How to Manual an MTB for beginners

Why should you know this technique?

Doing the manual trick is very important for most bike riders because it allows them to pull off as many tricks as they can. Before doing any practice, wear protective helmet and pads to support you whenever you land badly.

How to do this?

Anyone can practice a manual trick with your bike at any place you want. It’s all about having the perfect balance point on the back wheel of your bike. When you want to learn the trick of doing a manual, you don’t need to hop to any obstacle to start it. When you have balance and proper timing, doing the manual can be anywhere like on flat surfaces or ledges. Below are tips on how to master your manuals.

  1. To start, you have to be comfortable pulling off the front wheel of the bike off the ground. At first, it may seem difficult but as you go along with more practice you can easily pull it off without much effort.
  2. For riders who are just beginning to learn the manual trick, just get used to pulling back using the handlebars. Do not worry that much on the distance you have traveled, you will learn that as you go along.
  3. You need to act as if your entire body is hanging back at the rear wheel while you extend your arms on the handlebars. To successfully do a manual, you need to perfect this balancing act to get into the right position.
  4. If you are already comfortable pulling yourself back into that position, you can now practice how to balance the manual trick for a distance. The important thing with manuals is you get a lot of speed to get this perfect.
  5. It’s all in the strength of your legs if you are to balance yourself. While your arms is responsible for the height of the front wheel when you pull it up. Shift your body weight backwards and forwards using your hips and thighs to maintain constant balance. Never be scared of looping out as it is just part of your learning experience.
  6. Once you’re comfortable with the balancing act, you can now proceed to the hops. The key here is having enough speed when hopping on to obstacles in order to have your balance.
  7. When you start practicing your hops, be sure to land straight to your balance point. Shift your weight slightly to the forward position and land with a squat position. This move is to prevent the chance of getting you loop out into the curb or any obstacle you’ve hopped on.
  8. You have to maintain the height of the front end while you roll off smoothly when you come off the ledge. Further, the back wheel of the bike should also come down before you land on the ground.

Practice is the key to success

So, now you’ve learned how to manual with your own MTB. Always remember that constant practice makes everything perfect. Keep driving safely!