What are the Best Mountain Bike Helmets?– 2017 Edition (UPDATED)

You bought your mountain bike and now you need a helmet. There are so many available on the market that you don’t know which one to choose. All you need to do is read our Best Mountain Bike Helmets Review and find the one that meets your needs perfectly.

In order to purchase the perfect helmet, you need to consider where you plan to ride your bike, and the size of the helmet. What are the safety ratings? Do customers speak favorably of the helmet?

Quick Comparison: Best Mountain Bike Helmets

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Finding the Right Helmet for Your Style of Riding

Mountain biking is a pretty general term, that includes all sorts of riders. You might enjoy downhill racing, or riding long distance, cross-country. Some mountain bike riders like to dirt jump or ride BMX.

It could be, that you just use your bike to ride around the block with your kids. A rider can wear any type of helmet, and feel secure, but certain helmets are made with specific applications in mind.

The Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

The Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

The Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Sizing Your Helmet

The most obvious thing to look at is whether you need the helmet for a child or an adult. It’s important the helmet fit correctly, to prevent injury to the rider if they should fall. To make sure that the helmet is properly fitted, consider the following:

  • The edge of the helmet should sit 1 to 2 inches above the eyebrows.
  • The vee formed by the straps, should rest just below the earlobe.
  • If the rider opens their mouth, the helmet should not slide, but stay snug and secure on the head.

A good test for proper fit, is to grab the helmet with both hands and move it from side to side. The skin on your forehead should wrinkle, as you push the helmet. If it stays smooth, the helmet is too loose.

The Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

The Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

Image credits: Amazon.com

As for unisex helmets, the Best Mountain Bike Helmet Review finds that the Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet and the Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet, both, come in multiple sizes, and are adjustable. That means a secure fit for any size head between 20 inches and 25 inches.


Mountain Bike Helmets Size Chart

Design Features

As it was stated before, any helmet can be used for any application, and a lot of mountain bike riders participate in several types of biking activities. If that is the case, you should consider all of the features of a particular helmet.

Some activities, such as BMX, require special features, but other activities do not. The important things to consider are the following:

  • How much protection does it offer?
    • Is it a full face, half-shell, or hardshell helmet?
  • How does it feel?
    • What is its weight?
    • Does it have good ventilation?
    • Are the straps comfortable?
  • What does it look like?
    1. Consider its color and design.
  • Are there any special features, specific to that helmet?

The Fox Head Helmet

The Bell Sanction Helmet

The Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

How Much is a Mountain Bike Helmet?

Helmets can range in price from 15 dollars to 1000 dollars. The average price of a good helmet is, generally, somewhere between 50 dollars and 200 dollars.

The Fox Hardshell Helmet

The Giros Savant

The Bell Sanction Helmet

My Advice

When buying a mountain bike helmet, be sure to consider the following:

  • The application for which the helmet was designed
  • The size needed to fit properly
  • The price
  • The information found on the Best Mountain Bike Helmets Review

If you are into jumping, trick riding, or extreme, off-road trails, you should purchase The Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet. It has adequate airflow, and a removable liner. At less than 30 dollars, this no-frills helmet is perfect for all applications, except racing.


High Jump Mountain Biking

BMX and Super-D riders need the full-face protection of the Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet. This helmet can be worn by adults, but was designed with Juniors in mind. Make sure you double-check the sizing chart. Adults may want to order the next size up from what is specified as the cheek protection tends to squeeze the face.


BMX Racing

As an all-around helmet, and the definitive choice for racers, The Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet is the best choice. Its lightweight construction, and ergonomic design, help reduce wind resistance, and increase speed. There is no need to worry about neck strain, as you lean over the bike, during a race.



Women should consider ordering the Giro Revel Helmet, which was designed specifically for women. Oftentimes, a ladies head circumference is smaller than a man’s, and the shape of the head also differs. Unisex helmets usually fit both men and women comfortably, but if you are concerned about size or style, the Giro Revel makes a good choice.


Helmet for Women

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Each of these helmets performs well, and offers a great deal for the money involved. No matter your application, or size, you can find the perfect helmet for your needs. Safety is paramount and all of these helmets offer reliable protection for the head. Purchase any of the helmets mentioned in the Best Mountain Bike Helmets Review with confidence!

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