Diamondback Recoil 29er – 2022

Cycling not only is fun but induces physical stress, which is an excellent activity for the entire body. It helps the rider to stay in shape and reduces both physical and mental stress. There is also an increase in the blood flow that further improves the overall health.

Shopping for a bike is always a tedious process. Many variants are available that often make it difficult for users. Additionally, understanding and learning about new features may put anybody in a troublesome position. For instance, a city bike is different from that of a mountain bike. As with most things, both models have pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Understanding them in-detail is the catch and helps one to pick the best bike according to the need.

The following information will provide in-depth detail about the Diamondback Recoil 29er bike. That said, the bike consists of different features and options. The opinion often differs and therefore, one should consider looking at every detail before arriving at a conclusion.

Diamondback Bicycle Recoil Trail Mountain Bike - Review

What to consider before the purchase?

The Recoil 29er from Diamondback is a mountain bike. Although the basics of riding are simple, finding a bike that offers a balance between quality components and price is vital. The Recoil 29er is the right choice who wish to have a rugged and powerful bike without burning the pocket.

Another important aspect is taking into consideration of the ride itself. While many like to ride through hills, there are quite a few who love to participate in extreme biking that includes occasional jumps or climbing brutal uphill trails. Knowing the importance of the ride will help understand whether Recoil 29er is suitable for the need.

Buying preferences

The mountain bike is primarily for those who love off-road adventures and driving through rugged terrain. Although designed for men, choosing it by women is possible given that the seating height is appropriate. The bike is not suitable for those who are looking at a city bike. Road or touring bicycle is the best choice for everyday activity in the cities. However, one should remember that the Recoil is not a racing bike either.

Diamondback Bicycle Recoil Trail Mountain Bike

The design

Diamondback Recoil 29erDiamondback Bicycle Recoil Trail Mountain Bike - Review design focuses on attracting the interest of mountain riders. The layout is such that is it easy for the rider to take any trail and yet have exceptional handling with a high degree of control – thanks to the lowering of the center of gravity. Passengers can easily maneuver the bike at corners or navigate through obstacles quickly.

Strong yet lightweight frame

Diamondback ensured to deliver the best experience for a rider by opting for a lightweight frame that is also sturdy. The full-suspension T-6 Aluminum frame provides enough strength while being easy on the weight. It is a vital part of the construction because of the use of the suspension components that do add to the overall weight.

The full suspension bike offers incredible features when compared with hardtail bikes. The common aspect is the presence of the front fork and the entire frame constructed from two pieces. Connected by the pivots, the two triangle frames – front and rear, deliver the best of the riding experience. Due to this reason, the structures move independently while the shock absorbers regulate the movement with ease. The distribution of the power is such that the rider would not have to stand while pedaling hard. Furthermore, independent action of the frames ensures a higher degree of comforts even while riding across rough terrains.

Adjustable fork

Diamondback Bicycle Recoil Trail Mountain Bike - Review

Like mentioned earlier, the full suspension bike is an excellent choice within its price group. The manufacturer ensured to provide the best stability and control by pitching in a 4-inch damping coil shock with Suntour XCM suspension fork. The additional travel of 100mm allows the user to experience the best of the riding style offered by the bike.

Larger wheels

For any bike enthusiast, the use of a 29-inch wheel is a blessing. It became a standard among several mountain bikes, as they offer increased acceleration and deliver rollover option.

The 29er, as the name suggests, hosts the WTB Wolverine 29-inch tires. As they offer rollover feature, it gives the rider the ability to test an array of trails filled with challenges. Likewise, the reduced rolling resistance helps the rider to attain higher speeds without standing. The grip delivered by the wheels are excellent and function efficiently in any given condition and terrain, which is a perfect companion for the mountain bike and rider.

Shimano Drivetrain

The triple chainring crank with Shimano eight-speed drivetrain delivers a total of 24 gearing options. Not only it is exciting but the best that one could find to enjoy their ride. The shifting of the gears is quick and straightforward and offers the best riding across multiple terrains – up hills, flat surfaces, and challenging tracks.

Braking power

Diamondback Recoil 29er is an impressive machine. Thanks to the company for incorporating the off-roader with Hayes HMX-5 disc brakes with a 6-inch rotor. The disc brakes allow the rider to build trust while they try to conquer different terrains with ease. They are reliable and often come to the aid of the rider with a quick response.

Who should pick it uDiamondback Bicycle Recoil Trail Mountain Bike - Reviewp?

Given the facts about the mountain bike, it is tough to come to a decision. There is no particular favorite for anyone and the selection of a bike changes according to the activity that the rider involves and pricing. Therefore, the information provided in this review will play a vital role in coming up with the final decision. Nonetheless, Recoil 29er from Diamondback is a perfect off-roader and mountain bike.


  • High-quality Shimano drivetrain
  • Aluminum T-6 full suspension frame
  • 29-inch wheels to cruise at high speeds and roll over obstacles
  • 100mm travel of Suntour air shock suspension
  • Comes in 85% ready-ride feature


  • The saddle is cheap and makes the rider uncomfortable
  • Use of cheap plastic pedals makes it slippery during wet conditions
  • The full suspension frame can be troublesome for a few riders