Explore these ultimate mountain bike tips and tricks

A rider always wants to explore new tricks in mountain biking. In this article we will be discussing about some ultimate mountain bike tricks, which can be easily performed by a rider. The mountain bike tips and tricks mentioned below are quite easy to learn as you only need a few minutes to learn. However, you must master these techniques before you perform it on the trails.

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop is a popular mountain bike trick as it helps the rider to tackle obstacles on a rough trail. In order to perform this popular mountain bike trick, you need to first shift your body weight away from the rear wheel and compress your body using your back, arms and legs. Keep on practising this step until you are able to find your bike’s light spot. Once, you have successfully completed this step; pull the handlebars hard in the upward direction. It will lift the bike and help the rider to easily tackle the obstacle. So, keep on practising this trick in order to make a perfect landing.

Wall ride

Wall ride is a yet another popular mountain bike trick which is mainly performed in the bike parks. As soon as you come near the wall, shift your body weight to the center and lift the front wheel. In order to perform a wall ride your bike wheels should be at least 45 degree angle, while lifting your bike wheels. Now, you push yourself to ride along the wall. If you keep on practicing, you can easily perform a wall ride at 180 degrees.

mountain bike tips and tricks


This mountain bike trick helps makes it easy for the rider to ride in difficult conditions. You can use this trick to deal with rocks, roots and many other minor obstacles during trail riding. In order to perform this trick, you need to first gain some speed. Now, give a little bounce to the front suspension and shift your body weight backward to complete the trick. Keep on practicing this trick as it will not only help you to deal with minor obstacles, but also help you to gain high speeds.

These are some of the advanced level mountain bike tips and tricks. If you wish to become a master of mountain biking, then you should also learn the tricks mentioned below:


This trick is quite useful in trail riding as a rider can use this trick to allow the other riders to pass you on the trail. You need to work on your balance, if you wish to perform this trick correctly.


If you are not comfortable in riding on wet tracks, then you must learn this trick. It will help you to tighten up your grip over the bike, which will allow you to easily roll over the wet track.

Apart from these two tricks, you should also learn speed bumps, cornering, skinnies and wheelie drops in order to master your mountain biking skills. So, double your efforts as it is not an easy task to become a master of mountain biking.