellent stopping power.

The bike comes with a 19-inch frame and is a feature-loaded entry level mountain bike. Following are the key features of this bicycle:


The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike features a beautiful yet sleek frame which makes it look like a high-end mountain bike without shelling out an additional dollar.

This bike features a 26-inch magnesium alloy wheels which weigh less and make the bike lighter than its competitors. This also helps with improving ride quality—especially on bumpy roads and demanMerax Falcon Mountain Bike Reviewding terrain.

The wheels are built to be sturdy and abused. The bike features an aluminum suspension fork which further improves ride quality by making the bike easier to control and maneuver.

The heat-treated aluminum frame is quite resilient as well.

The bike comes with 21 different speed settings and features Shimano 21-speed shifters which are durable and allow easy shifting. The bike weighs a little over 30 pounds after assembly and comes with a 19-inch frame which is adequate to accommodate taller riders.

The bike is designed to be agile and speedy. The light ensures nothing but excellent aerodynamics which makes is smooth-sailing and easy to ride.

Braking System

The braking systems are one of the most important considerations when looking into buying a mountain bike. There are several different options available and each has some advantages over the other.

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike features linear press braking system which is the most-widely used braking system for bicycles all over the world. These brakes are quite powerful because of the leverage.

The brake pads are easy to replace and inexpensive.

The levers, brake pads, and cables are interchangeable between brands which makes it easier to fix while not costing you a fortune.

21 Speed Settings: Shimano Shifters and Derailleurs

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with 21 different speed settings which allow the riders a more extensive range of options. It is easy to shift gears on the bike as they’re conveniently located alongside the handlebar.

Shimano 21-speed shifters and derailleurs are known to be easy and convenient to use, of high quality, and long-Merax Falcon Mountain Bike Reviewlasting. They are available in several higher end bikes as well and scream quality.

Merax Falcon Mountain Bike

Double Alloy Rims

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with double walled alloy rims on the tyres which make the ride easier and convenient. They work by providing the wheels with an extra layer of protection while riding.

This makes it easier for the user to ride over rough terrain without worrying about the bike.

The double walled alloy rims act as barriers which help block the wheel from getting damaged by debris or glass when riding demanding terrain. These rims increase the tire’s life and save you from shedding additional dollars on repairs down the line.

Travel Suspension Fork

A travel suspension fork  works by allowing the rider to go over the most demanding terrains comfortably and smoothly. The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with one of the best.

The travel suspension fork on this mountain bike allows sturdy expansion which enables it to be used on the roughest of terrains.

The advanced aluminum mechanical lockout suspension fork that comes with the Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike adds an additional layer of protection for the user and enables him to have a smoother ride with more control.

This mechanical lock lasts a long time while the aluminum is the reason why it’s smoother and lighter. This 80mm suspension fork is ideal for rocky roads and sudden dips.

Release Front Wheel

A release front wheel enables the user to quickly and efficiently remove the bike’s wheel and is a feature that’s usually exclusive to high-end mountain bikes for the ease of the user.

The tire can be taken out without the need for tools, making things easier and convenient.

This feature is a good one for those who frequently visit mountain biking parks and need to fit the bike in the car. You can also use to when fixing a flat or keeping someone from stealing your bike.

Additional Features

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with a lot of features. The bike has a front pouch for storing your phone, it features antiskid types and pedals to prevent accidents, a comfortable handlebar, and seat.


  • The bike is light in weight and a good pick for those who wish to use the bike on the road
  • It is made of strong aluminum which makes it sturdy and longer-lasting
  • The Shimano brakes and 21-speed shifters and derailleurs featured on the bike are one of the best available onMerax Falcon Mountain Bike Review the market
  • Comes with a release front wheel which makes removal easier
  • Features linear press braking system
  • Maintenance on the bike is easy
  • The bike is beautifully designed and looks good on the road
  • Can tread demanding terrains without problems
  • Anti Skid on types and pedals


  • The chain isn’t lubed right out of the box, which can be a bit tedious and annoying
  • The quick release is easy to operate, but are one of the most mis-adjusted parts in a mountain bike which can cause the quick release to move inside the axle mounts on the fork
  • Not fit for longer rides
  • The handle can be uncomfortable for longer rides
  • Vibrations make it harder to ride
  • Less than comfortable seats

To summarize, the Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Aluminium Frame is one of the best mountain bicycles available on the market. The bike features a durable, lightweight, and sturdy frame which is ideal for taller people as well.

The heat-treated aluminum frame is quite durable, and the 26-inch double wall aluminum rims help protect the wheels. The bike comes fitted with 21-speed derailleurs and shifters from Shimano which are of high quality.