What is the Best Mountain Bike Under 600 Dollars? – 2017 (UPDATED)

So far we have discussed about best mountain bike under $500 and best mountain bike under $1000. However, there are more categories of price than these two price tags as you can find on the Internet. Beside $500 and $1000, a mountain bike can also be seen with the price under $600, $400, $300 and $200.

As you may confused with these prices, this review is written to help distinguish mountain bikes under these prices as well as introduce some of the best mountain bikes under $600, under $400, under $300 and under $200.

Best Mountain Bike Under 600 Dollars

After reviewing many mountain bikes within the price range, the best mountain bike under 600 Dollars that we want to introduce to you is:

Or read our short reviews for these bikes:

Type: Full Suspension

This bike is a great bike with reasonable price. In fact, this bike contains all the elements that a good mountain bike needs for off-road riding: dual-suspension for better traction, front and rear disc brakes for better stopping power and the ability to shift gears exactly and effortlessly thanks to the quality of Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes and Suntour triple chainring crank & 8 cog cassette.

Moreover, with a reasonable price, this bike gives people who are in short of money a chance to enjoy the biking experience. In our opinion, this is another worth-buying bike from the Diamondback family. Overall, this bike receives the rating of about 4.5/5 by us.

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Best Mountain Bike Under $200, $300 And $400

That is the introduction of the best mountain bike under 600 Dollars, what about the best mountain bike under $400, $300 and $200? Because these mountain bikes all have the prices under 500 dollars, they all have the benefits of a mountain bike under $500, as mentioned in the previous review.

They are cheap and mainly hardtail, therefore appropriate for entry-level and cross-country bikers. For more information, please reread the post Best mountain bikes under 500 Dollars. To avoid repeating the information, this review will only introduce some of the best mountain bike within these price ranges.

Under $400

One of the best mountain bike under 400 Dollars, in our opinion, is the

Type: Hardtail

This is another Diamondback Mountain Bike which comes to the list of best mountain bikes under 600 Dollars. The Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike has 4 versions of size: Small (16 inches), Medium (18 inches), Large (20 inches) and X-Large (22 inches).

All of these versions are equipped with 27.5” wheel, which allows the bike to be easily navigated over large obstacles on rough terrains. The front suspension helps absorb shocks and reduces force on your arm and body.

With the Shimano 7 speeds rear derailleur, this mountain bike is really easy to shift. This is essential for the off-road mountain biking, in which the difficulty in shifting speeds can cause serious accidents. In additions, the strong frame as well as the sturdy seat and handlebar, seem to make this bike a great bike for the price.

However, this bike still has some problems with the size of its pedals and the condition of not being preassembled. Therefore, you might need to pay a little more money and efforts to have it built at the bike shop if you do not have any experience in doing these stuff.

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Under $300

Regarding the best mountain bike under 300 Dollars, we really should mention the

Type: Full Suspension

This bike is also great bike which comes from Mongoose. With the aluminum frame, this bike is light and looks stylish. More than that, the full suspension improves control and brings up more comfy.

Front & rear disc brakes help guarantee your safety. It also offers 21 speeds with the Shimano rear derailleur. More than that, the 29-inch wheels helps bikers get over obstacles easily and smoothly. This bike can be found with the low price. A great choice among Best Mountain Bikes Under 600 dollars 2015!

Here is my review about this bike.

My Rating:

Under $200

The price range under $200 is the cheapest type of mountain bike you can find in the market. The best mountain bikes under 200 Dollars that we want to introduce in this review is the

Type: Dual Suspension

Despite having the price under $400, this bike has dual-suspension instead of hardtail! This is a big plus for this bike, which explains why this bike is considered really good for the price.

Another big benefit of this bike comes from the easy storage. With the special frame design, this bike can folded and takes up only a small space in your garage.

Besides, this bike has totally 18 speeds to shift among, as well as the wheel size of 26” for lighter weight and better acceleration.With all of the features and benefits above, this bike is a good bike for the casual riders.

My Rating:

best mountain bikes under 600

“Best mountain bike under 600 Dollars” is the keyword you need to search on Google if you have the budget of only $600. Of course, those mountain bikes that you found will include the mountain bike under $500. However, in this review, the best mountain bikes under $600 that we refer to are those which have the prices ranging from $500 to $600.

So what is the main feature of these best mountain bikes under $600 that distinguish them from other cheaper types of mountain bike? In fact, there are a few things that bike producers can do with $100 more.

Things to consider before buying a mountain bike?

Hardtail vs Dual-Suspension​

Full Suspension

The most significant and recognizable thing that mountain bike producers usually do is to include the rear suspension and turn the mountain bike from hardtail to dual-suspension.

This is an important change, especially with those bikers who want to ride on rough terrains but have limited budget. More than that, dual-suspension bike can offer much more pleasant biking experience for the one who owns it. In detailed, dual-suspension bike can help bikers keep balance better as well as reduce fatigue.​

The Brake​

best mountain bikes under 600 things to consider

The Brake

Few other mountain bike producers choose to upgrade the brake. They decide to change from linear pull brake to disc brake for more stopping power thus more safety for the bike owners. That is a really big bang for only $100 more.​

​The Others

In addition to upgrading the shock absorber and the brake, $100 more can be used to improve the quality of frame, gears as well as increase the number of speeds a mountain bike can offer. This is also important, because it will help improve the biking experience and the ability to control speed better.

However, those changes in quality are often difficult to be realized when one only reads the mountain bike advertisement. In fact, it can only be felt after a short period of time, when you have already used and experienced it.​



This is the end of the review. Hopefully, this review will give you a full picture of the mountain bike with different prices along with different features. Of course, you get what you pay for! Therefore, choose wisely between the price and the quality you need. With all the information above, we wish you the best in your buying the most suitable mountain bike.

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