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When you and your family are out riding bikes, you need to know that you are safe. Safety is an important part of riding bicycles and could potentially save your life if you follow the rules of cycling and do more.

Being safe while cycling is much more than looking both ways, using hand signals, checking for traffic, and sticking together if you are in a group. It is also making sure that other bikers, pedestrians, and motorists can see you.

That is where the Best Bicycle Safety Flags come into the picture. These safety flags provided drivers with a colored flag demonstrating to them that someone is there and he or she are coming up on you. Being seen is what can separate you from a life or death situation.

I much rather want you to be alive, so keep reading.

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Bicycle Flags on the Rise

Due to the increase of fatalities among bikers, you see more and more bicycle safety flags. Due to the large sizes of the vehicles, many motorists will pull out in front of bikers, stop in front of them, or even turn into a lane on top of them because they cannot see them.B

ikers are smaller than motorcycles. Being seen is important because many motorists cannot see a motorcycle, so they need the help seeing a cyclist.

The more you stand out, the more you will be seen and the safer you will be, the safer your family will be when cycling, and the safer your friends will be when they bike. As a cyclist community, we all want our fellow cyclists to be safe and happy cyclists.

If you do invest in a bicycle safety flag, which I hope you do, remember to remove the safety flag if you use a trainer.

Therefore, you need the best bicycle safety flag for your bike, for your family, and for your life.

The Purpose of Bicycle Safety Flags

How to Choose the Best Bicycle Safety Flag

Best Use of a Safety Flag for Bike


  • Bicycle flags allow others to see you.

    Safety flags for your bicycle enable other bikers, pedestrians, and motorists to see you. Being seen, at any time of the day, is paramount and crucial to your safety. Giving everyone an extra line of sight by adding a brightly colored flag to your bike, could just save your life.
  • Bicycle flags are durable and waterproof.

    Bicycle flags are made from a durable plastic or polyurethane blend to protect from damage, tearing, ripping, and rain. They are useful in the rain, before sunrise or after sunset, and anytime you are riding your bike.
  • Bicycle flags are easy to install.

    Installing a bike flag takes no time at all. Bike flags attach to the rear axle of the bike to a steel mount and stay there until you remove it. The flag pole is held in place by glue to the mount for added support of the safety flag.


  • Bicycle flag poles break easily.

    Unfortunately, bicycle flag poles are prone to breaking. While the material is durable, the design of the flag pole is a bit flimsy. The resistance caused by cycling makes the material fight against trying to stay straight or lean a certain direction; this causes the material to crack and eventually break.
  • Bicycle safety flags are ugly.

    The orange safety flags are the worst design. The orange safety flags remind me of a construction zone where everything is orange. These are the hideous flags that no one wants to ride around with while bike riding. The design does not win people over, but they are safe, and you can get custom-made flags.
  • Bicycle flags do not do well at high speeds or with strong winds.

    Unfortunately, the material of the flag and the flag pole are not made to withstand higher speeds. If you hit a speed over 20 mph, the wind could damage your flag, and your flag pole can break as well.

Bicycle Safety Flags

To find our best bicycle safety flag, we must first make it through our top five picks for bicycle safety flags. Bicycle safety flags can be different, use different materials, colors, and size options, so let’s have a look!

It is a flag that can span up to 6 feet, is neon orange and is made for cycling. This flag is for bikers who enjoy a night ride, have children with them, or for overall safety. The flag is in a pennant shape and draws attention from motorists to watch for cyclists.

The bike safety flag pole is a sturdy 6 foot long rod that can be attached to any location on your bike depending upon the mounting hardware you buy. The adjustable height is a great feature for small bikes or trailers.

The price point is affordable, it has a bright color to draw attention, and is suitable for normal cycling.

My Rating:


  • Flag is in one piece.
  • Bright color makes it easier to see the cyclist.
  • This flag can also be attached to strollers.
  • The flag is adjustable.


  • The flag pole can break easily.
  • The flag is of cheap material.
  • The flag does not come with mounting hardware.

It is an orange safety flag with a reflective stripe in the middle. The flag has double-sided features for added visibility for any time of the day. The flag pole mounts onto the rear axle.

The flag pole is in two pieces and has a metal mounting bracket. The flag is of durable materials that are eye--catching for motorists to spot the safety flag.

My Rating:


  • Bright orange flag with a reflective stripe.
  • At night this flag is more eye-catching.
  • This flag is adjustable and made to last.
  • The flag is double sided.
  • This flag can fit other devices with a little adaptation.


  • The mounting bracket can bend under the weight of the flag.
  • What the plastic connects to of the two rods is easily broken.
  • The rods tend to fall outwards, away from the bike.

It is an orange safety flag for bike that is about 16” in length. The flag is a three-piece flag and attaches to the rear axle of the bike using a steel mount. The flag pole is a fiberglass pole, and the flag has a tear-resistant material.

This flag is made with high-quality products and can handle faster speeds and winds. It is adaptable to be put on other objects as well, such as motorcycles, wheelchairs, and strollers.

This product has a medium sized flag which is visible from far away. This flag does not contain a reflective stripe, so it is not a right flag for nighttime.

My Rating:


  • This flag is adjustable.
  • This flag is affordable.
  • This flag is adaptable to other wheeling devices.
  • Tear-resistant flag.
  • Usable in high winds and at high speeds.


  • This flag does not contain a reflective stripe.
  • Should not be used at night.
  • The flag curls up.

It is an orange safety flag that comes in a three-piece set. When all the flag pole parts are connected, the flag stands at 6 feet high. This flag will mount to the rear axle on the bike with a steel holder.

The flag is a medium size and can be seen by oncoming traffic and motorists. The material of the flag is tear-resistant, and the flag pole is fiberglass. This flag pole is easy to assemble and install on a bike.

You can also use this flag on strollers, wheelchairs, scooters, and motorized scooters, just adjust the height accordingly. This safety flag is an affordable safety device for the features it offers.

My Rating:


  • The flag is adaptable to any device.
  • The flag has tear-resistant material.
  • The flagpole is durable fiberglass.
  • The flag is big enough for motorists to see.
  • This flag is adjustable in height.


  • The connectors are made of cheap plastic and will break.
  • The flag will pop off if there are too many bumps or the terrain is rough.
  • The flag holder cannot support the weight of the flag and will begin to twist and bend.

It is a neon pink flag, a new color for safety. It is a bright colored, small pennant-style flag that mounts onto a 6-foot pole. The flag is a polyester material and is waterproof.

This colorful pennant is made to stand out and catch attention. Motorists and oncoming riders will see the brightly colored flag and watch carefully. The bracket comes attached to the pole at the bottom, and you cannot remove it.

The height of this flag is not adjustable unless you customize it yourself. The flag is a good length of 8x18 inches.

My Rating:


  • Brightly colored flag to warn oncoming traffic and motorists.
  • The flagpole is very tall.
  • The flag is waterproof and durable.


  • The mounting bracket is flimsy and cheap.
  • The flag pole is not solid and will break.
  • The flag may be too weighted and extended to fly.

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The Importance of Safety

Out of my top five picks, I am going to have to go with the Avenir Safety Flag (Orange) as my best bicycle safety flag pick! This safety flag offers an affordable price point for a safety device and is adaptable for any wheeled device, such as wheelchairs, scooters, strollers, and motorized scooters.

The flag is durable and double-sided for added safety. The reflective strip is on both sides so motorists and cyclists can see you from afar. This flag is a top winner when it comes to safety!

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