Gravity Fsx 2.0 Mountain Bike Review – 2017 Edition

As I got a little older, I noticed that I was putting on weight and my bike just wasn’t helping me out the way it used to. I needed a bike that wasn’t too heavy, was easy to pedal and durable to last. That’s where the Gravity FSX 2.0 Mountain Bike came in.

This bike is easy to ride; smooth and comfortable. It’s light enough to load and unload onto the bike rack on my car, and with the advanced aluminum frame I could depend on it being strong and durable to last me a good long while.

In my Gravity Fsx 2.0 review, you’ll be able to see all the benefits and features this bike can offer. You’ll also understand why gravity mountain bikes are in such high demand, as well as why Gravity Fsx 2.0 full suspension mountain bikes are made to last for years.

The Gravity FSX 2.0 is the newest model out, and you can read about its predecessor if you’re thinking of that option.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

In this Gravity Fsx 2.0 review, you’ll find that there are a few things you’ll need to know and plan for when buying this bike.

You need to know your height. The frame sizes are from 15 inches to 21 inches so that they will fit riders between 5’1” through 6’9”. Make sure you get the correct size frame that will fit your height; you don’t want to be uncomfortable while you ride your bike.

Wearing a helmet is crucial to cyclists. Most cyclists wear a helmet to protect themselves in case of an injury. The helmet protects your head and neck from being injured or resulting in a fatality. Make sure you have a helmet that fits correctly and made for where you are biking. You want to make sure you are protected.


An Allen wrench will be beneficial to you. The type of screws on your bike all require an Allen wrench to tighten or loosen. If you have one of these tools wherever you go, you will always be able to tighten or loosen parts on your bike as you need.

The Gravity FSX 2.0

The Gravity FSX 2.0 mountain bike comes will a full suspension that is adjustable, a strong and durable advanced aluminum framed, quick release wheels, and 24-speed shifters that are easy to use.

It comes with Tektro Novello disc brakes, a Shimano Acera rear derailleur, and a Suntour XCT triple crankset. This bike delivers high-performance at an affordable price.

The design of this bike is sleek and on-point. From the way the suspension is set up to the slim design of the chain and the setback of the seat, this bike was meant to turn heads.


  • Powerful disc brakes.
  • Advanced aluminum frame that is lightweight.
  • Lockout suspension fork that is adjustable.
  • Multiple frame sizing to fit all heights.
  • Works great on rough terrains.


  • Fork can bend easily.
  • The suspension may have to be frequently adjusted.
  • Not good for paved roads or sidewalk paths.

Benefits and Features of the Gravity FSX 2.0

My Gravity Fsx 2.0 review will show you the best features and benefits of owning a Gravity bike. I’ll talk about the parts of the bike that really stand out to me so you can get an idea of what this bike is truly made for and if it’s right for you.

Tektro Novela Disc Brakes

Shimano Acera Front & Rear Derailleur and Shimano EF51 24-Speed Shifter

Gravity FSX 2.0 Frame

Suntour XCT Triple Crankset

Full Suspension

Our Gravity FSX 2.0 Review

In our Gravity Fsx 2.0 review, you can see many features and benefits to using this bike. I like to think that people are crazy over the lightweight aluminum body and sleek design, but it could also be the high-quality parts that are a part of the bike.

Efty over at Mountain Bike Pros really was happy with the Gravity FSX 2.0. They talked about the durable frame and the high-quality products that really made this bike such a great value.

Mountain Bicycle World found the bike to be extremely great. The value of the parts and frame alone made them happy, but the ride was smooth and comfortable.

Alternatives to the Gravity FSX 2.0

merax finiss vs gravity fsx 2.0

If you are looking for a hard tail mountain bike in the same price range, this bike is comparable to the Gravity FSX 2.0.

Read our review of this bike here.

It is also a full suspension bicycle that is a bit heavier than the Gravity FSX 2.0 and is equipped with different parts. There can also be a bit of a bouncy ride on rough terrains.

Read our review of this bike here.

Or check out the best mountain bikes under $500 here.

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Gravity FSX 2.0 Review Final Thoughts

Being able to be fully supported on my bike, with the extra weight, was a big bonus for me. I wanted a smooth ride no matter where I went and a bike that would last me a long time. The Gravity FSX 2.0 mountain bike filled that need for me.

Being able to have an easy shift while riding and concentrating on the path in front of you is great, and being able to be myself again instead of worrying about my bike makes me happy.

If you have a similar problem like me, or like any of the features you read about, then you should check out the Gravity FSX 2.0 Mountain Bike.

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Hi my name is Dale Obrien. I started Mountain biking 8 years ago. I also worked as a manager in a local mountain bike shop for 5 years. I love helping beginners getting their first mountain bike. Welcome to our blog. Enjoy!

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