Diamondback Bicycle Overdrive Mountain Bike Review

We all know mountain biking is exciting, thrilling, breathtaking and dangerous. Without right gears, it may result in an unwanted accident. If you are new at this sport, you should be aware of the fact too. Now, why do accidents happen in mountain biking? Because the roads are dangerous, sometimes people ride without proper training, low quality bikes, overconfidence and so on. The first thing a new biker should grab is the right mountain bike.

Different bikes are constructed with different types of cycling requirements in mind, so it is vital to pay attention to the realistic details before making a decision.

However, if you would like a bike that assists you to accomplish most of the things, you are supposed to consider going for an Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike from Diamondback.

Professionals already know Diamondback; some of them are using their bikes as well. Now the question arises, why should you grab this bike in the first place?

Why Choose Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike?

If you are a part of the rapidly declining population of riders who still has not thrown a leg over a mountain bike, the Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike might be the one to drive you off the fence. This frivolous aluminum bike is a hiker and obstruction-conqueror par excellence.

The trouble-free progressing 29-inch wheels and 24-velocity Shimano 3X8 drivetrain will get yDiamondback Bicycle Overdrive Mountain Bike Reviewou up, down and about your preferred trail quite effortlessly. The Tektro disc brakes stoppers of this bike will allow you to restraint things in earlier than they get out of control.

The remarkable primary thing about the affordable bike from Diamondback is that at the best mountain bikes, you will end up getting a good off-road bicycle.

With the bumped aluminum overdrive 29er framework and a 30 mm SR Suntour suspension fork, which has exciting features, such as rebound tuning and lockout, Diamondback bike is most likely the best that you are going to get at this reasonably priced range.

Riding this 29er mountain bike might be one of the most exciting activities you can accomplish. It has become an admired sports bike among riders of all ages, and it has been rapidly carving its trail into the market and rolling over other analogous bikes that enter the way.

Diamondback Bicycle Overdrive Mountain Bike

Strong Frame

The Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike from Diamondback takes 29er to a romance level. The improved aluminum overdrive frame has newly-shaped custom formed and butted tubes, a machined head tube, and artificial dropouts with a disposable derailleur hanger.

The frame comes with hand built aluminum frame, and its sheen colored show-up on the TT offers the structure a supercar stimulated look and feel.

Sloping Tube

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike comes with the ever so sloping top tube that offers generous standoverDiamondback Bicycle Overdrive Mountain Bike Review clearance. A 73-seat tube angle and a 71-head tube angle generate the ideal XC or track geometry.

The 390-mm chainstays equate to an exceptionally snappy rig and the skill to get the front wheel from the ground quickly that cannot be expected from other analogous Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike.

Braking System

This mountain bike from Diamondback is designed with an efficient braking system. The system includes the Tektro mechanical disc brakes with six-inch rotors. These brakes perform well to bring the bigger wheels down from velocity, particularly on the level ground.


It comes with a Shimano/SR Suntour 3×8 drivetrain. SR Suntour XCT cranks are paired with a Shimano TX50 front derailleur to provide smooth, reliable shifting. Moreover, the Shimano Acera 8-speed rear derailleur offers a wide gear range to get you up and down the hills.


There is a SR Suntour suspension fork. The 80mm travel fork works with the 29” wheels to keep you rolling confidently over obstacles.


The Diamondback Overdrive 29 Mountain Bike is a Ready Ride bike. Ready Ride bikes are shipped to you 95 percent assembled. Expect the bike assembly to take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on your skill level. However, if you are not comfortable assembling your bike, please take it to your local bike shop for assistance.


Regarding size of this mountain bike it can be easily said that it is just what a taller rider would desire. Its frame Diamondback Bicycle Overdrive Mountain Bike Reviewgeometry is designed to make up for its bigger size, but nearly all riders will find them reclining a little more across unique points of contact.

What impresses riders a lot regarding this bike is not the geometry of its frame, but its system, which is a complete breeze. Riders will be prepared to go by setting 20% of the sag, using the preload adjuster of the fork and setting the rebound power to halfway.

Although beginner mountain bike is designed with a lockout feature on its fork, riders will seldom require it, considering the rigidity of the fork. The aluminum hard-tail plan makes it probable to offer a superior momentum devoid of wasting any pedaling endeavor on each stroke.


Maybe you’re new to this whole mountain biking thing, or maybe you just want to try out the smooth-rolling efficiency of 29-inch wheels, but either way, the Diamondback Overdrive 29 mountain bike will get you out having fun. This classic hardtail prefers swoopy singletrack and cruising to the top of the climb. It’s built on the same strong, lightweight aluminum frame as Diamondback’s higher end aluminum 29er trail bikes. With a solid component package that’s built to last, the Overdrive will have you mastering new trails and coming back for more.

The Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike from Diamondback is a cost-effective way of getting into a novel 29er.

Irrespective of whether it is your first 29er, or you are already familiar with riding a 29er, or you want to add a novel bike to your ever-increasing collection, the Overdrive 29er mountain bike from Diamondback will satisfy your longing.

By investing a small sum, you will wind up getting a reasonably priced bike that can overcome every rock, path, and mountain.