Why Now is the Right Time to Read the Gravity FSX 1.0 Review – 2017

When I decide to spend money on a new piece of equipment, you better believe I research all the options. Both the Gravity FSX 1.0 and the Gravity FSX 2.0 kept popping up as two of the best full-suspension mountain bikes in my price range.

After studying both their specs and reviews, I decided on the Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike. It would be silly of you not to take advantage of all my hard work, so I made it easy. Below is all the data I collected. With it, I compiled a detailed Gravity FSX 1.0 Review just for you.

How I Narrowed My Choices

With so many mountain bikes on the market, I knew I needed to narrow down the field a bit. First, I needed to consider where I would be riding my bike. One thing I was sure about, my body would not be making jumps or doing any extreme riding. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy going off-road, but jumping boulder to boulder should only be done by mountain goats.

No jumps meant I could enjoy the comfort of a full-suspension mountain bike.

My new mountain bike needed to double as both a recreational vehicle and as a means of transportation, to and from work. Since my boss likes me to be on time, and I am notoriously late getting out the door, my bike needed to be FAST! I can only pedal so hard, so I need all the help I can get from the bike itself.

A lightweight frame and wheels are a must for speed. Both aluminum and carbon fiber frames are extremely light. Since carbon fiber frames cost quite a bit more, I settled on an aluminum frame. Most bikes come with aluminum wheels, but I decided to add those to my checklist just in case.

Greater speed comes when the bike is in a higher gear. I wanted a bike with the highest number of gears possible. Shifting needed to be smooth. I prefer Shimano shifters because they have served me well in the past. I firmly believe that when something works well, you stick with it.

First Disc Brake


I wanted a lot of other features on my bike, but the only other thing I considered to be a necessity was a really good set of brakes. If you are traveling down the road at breakneck speed, you need to have brakes that can stop just as fast.

I knew I wanted something stronger than rim brakes, and hydraulic brakes were a bit out of my price range, so that meant a good set of disc brakes.

Did Gravity FSX 1.0 Meet My Needs?

Based on my needs, I wanted my new mountain bike to include the following features:

  • Full-Suspension Ride
  • Lightweight Frame and Wheels
  • ​High Number of Gears
  • ​Shimano Shifters
  • Dual Disc Brakes

Second Suspension

Second Disc Brake

As you can probably guess, since I’m writing this Gravity FSX 1.0 Review, the bike in question did meet all my criteria. If you are looking for a nice, sturdy, entry-level bike, the Gravity FSX 1.0 does the trick. It handles both on the road and off-road riding well.

The bike boasts full front and rear suspension. The coils offer a comfortable ride but tend to bottom out on sharp drops. This is not a problem as long as you stick to trails that have been somewhat maintained.

Do not buy this bike if you are interested in extreme riding. The suspension cannot handle long jumps or really rough trails.

With 24 gears, power is not an issue. The high gear ratio means greater speeds, which make this an ideal bike for commuting. Another fun activity is cross-country riding. Take the straight-aways at high speeds and then switch to lower gears for hills.

Yellow Color

The Shimano shifters make moving from gear to gear on the fly smooth and seamless. They are easy to adjust and reliable.

With several sizes to pick from, the Gravity FSX 1.0 fits riders between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot 3 inches comfortably. You may want to upgrade the suspension if you weigh more than 220 pounds and plan to do much trail riding.

Last, but not least, the dual disc brakes are perfect for just about any application. You want reliable brakes if you plan to bike on the road. The ability to stop at high speeds may mean the difference between life and death. Rim brakes are just not as sturdy as disc brakes.

Buying the Gravity FSX 1.0 Online

You can purchase the Gravity FSX 1.0 or the Gravity FSX 2.0 at a local bike store, but you will pay more money. Amazon offers the best price that I can find on the bike and for those who are interested, they will assemble the bike, for a small fee.

Honestly, getting the bike assembled at a bike shop or by Amazon is a good idea. Sometimes the fine tuning of the mountain bike can be a bit hard. However, if you are handy with the tools, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can step you through the process.

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The warranty is supplied by the manufacturer, so be sure to fill out your warranty card and send it in after you receive the bike.

The Gravity FSX 1.0 Review - Recapping the Pros & Cons

Here is a quick run down of the both the pros and cons of the Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike.

The Pros

The Cons

  • Full-Suspension Ride
  • Lightweight Frame and Wheels
  • High Number of Gears​
  • Shimano Shifters
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • The suspension is not designed for extreme riding or jumps.
  • You may need to upgrade the suspension if you weigh more than 220 pounds.

Concluding the Gravity FSX 1.0 Review

This bike was perfect for my needs. I wanted a mountain bike that could double as a recreational vehicle and as a commuter. Since I’m all about comfort, the full-suspension was a definite plus in my book. To top it all off, the price just couldn’t be beat. Take a look at the Gravity FSX 1.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. They offer a lot of bang for the buck!

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Hi my name is Dale Obrien. I started Mountain biking 8 years ago. I also worked as a manager in a local mountain bike shop for 5 years. I love helping beginners getting their first mountain bike. Welcome to our blog. Enjoy!

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