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What is the Time it Takes to Bike a Mile?

Featured image source: wallpapercave.comI am a pretty avid cycler, so my speed has increased while my time has decreased. It doesn’t take me much time to bike a mile, but now I enjoy a 5 mile bike ride every day.I seem to be hearing how long does it take to bike a mile more often. Many […]

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The Best Top 10 Mountain Bike Blogs That You Need to Follow

Featured image source: are a valuable information source when you are starting an activity, or continuing with the one you already enjoy. Some blogs provide information about products and services while others focus on where to go and what to do in certain areas.It’s the same with cycling blog sites. These sites focus on an […]

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How to Jump a Mountain Bike

Featured image source: wallpapercave.comLearning how to jump a mountain bike may seem daunting and a task that’s only achievable by pros or advanced bikers, but that’s not true!If you have the motivation and desire to learn and you are willing to put in the time, effort, and practice needed to master jumps, then you’ll be able […]

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Bell Bike Rack Instructions

Installing any bike rack can be stressful and be the cause of frustration. Bike racks can cause damage during installation, and you can install it incorrectly. Installation of a bike rack can deter people from wanting to use a bike rack that attaches to their vehicle.This bike rack can hold up to three bikes securely, […]

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Royce Union Bicycle

Royce Union Bicycles was a company who imported bikes from Japan, Taiwan, and Germany to sell them as high-end department store bikes. Due to the sizes of the bicycles made in Asia; they were selling towards adolescents.The Royce Union brand gathered bike sellers from overseas who made high-quality products and imported the bikes to sell […]

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How to Use a Camelbak Water Bottle

So, you bought a Camelbak bottle. Me too! Do you fill it with your favorite sports drink or water? Yep! You press the bite valve, and nothing comes out. Exactly!You might be asking yourself (at least I know I was) why won’t this thing work and what’s wrong with it? How can a water bottle […]

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