How to choose and customize best mountain bike grips?

Finding the best mountain bike grip is a challenging task as it’s important to buy a grip that offer a perfect fitting and better handling. Many people are not able to choose the best mountain bike grips as they are not aware with the factors that describe the quality of the bike grips. In this article, we will be discussing about the factors which will help you to purchase best bike grips which will make riding easy as you will have a better grip over the bike control.

Lock on design

Mountain bike grips come in different designs, but it’s better to buy a grip with a lock on design. A grip with a lock on design is well known for a secure grip, which makes it a better option than other design grips. Moreover, lock on design grips has the best screw on design which ensures that the blisters are not formed. So, for secure grip and better performance you should always prefer to buy a mountain bike grip with a lock on design.

Flared ends

A bike grip with flared ends will provide a larger surface area which will help the rider to attain a better grip control. Flared grips are not comfortable as other bike grips, but are far better in providing a better bike control and preventing the formation of blisters. So, rather than looking for a comfortable bike grip, prefer flared grips as it will keep you safe from injuries by allowing the rider to attain a tight grip.

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Multi-design Gripping Pattern

Most of the mountain bike grips come with different grooves and design which are responsible for enhancing the bike performance. A multi design gripping pattern will not only provide a better control, but also a better feel which will make the rider more comfortable.

These are some of the factors which will help you to buy the best mountain bike grips. So, now let’s have a look at some of the useful tips related to bike grips which will help you to pick the best one:

  • Some bikers prefer to use gloves when riding and want to buy bike grips which rubber is thin and smooth to grab. There are several bike grip manufacturers which produce grips, according to the glove usage. Some grips are specially designed for glove usage, while some are designed for the riders who don’t use gloves. So, buy grips according to the glove usage for better control.
  • People generally buy bike grips depending upon the looks only, but there are several major factors which must be considered before purchasing a bike grip. Apart from the factors mentioned above, you should also look out for the grip material, absorption power, durability and control level. These all factors must be thoroughly checked as the grip performance directly depend on them.

These are some of the useful tips which must be followed before making any purchase. Apart from the bike grip looks also consider the factors mentioned above to buy a mountain bike grip which can provide an incredible performance.