Top 20 Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes in 2018 – Ultimate Guide


Whether you are thinking of trying out mountain biking for health benefits, or merely as an enjoyable extracurricular activity; in either case you need to make sure to invest in an entry level mountain bike that will not only support your body but ensure its safety all the while making sure you have the time of your life whizzing through…

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Kent Thruster kz2600 Mountain Bike – Complete Review


Creating innovative products to get you moving is what Kent International Inc. all about. This is a company that concentrates on making the safest yet most fun bikes you will ever see as well as their related accessories. Kent International Inc. focuses on manufacturing bikes with unique designs without foregoing the latest advances in technology and presenting the results to…

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Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle – Review


Give yourself permission to leave it all behind, the work, the commuting, the hassles, the daily reports. Leave it all behind and throw yourself down some hills on a Mongoose; that will surely relieve your stress. The dirt under your nails and the dust in your nose after a day of riding will liberate you from the cubicle. Since 1974…

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Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes under 200 in 2018


Mountain biking is a sport has become more and more popular since its conception in the late 1890s. Even former NBA star Reggie Miller is hooked to this sport. It is performed off-road on rough terrains and requires the use of specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are actually quite similar to other types of bikes. However, they do possess…

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Mongoose 24’’ Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike – Complete Review


As a well-known mountain bike manufacturer, Mongoose distributes this sports equipment for riders of all ages, including for girls. The Mongoose 24 inches Girl’s Spectra Mountain Bike may be the perfect choice for your daughter or niece, especially when they have outgrown their training bikes. Whether it is for a stroll in the neighborhood or for a more challenging outdoor…

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