Diamondback Bicycles Axis Sport Mountain Bike Review

As a familiar name in the world of mountain biking, Diamondback promises to deliver a high quality sports equipment as well as excellent customer service. Founded in 1977, this company has their products sold in many countries aside from the United States, including Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. As for the manufacturer, these mountain bikes are produced by Kinesis Industry in China with premium parts and materials.

The Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike is one of the mid-range mountain bikes from Diamondback. It is designed by a UK-based design team Raleigh, which many feel have made this line better than ever. The highlight of this mountain bike is its durability, versatility, and affordability. The Diamondback Axis Hardtail Mountain Bike allows its owner to experience the best of both worlds, a strong bike with minimal budget.


As with other Diamondback mountain bikes, the Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike is constructed by the classic butted 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy frame. This material is famous for its lightness, its agility and durability, as well as its stiffness which will make for a smooth and controlled ride on harsh terrains. This is the same material that you would encounter in Diamondback’s other products that cost more than $1,500 so the Axis truly is a bang for your buck.

This particular mountain bike has a 27 inches frame with custom formed tubing. It will enhance weight saving, sturdiness, as well as presenting the bike in a minimalist aesthetic that surely will make other bikers envy you. This kind of physical style will not look out of place in any kind of setting, whether it is at an office downtown or at a muddy mountain trail. The elegant profile is even emphasized when the bike is moving at a high speedDiamondback Bicycles Axis Sport Mountain Bike Review.


It may be clear from the product’s name that this mountain bike is a hardtail type rig. This means that the bike only has one suspension system, and it exists at the front end of the bike. The Diamondback Axis Complete Mountain Bike is outfitted with an SR Suntour XCR-LO fork that has a 100 mm of travel. This is a very good suspension fork that undoubtedly will give you a smooth ride at the roughest of trails. The 100 mm travel, especially, will help you roll over any kind of terrain, even the rough ones.

This mountain bike is also equipped with a Speed Lock to give the rider an opportunity to adjust the rebound power of the fork, so that optimum power, efficiency, and performance can be achieved on flat trail during high speed or at steep climbs. Hardtail rigs are actually known for their ability to climb steep hills as there are no inhibition from any suspension system at the rear. Therefore, it is the type of mountain bike most preferred by cross country cyclists.

Diamondback Bicycles Axis Sport Mountain Bike


The Diamondback Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike offers 24 levels of gear combinations. The 8 speeds drivetrain is made of the superiorly quick SRAM X-4 trigger shifters, responsive Shimano derailleurs on the front and the back end of the bike, and SRAM S600 cranks. These beasts of components will safeguard your speed andDiamondback Bicycles Axis Sport Mountain Bike Review gear changing throughout flats and hills alike without delay, snag, or hesitation.

Many entry-level and beginner riders feel that the drivetrain is especially reliable and really helpful for them during the exploration of challenging trails.


Boasting the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, there is no terrain or climate you cannot take the Diamondback Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike to. Disc brakes is the safest and the strongest type of brakes in the mountain biking world. Especially in wet conditions, it is far more reliable compared to the linear pull brakes. Disc brakes are also more commonly found in higher end mountain bikes. This type of brake will not only deliver a stellar stopping power but also a resistance to wear and tear. The brake in this bike is a hydraulic brake, which usually only come as an upgrade that you have to pay for yourself.


The Diamondback Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike features a Schwalbe Rapid Rob tire. It is a famously high performing wheels that offers excellent traction on any kind of terrain. The wheel size is 27.5 inch, which is a perfect marriage of the 26 inch and 29 inches. It combines the agility of the 26 inch and the control of the 29 inches. The tire itself is of the knobby type, with 2.5 inches width. The wide measurement makes this bike a lot more stable, safe, and ready to roll over any obstacle in front of you.

The wheel rims in the Axis Hardtail Mountain Bike is a double wall 32H Diamondback XC260. This material and Diamondback Bicycles Axis Sport Mountain Bike Reviewdouble wall construction will keep the wheel rims away from wear and tear.


  • Classic butted aluminum alloy frame
  • Light, less than 40 lbs
  • DB Flat Bar Handlebar
  • 27 inches frame size
  • Front suspension: SR Suntour XCR-LO with 100 mm travel
  • 24 speed combinations
  • SRAM shifters
  • Shimano front and rear derailleurs
  • Tektro Auriga disc brakes
  • Hydraulic type brake
  • 5 inches knobby tire
  • Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires
  • Double wall wheel rims


  • Slightly front heavy construction

The Diamondback Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike certainly does not possess the quality of a cheap mountain bike. The well-0constructed frame will not break down easily, and the shifters and gears are made by top manufacturers, such as Shimano, SRAM, and Suntour. As of the technical aspect of this bike, it is close to perfection. As mentioned previously, this mountain bike’s design belongs to both world: the corporate world and the adventurous world. Therefore, this bike is very suitable either for a beginner or a veteran cyclist though perhaps not for those looking for a competitive mountain bike. In conclusion, the Diamondback Axis Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike is a great mid-range vehicle that will take you anywhere you need to go.