What You Should Know About the Giant Escape 3?

Have you been wondering about this Giant Escape you’ve been hearing about? Are you questioning yourself as to why this product is so popular?

Maybe you have no idea why this bike is being put out there for the world to see and talk about. Perhaps you think it’s just another bike that looks slightly different but performs the to the same standards.

Not at all. It’s an excellent bike.

Why? Maybe you’re thinking I’m just pulling your leg?

The Giant Escape 3 has components and a durable frame that make this bike highly sought-after. The quality of this bike for the price it’s going for is almost a crime.

Let me show you what and why you need to know about the Giant Escape 3.

What’s so Hot About the Giant Escape 3?

So, you want to know why everyone is talking about the Giant Escape 3 and what is so great about it? You’ve come to the right place.

This bike is bigger, smoother, and more modern than other commuter bikes. It has high-quality components, a sleek design, and has a warranty on the frame and fork of the bike if it’s new.

Giant also offers a crash replacement helmet option to cyclists in the United States. If you are involved in a crash, and your helmet is ruined, you can buy a replacement at about 1/3 of the original cost.


1. The Bike

The Giant Escape 3 is a commuter bike with an aluminum frame and a lower price than the others in this series. It comes with the Shimano Tourney Groupset, a steel fork, a kickstand, 21 speeds, and weighs in at about 28 pounds.

The Giant Escape 3 is a bike that recommends a different size bike for certain heights, for instance, if you are 60-62 cm, you should get a large bike, not an extra-large sized bike. You may not be comfortable with that size, so make sure to read the measurements and what is recommended for your height category.

The wheels are 700x32c, making them larger and thicker than some commuter bikes. This helps provide the bike with balance and durability for heavy loads you may carry or pull behind you. The wheels offer great traction and support to your ride.

2. The Frame

The frame is an ALUXX-grade aluminum that is back by a Giant warranty. The bike weighs in at about 28 pounds, which can be a bit heavy for a commuter bike, but when adding on the tires and components of the bike, the weight isn’t so bad.

The frame comes in four sizes: Small (17”), Medium (19”), Large (21”), and Extra-Large (23”). The height chart is a bit different for this bike, so make sure you take a look at your recommended size.

The frame is made into a sleek design, featuring a thin bar across the top and a much thicker rod along the bottom. The bike is designed to be sleek, eye-catching, and affordable.

3. The Components

The Giant Escape 3 comes with Shimano Tourney Groupset, a high-tensile steel fork, Shimano EF40 shifters with Tektro linear pull brakes, and a Shimano M131 crankset. From these products, you can see that the Giant Escape 3 has nothing but high-quality products to benefit the rider.

The Tektro linear pull brakes give a secure stop without making any noise or skipping. It works with the Shimano EF40 brake levers to ensure an accurate stop when you need to.

The high-tensile steel fork gives a good amount of suspension and provides you with a smooth ride. For a bike without suspension, the fork gives you good travel and a steady ride.

4. What to Change?

The pedals on the Giant Escape 3 need to be changed to a more durable pedal. The ones that come with the bike are plastic and aren’t made to last. I recommend the Shimano A530 SPD Pedals because they are a light pedal that is ideal for biking around town.

The pedals have an option for a cleat slip-on if you want a longer ride, but also have a platform for regular shoes for shorter rides. These are made of steel and will last you a long while.

The seat should also be changed out. The saddle is a Giant Connect upright, and it’s very hard and uncomfortable to ride on for any amount of time.

I recommend the Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle since it is made to support you on long or short rides. It offers support and ventilation while riding and has super-soft padding that gives comfort and support. This saddle even comes with a lifetime guarantee!

5. The Pros and the Cons

The pros to the Giant Escape 3 is that it is durable, stylish, high-quality, stylish and an affordable bike. This bike is made to be nice to look at, able to put up with daily commutes to work and to run errands, and still provide a gentle and smooth ride.

The cons to the Giant Escape 3 is that the saddle and pedals are cheap and should be replaced immediately. This makes the bike uncomfortable to ride with poor foot support and poor butt and back support. The bike also makes the rider sit upright, which may be a problem for you if you like to lean forward.

The Giant Escape 3 is Phenomenal

If you were like me and wanted a bike to be designated for a daily commute, this bike is a great option. It provides a smooth ride and helps with a balance due to the bigger tires. It comes with different speeds so you can find your comfortable spot while riding.

Even though you need to change the pedals and the saddle, the bike is beautifully designed. The color is sleek, and the components will keep you riding for a long time. This bike is great for your everyday trips to the store, school, and work and will have everyone turning their heads!

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