Top 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2022

You must have heard plenty of ways to stay healthy and fit. Various tips to boost up the cardiovascular system whereas, increase the mental ability by adopting a certain lifestyle. Well, all of them do have their importance and due part in achieving the positive results in terms of health and body. However, one of the traditional methods to try is bicycling. Bicycling has been used by the people since hundreds of decades for purposes like traveling, exercising, or merely for a developed habit. Check out our complete guide about the best schwinn mountain bikes.

Moving forward, when we dug up the domain further, we found a better version of the bicycling that is more effective and better at giving results to people who start this exercise. The version is called mountain bicycling. Mountain bikes are modified and improved version with an updated design and better-suited style to enhance their efficacy and performance. They have broader tires, stronger suspension, usually full to build up the stability, advanced and elaborated gear systems to easily move up and down the rough terrains of the mountains, powerful brakes as theseTop 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2018 bikes are made to run on unpaved surfaces, singletracks that are not smooth and straight; The patchy lands are covered with dirt, stones, rocks, roots, sharp thorns, and steep slopes. We have also written a complete guide about the best mountain bikes under 1000.

There are many types of mountain bikes out of which one is a full suspension. The suspension is a system which stabilizes the vehicle and absorbs jerks, shock, and damage. It provides strength to the bicycle to withstand and antagonize the effect of sudden shock or jerks. Bicycles that have suspension both in the front and back tires are full suspension bikes. They provide powerful support and traction to the rider, keeping one of the tires in contact with the ground at all times. Some of the essential parts of a mountain bike are:


The wheels are knobby and wide, specifically designed to stay firm and heavy on the ground. The knobs on the surface of the wheels produce a rough surface that is anti-slip.


Brakes of the mountain bikes are usually strong and powerful and quick in producing action.


The handlebars are static and sturdy to provide support to the upper limb of the rider. They are also manufactured large and heavy.


The seat is usually small and padded as the mountain bike rider does not really focus on sitting.

Different Types Of Mountain Bikes You Should Know About:

The various kinds of mountain bikes are categorized according to their parts, or systems that differ. The difference inTop 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2018 the manufacturing is to isolate the various uses. The distinction in categories is based upon the suspension of the bikes, their main purpose/performance, and newer bicycles that are costly and more efficient.

Bicycles According To Different Suspension System:

Hardtail Mountain Bikes:

The hardtail bicycle has suspension only in the front which is why it reduces the strain on the front body/upper limb of the rider and enhances the grip of the rider on the handlebars. They are cheaper and ideal for everyday use.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes:

These bikes have front and rear shocks for better performance. The full suspension bike is heavy and eliminates the overall upper and lower-body fatigue during riding.

Rigid Mountain Bikes:

These are older versions which are free of suspension systems. Their level of stability is lower than the newer ones but they are still used by some people.

Bicycles According To Their Action:

Downhill Mountain Bikes:

Specifically designed to descend steep slopes, these bikes are solely for the purpose of going down the hill. The bikes have wider tires and rims with powerful disc brakes. The gear is set up to be high for descending the slopes in maximum speed. The enormous stability needed is provided by the full suspension. These are definitely not forTop 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2018 riding up the slope.

Freeride Mountain Bikes:

These bikes are compact with flexibility in their frames so that riders can manage the rides however they want. Their main action is to be ridden freely with jumps and stunts.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes:

They are opted by the people who do stunts in the air. Aerial stunts are the main function of the bike which is why it has hardtail suspension and a single brake.

Newer Mountain Bikes:

These bikes have advanced technologies and parts installed for more complicated functions. These are usually ridden by professional bikes who up their game by purchasing one of these. The names of newer and advanced bikes are:

Cross country bikes that have XC race bikes and XC trail bikes.

Uses Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes:

The major purpose of the mountain bikes is to ride the rough terrains and patchy slopes of the country with ease and stability.

Mountain riding is highly beneficial for people who want to increase their health in relation to heart and immune system.

Mountain cycling is one of the most effective ways to perform low-impact exercise daily. This form of the cardioTop 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2018 enhances fat burn, cuts down calories, and helps in staying fit.

Mountain cycling is better than riding the car as it does not contribute to air pollution.

The full suspension mountain bicycles are used by professionals who practice for their final performances.

Mountain bicycling is a great form and source of adventure for people who want to do dangerous stunts in real life. People practice their stunts using full suspension mountain bicycles.

The mountain bikes are used in action movies by the stuntman to perform stunts.

Advantages Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes: Why Should You Prefer Them?


The efficacy of full suspension mountain bikes in providing the stability during an off-road riding is maximum. They have larger wheels to make the ride easy. These bikes are rugged, powerful, and lightweight to make the riding fatigue-free.

Health Benefits:

Such bikes show a great positive impact on overall health of the rider. As mountain bikes are to be ridden up on rough surfaces, the movement of the limbs of the rider increases blood flow and heart pumping.

Great workout:

Mountain bikes are a great investment for fitness enthusiasts as mountain cycling is a kind of sport that targets the whole body and helps in developing a lean body. Cycling in a natural environment and open air have their own Top 15 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes in 2018benefits on the mind.


They are comparatively affordable as full suspension bikes are a basic yet advanced version of the mountain bicycles. Most people opt for these for obvious reasons such as uncomplicated running, straightforward design, and all-around action.

Mountain bikes have always been in the market and in business due to their increased demand and extensive use. They are upgraded and improved with time to meet the people’s demands for better and faster performance. The basic characteristics remain the same while the technicalities are added to create an advanced and developed piece of equipment. Off-road bicycling is one of the oldest activities adopted by people who didn’t have access to gym or exercise machines.


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension Mountainbike
Standard 1-1/8″ Fork Steerer $$$$ 4.8
2. DiamondBack Catch 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Kenda Havok 27.5×2.8″ tires $$$$ 4.8
3. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike


$$$$ 4.7
4. DiamondBack Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Hand built 4-inch travel 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy $$$$ 4.6
5. DiamondBack Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike
29-inch wide wheels $$$ 4.6
6. Gravity FSX 1.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike
mechanical disc brakes
$$$ 4.5
7. Cyrusher FR100 Folding Full Suspension Mountain Bike
24-speed gear shifter by Shimano $$$ 4.5
8. Gravity FSX 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Quick Release Wheels – Front and Rear $$$ 4.5
9. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
supported by thin rims $$$ 4.4
10. ANCHEER Folding Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike
3-speed smart buttons. LED front light $$$ 4.3
11. Mongoose Status 2.6 Men’s 18 Mountain Bike
21-speeds and Shimano gear shifter $$$ 4.2
12.Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle
3 piece mountain crank $$$ 4.1
13. Titan# 135 Glacier PRO Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike
adding rubber rollers and pad $$$ 4.0
14. Polaris Ranger Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Linear Pull Brakes

$$$ 4.0
15. Head Rise Mountain Bike

 seat and wheels are quick release

$$$ 3.9

1. DiamondBack Release 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle (Top Pick)

The Diamondback release 2 mountain bike is chosen by the brand itself to be one of their best productions. TheDiamondBack Release 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle (Top Pick) manufacturing is top-class with high-tech features that allow you to ride any terrain easily.

Build and Design

The Diamondback release 2 full suspension bike has a sturdy frame that comes assembled by the company. The pre-assembling tremendously helps the user to just fix the wheels and seat and get ready to ride the bike. It is manufactured to glide on smoothly on off roads and rocky areas. The steep down and up hills are no problem for the rider if this bike is ridden, as it is mastered to go fast and steady on steep slopes. The frame is made of a hydroformed alloy that gives strength and the necessary weight to the bike. Moreover, the level link suspension is a new addition which enables the rider to experience unmatched stability during the ride. It keeps the rear wheel firmly planted on the ground whereas, it absorbs all kinds and magnitude of bumps and shocks completely. The 150mm travel of the fork in front soaks up the large hits without creating an impact. The SRAM GX drivetrain is used to provide a wide range of gears as this is bike is stationed to climb and descend with speed.

Comfort and Durability

The durability of the diamondback release 2 is exceptional because of its solid frame and parts. The bike has all the features upgraded and improved in terms of quality to give a new meaning and a better experience for all the users. The powerful, hydraulic brakes are quick to produce action without exerting a backward impact on the rider. It effectively stops the bike on the unpaved tracks. The newly introduced Blanchard tubeless wheels used on the bike are compliant and extremely functional in staying strong on the ground with a powerful grip. Additionally, the handlebars are wide to give enough room for support to the rider.


The solid frame is made up of a strong allow that increases the durability of the bike.

The level link suspension with 150mm fork travel absorbs the hits silently while the bike smoothly glides on the rough terrains without a hitch.

The SRAM DB5 disc brakes are quite powerful in controlling the bike even at high speeds on steep slopes.

The wide handlebars and knobby tires are installed to enhance the stability of the rider and the ride, respectively.


The bike is costly and may not be the first choice of many people.

2. DiamondBack Catch 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The diamondback catch 2 is one-of-its-kind mountain bike that is highly efficient. It is in demand by the people dueDiamondBack Catch 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike to its huge strength and durability that makes the ride comfortable and worthwhile. The built is sturdy and durable to last a longer life for your children to also ride the masterpiece.

Build and Design

The perfect combination of the level link suspension and the 27.5, Blanchard wheels is extremely proficient in providing maximum stability and steadiness to the bike on patchy surfaces, fire roads, and steep slopes. The multiple-gearing system named 11-speed drivetrain is installed to enable the rider to enjoy steep slopes without slipping off. The range of gears helps the bike to climb and descend with control. Moreover, the hydroformed alloy is to give strength to the frame to bear the weight of the rider and stay firm on the ground. The 130 mm travel of the front fork enables the bike to soak up the shock of immense magnitude without transferring it to the rider’s body. The full suspension of the bike is compliant and flexible to also absorb hits and maintain the stability of the tires on the rocky ground at all times.

Comfort and Durability

The oversized, rubbery tires are pitted with knobs all over the surface to increase the gripping power. The handlebars are large and thick for providing better support. The SRAM GUIDE hydraulic brakes are quick, durable and powerful to keep the bike in control of the rider and increase the rider’s dependability.


The frame is sturdy because of the use of a strong alloy with a 130mm front fork.

The disc brakes, tubeless wheels, wider tires, and larger handlebars are included to make the ride comfortable, smooth, and accident-free.

The Blanchard wheels and rims are the main components of the bike which gives balance during the rough ride.

The 11-speed drivetrain along with a gear shifter is crucial for climbing and descending without experiencing a break in the ride.


The bike is expensive and may not be purchased by everyone.

3. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The mountain bike by Addmotor motan is a product of years of experience as the bike itself is perfect in every aspect. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Full Suspension Mountain BikeThe features are exceptionally excellent while the durability is unmatched due to use of a strong material.

Build and Design

This electricity run bike is extremely versatile as it can be ridden on snow, mountain, off-road, rough trails etc. the 48V Panasonic battery is chargeable and can be used to drive the bike for 40-55 miles in a one-time charge. The aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and strong to withstand the weight of up to 350 lbs. along with height ranging from 5’11 to 6’10 easily. This option is super convenient for large riders who don’t get too many options to choose from while purchasing the bike. The installed motor with a power of 750W is highly robust as it drives the hefty and heavy bike with a rider upon it to reach a speed of up to 25MPH on slopes.

Comfort and Durability

The wide tires with pitted knobby surface have a strong and steady grip as they are anti-skid. Moreover, the full suspension on the front fork and rear end ensure to keep the tires on the ground and absorb all kinds of shocks with little to no effect produced.

Additional Features

The LCD display installed is clearly visible at night. It indicates the readings such as mileage and speed at every instant. An additional USB port is very convenient for the users to charge their electric devices during the ride.


An aluminum alloy is used to manufacture the frame which gives a sturdiness to bear 350 lbs. weight of the rider.

The electric bike can be run 40-55 miles when it is charged once. The motor is powerful enough to reach a speed of up to 25MPH.

The unique feature is of the presence of an LCD that shows metric readings. The USB port is a tool of convenience.


The battery of the bike will be needed to get changed once in a while.

The bike is not manual, it can only be driven when adequately charged.

It is quite expensive.

4. DiamondBack Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

When we said diamondback is the champion in manufacturing the supreme-quality mountain bikes, we weren’tDiamondBack Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike joking. The brand is known to supply only the best to its users as this Atroz comp bike has all the necessary features and specifications to be one of the best.

Build and Design

The build of the mountain bike is strong as the frame is constructed using an aluminum alloy that supports the rider on every kind of rugged and rough terrains. The 4-inch travel front shock along with a RockShox Monarch R rear shock actively supports the bike and maintain its grip on the ground. It also deals with the problem of chain slap and eliminates it before its occurrence. Moreover, the 120 mm fork travel adequately absorbs all magnitudes of the shocks and enable the rider to experience a shock and bump-free ride.

Comfort and Durability

The installment of hydraulic brakes ensures to transfer maximum control to the rider during rough rides. The disc brakes are quick and efficient in stopping the bike whenever applied with durability to last years. The wide, 27.5-inch fat tires serve to provide a strong grip on the ground and increase the stability.

Additional Features

The bike comes partially assembled and the rest has to be done by the user. Moreover, it also has a warranty attached to it for which the user has to contact the website.


The sturdy mountain bike is durable and stable due to use of aluminum alloy and wider wheels, respectively. The frame is also lightweight yet strong.

The full suspension in the front and the back prevents chain slap and serves to eliminate the strain impacted on the rider’s upper and lower limb.

The 120 mm front fork soaks up shocks and hits before they make an impact on the body of the rider.

The bike is comparatively cheaper and considerably affordable.

The disc brakes are quick in action to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

It is partially assembled by the company and arrives with a warranty.


No LCD monitor to track the progress of the ride.

5. DiamondBack Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The diamondback recoil 29er is the most chosen bike due to the specifications that make it unique and purchaseDiamondBack Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike worthy. The 29er is proficient and great in enabling the rider to have a smooth, bump-free ride throughout the rough and rocky surface.

Build and Design

The construction is done by using aluminum that serves to make the bike lightweight, sturdy, and stable enough to tackle any obstacle. The 29er is extremely efficient in tackling all kinds of rough terrains that are hard to ride. The bike has 8-speed Shimano drivetrain provides maximum power to the wheels in the quickest time possible. Moreover, the range of gears reaches up to 24, allowing the rider to climb or descend with ease and steadiness throughout. The full suspension at the front and rear is improved to give a comfortable ride as the bike can easily cross over the obstacles, bumps, rocks, muds smoothly.

Comfort and Durability

The 29-inch wheels are oversized and made extra wide to ensure the safety of the rider while on the rough surfaces. The recoil 209er is fitted with disc brakes by Aires which are best in providing their action quick. The strong and powerful brakes ensure the safety as the control is fully given to the rider.

Additional Feature

The bike arrives 85% assembled by the company to minimize the effort of the user and save his/her time.


The aluminum alloy used to manufacture the frame imparts positive features such as increased comfort level and lightweight.

The 29er has 24 gears shifting that gives versatility and liberty to ride the bike on all kinds of slopes with ease.

The mechanical disc brakes are extremely powerful and stop the bike the very instant they are applied.

The bike has 29-inch wide wheels to give maximum steadiness and firm grip.

The full suspension ensures to minimize chain slap and soaks up hits efficiently.

Comes partly assembled to save time and energy of the user.

The bike is extremely cost-effective, and a great product at such a cheap price.


It does not have a kickstand which might cause a problem to some users.

6. Gravity FSX 1.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The FSX 1.0 version of the mountain bike by Gravity is quite evident of its qualities and the amazing deal of multipleGravity FSX 1.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike features it offers. It is extremely durable, tough, and affordable for the users and a fantastic package for all the beginners who want to try their luck with mountain cycling. It gives a smooth ride with longer mileage turnout.

Build and Design

Aesthetically beautiful, the bike has toughness like no other. It is installed with solid mechanical parts that have a long usage-life and low-maintenance. The use of welded aluminum to construct the frame imparts high qualities to the bike, such that it is lightweight yet durable enough to last the whole life. Moreover, the full, adjustable suspension system on the front and the rear are competitive in holding down the bike firmly to the ground and providing the maximum stability. The Shimano gear shifter installed is able to change gears in an instant while the bike slides down or climbs up the slopes.

Comfort and Durability

The strong disc brakes by Tektro Novello are one of the most efficient in the market as they transfer complete control to the rider during the rough ride. Additionally, the wide and quick release wheels enable the rider to experience a comfortable ride, with no heavy bumps and unnecessary jumps. A padded seat along with a foam covered handlebar are added to make the ride easy and more comfortable for the rider.


Durable frame made of aluminum that is welded to make hydroformed tubing to make the bike lightweight and easily transported to anywhere.

It is aesthetically nice.

The 24-speed gear shifter by Shimano quickly changes gear whenever needed.

The mechanical disc brakes are powerful enough to control and stop the bicycle when applied.

The bike has amazing quality full suspension system by Suntour installed to enhance the steadiness.

Assembly is easy and straightforward.

It is extremely affordable and ideal for beginners.


The kickstand is absent which might cause problems while parking the bike.

No LCD monitoring installed to detect mileage and speed.

7. Cyrusher FR100 Folding Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The FR100 by Cyrusher has the ability to outshine any other mountain bicycle due to its useful features. TheCyrusher FR100 Folding Full Suspension Mountain Bike toughness of the bike makes the frame durable and low-maintenance. The probability of complaints regarding rusting of the parts is very low.

Build and Design

The 17-inch tubing frame made of aluminum alloy helps in making the bike lightweight but tough and sturdy. The full suspension in the front and rear enables the rider to achieve high speeds and riding through rough terrains easily. The suspension is powerful enough to make the bike steady even on bumpy surfaces covered with sand, rocks, mud, or slopes. The 24-speed shifter by Shimano smoothly changes the gear whenever needed silently, to keep the ride going without any hitch.

Comfort and Durability

The disc brakes by Shimano are powerful and competitive in maintaining the balance and giving full manual control to the rider during tough riding. The ability of the brakes to stop the bike instantly are extremely beneficial and safe during mountain cycling. Moreover, fat tires are covered with knobs to enhance the gripping action of the surface while increasing the steadiness.

Additional Feature

The bike has a very convenient feature of being able to get folded and kept anywhere. The size reduces to half after folding which then can be transported to different places in the car. Withal, the bike arrives 90% assembled which saves time, energy, and effort of the user.


Solid mountain bike constructed with an aluminum alloy to increase the durability and decrease the weight.

The disc brakes and 24-speed gear shifter by Shimano are very helpful in regulating the safety of the bike.

The full suspension imparts balance and stability to the mountain bike.

Wide tires for smooth riding upon any type of ground.

The unique feature is of the foldable structure. It aids in transport.

The kickstand is included.

The bike is affordable and cheaper than others with similar features.


No LCD monitor present to display metric readings.

8. Gravity FSX 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The company Gravity is famous for manufacturing premium-quality mountain bikes that last longer than others andGravity FSX 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike have great mileage turnout. The FSX 2.0 bike by Gravity can go up to full speed in minutes and still be able to give one of the smoothest rides to the rider. It cruises over sand, mud, stones, rocks, roots, and whatnot with ease and flow. The rider does not experience any bumps or occasional jumps that might kill the mood of the rider.

Build and Design

The aluminum frame is sturdy and lightweight. It makes the tubing tough and durable enough to last many decades. The front fork is of Suntour which is also long travel and absorbs bumps and shocks like no other. The front shocks are adjustable whereas, the adjustable suspension at the front and the back is also highly effective in balancing the bike. The 24-speed gear shifter allows the rider to reach maximum speed during up and down slopes with complete control. The Shimano drivetrain provides utmost strength and power to the bike to reach full speed and make the pedaling easy.

Comfort and Durability

The quick release wheels are installed for the user’s convenience as it does not require special tools to remove the wheels when needed to. The Tektro Novello disc brakes are powerful and damage-free. Moreover, the saddle is comfortable and safe for everyone. The pedals are oversized and comfortable for longer duration rides.


The bike has an advanced aluminum constructed frame that has sturdiness like no other bike.

The 24-speed shifter and the suspension are extremely reliable and long-lasting.

The quick release wheels are convenient and quick to be removed.

All in all, it is a great-quality bike in a bargain.

The gravity FSX 2.0 is a low-maintenance bike with easily removable parts.


Assembly is required which might take time and effort of the user.

No kickstand installed on the bike.

No LCD monitor is installed to calculate the speed and mileage.

9. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Schwinn company is an established company that manufactures top-quality, durable bicycles, stationary bikes,Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike and other gym equipment. If you’re looking to invest in a great bike that will provide service for as long as you require, then protocol 1.0 by Schwinn is the one. It is improved and upgraded to increase the benefits for the riders.

Build and Design

The front fork of the suspension is authentic, tough, and durable and enables the bike to be responsive and give a bump-free ride. The balance and stability of the bike due to shocks and dual-suspension are unmatchable. Moreover, the aluminum frame further enhances the strength and sturdiness to prevent damage and resist accidents. The 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire gear shifter is competitive and highly efficient in changing the gears smoothly on the rough trails and steep slopes.

Comfort and Durability

The Promax disc brakes are extremely responsive and stop the bike within seconds. This quality ensures the safety of the rider. Additionally, the bike is low-maintenance as the parts are solid and durable, and do not require repair much often. The lightweight rims support the oversized, 26-inch wheels to increase the grasping action and magnify the safety. The rubber rollers on the handlebars are comfortable and enhance the grip of the rider even when the palms are sweaty.

Additional Feature

The bike comes with a yearlong warranty on parts.


The 24-speed Shimano gear shift enables the rider to climb the hills and glide down the hill easily.

The aluminum tubing makes the frame lightweight but tough enough to last a whole life.

The front disc brakes are quickly activated when applied, the safety of the rider is guarded.

The maintenance of the bicycle is low, which is convenient for the users in the long run.

The wheels are knobby and supported by thin rims for better performance.

The bike has astounding features at an affordable price.


It does not have a kickstand.

It cannot be folded to half its size, thus transportation can be difficult.

10. ANCHEER Folding Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The ANCHEER electric bicycle is kept in the superior-quality, exclusive areas in the market due to its worth. TheANCHEER Folding Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike bike is high-tech but easily manageable. All the people who bought this model were delighted and are still using this. If you want to up your mountain cycling game, then this bike should be your first and ultimate choice.

Build and Design

The aluminum constructed frame of the bike has made it lightweight, foldable, and easy-to-transport. Furthermore, the anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint applied on the aluminum is durable and prevents all kinds of damage for a lifetime. The carbon steel front fork has long travel to soak up every shock and bump and spare your upper limbs from doing so. The ebike is run by an 8V lithium battery that charges in 4-6 hours but gives a spectacular turnout at the end ranging from 25km to 50 km in one charge. The multi-functional bike has two modes, electric and manual. The modes can be chosen by the rider by one click.

Comfort and Durability

The bike has strong climbing ability due to 21-speed Shimano shifter that makes the cruising on slopes a game. The front and rear disc brakes facilitate the safety of the rider to the maximum. Moreover, the 26-inch fat tires are made up of anti-slip material that remains balanced and provides immense stability during rain, snow, and storms.

Additional Features

The LED light and horn are installed to aid the rider during night cruising.


The painted aluminum frame is tough and durable.

The 21-speed Shimano shifter gives a smooth ride over slopes.

Powerful lithium battery gives a mileage of up to 25km to 50km in one charge.

The bike has dual-modes one click away for the rider.

The powerful disc brakes are quick in action.

The folding ability of the bike comes in handy while traveling to long distances.

It has front LED light and horn for emergencies.

It is relatively cheaper than other models having same features.


The electric bike might need occasional maintenance from time to time.

11. Mongoose Status 2.6 Men’s 18 Mountain Bike

The mongoose status 2.6 mountain bike has been able to catch everyone’s attention since its launch. The bike is a Mongoose Status 2.6 Men’s 18 Mountain Bikeproduct of pure excellence mixed with reliable features that provide convenience to the users. The price for the bike seems too less if the quality and versatility are considered, making it one of the best in the market.

Build and Design

The bike is strengthened by the use of aluminum to manufacture the frame that allows it to be one of the toughest yet lightweight and easily manageable. The bike is sturdy and compact which is why it can be transported easily. Moreover, the paint over the frame is damage resistant to all kinds of corrosives, water, and rust. The longer travel of the front fork soaks up shocks and bumps instantly and prevent the rider’s shoulders and arms to feel the jerk. The Shimano gear shifter is very efficient in controlling the bike during climbing up or soaring down the slopes.

Comfort and Durability

The disc brakes in the front and at the back are powerful enough to halt the bike on any kind of ground with rocks, mud, rocks, or in rain. The rims made of an alloy are also light in weight and hold the wheels firmly. The front wheel is quick release along with being wider and knobbier to enhance the stability of the bicycle on uneven grounds.


The design and structure of the bicycle are straightforward and easy-to-manage.

The bicycle is lighter in weight due to an aluminum frame which imparts toughness.

The status 2.6 has outstanding specifications and features, with 21-speeds and Shimano gear shifter to reach maximum speed on slopes.

The brakes are installed in the front and rear to maximize the safety of the rider.

The long travel suspension fork on the front wheel keeps the wheels firmly on the ground no matter how bad the condition gets.

The bicycle is cost-effective and easily available.


It does not have a foldable structure.

It does not have any LCD monitor to indicate readings.

The front light is absent along with a horn.

12. Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

If you’re a girl and in search of a perfect bicycle that will suit your lifestyle, then Mongoose girl’s maxim must be the Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicyclechoice. It is manufactured considering the physique of girls and caters to every demand of the users. The bicycle offers durability, versatility, solidness to minimize the complaints and mishaps.

Build and Design

The bicycle is high in demand due to the surprisingly low price and amazing features. It has an aluminum frame that gives top-quality strength to the bicycle and increases its usage-life. The lightweight of the bicycle comes in handy for girls as they can stow it to anywhere without a problem. The long travel full suspension takes care of the bumps and jerks, preventing them to be transferred to the rider. The SRAM twist shifters make it easy for the rider to climb or descend all the slopes, be it steep of shallow. The 3-piece crank drives the bicycle powerfully and minimizes the load.

Comfort and Durability

The mechanical disc brakes are the most efficient ones as they are quick in producing the action and halting the bike instantly. This ensures the safety and allows the rider to ride the bicycle freely without fretting for possible accidents. The alloy rims are very low in weight and do not add much to the overall weight of the bike. The fat tires studded with knobs are to enhance the stability.


The bike is durable and versatile, enables the rider to enjoy maximum speeds without the danger of an accident.

The bicycle has an aluminum-made frame that is strong and solid.

The 3-piece crank is powerful to drive the bicycle easily and lifting off the load from the rider.

The front fork has long travel to prevent the rider’s body to absorb shocks and bumps.

The tires have tiny knobs on the surface to enhance the grip.

It is extremely affordable for everyone.


It cannot be folded and transported in the car.

It does not have a front LED light for better night vision.

13. Titan# 135 Glacier PRO Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Titan# 135 Glacier full suspension bike is one of the most powerful bikes. It has a tough structure that also offersTitan# 135 Glacier PRO Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike comfort to the riders. The ability of the bike to glide smoothly on the rough terrains is remarkable, making it people’s favorite bike to choose.

Build and Design

The structure of the mountain bike is made especially to allow the rider to have a comfortable ride. The tough frame is made of steel that has undeniable strength and durability. The blue colored paint on the frame is resistant to rust and water damage. Moreover, the front and back shocks installed are extremely efficient in minimizing the effect of jumps and bumps on the rider’s body. The 21-speed gear system designed by Shimano gives versatility to the rider as the bike is able to climb and descend any kind of slope without a problem. The handlebar, rims, seat post, and crank are made of an alloy that makes all the parts lightweight and so easy-to-manage. The seat is quick release for repairing process.

Comfort and Durability

The highly powerful braking system installed in the front and the back takes care of the safety of the rider. This feature is useful as it produces a sense of confidence in the rider for his/her safety and steadiness while riding the Rocky Mountains. The seat is comfortably padded whereas the handlebars are covered with rubber rollers to increase the grip of the rider.

Additional Feature

The bike is aesthetically nice as it is colored blue.


The steel frame is long lasting and tough like no other.

The 21-speed gear shifter enables the rider to reach different speeds whenever wanted.

The bike has solid brakes to ensure the ride to be accident-free.

The handlebars and seat are made extra comfortable by adding rubber rollers and pad, respectively.

It has a kickstand for easy storage.

The bike is remarkably affordable.


It cannot be folded so transportation in any kind of vehicle seems difficult.

No LCD monitor to display mileage and speed.

14. Polaris Ranger Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If the name of the bike starts with Polaris Ranger, no further introduction is required as everybody is aware of the Polaris Ranger Full Suspension Mountain Bikelevel of the competency the company has. They are masters of creating efficient, durable, and extremely comfortable bikes that not only enables the rider to enjoy a smooth ride on bumpy grounds but also keep them safe.

Build and Design

The sturdy frame and the performance geometry makes the bike unique and one-of-its-kind. The aluminum frame not only provides strength but also makes the whole of the bike very lightweight. The front suspension fork has 17” travel which is considered to be high in terms of performance. It is quick to absorb all types of shocks completely, without transferring any jerk to the rider’s body. The Shimano Tourney drivetrain is powerful and generates enough energy to drive the cycle on steepest of the slopes easily.

Comfort and Durability

The linear pull brakes of the bike are robust. They halt the bike the instant they are applied, to make sure of an accident-free ride every time. The 24 inch wheels are wide and ideal for mountain cycling. The wheels are held with aluminum rims that don’t have much weight but supports the wheels strongly. Moreover, the seat is padded and relatively larger than the standard to boost up the comfort level of the bike.

Additional Feature

The kickstand is present in the bike for easy storage and stand-by.


The frame of the bike is sturdy and heavy.

The linear braking system is tough and controlling. It transfers full control to the rider.

The front suspension fork has a long travel to soak up the high magnitude shocks.

The seat is big and comfortable for longer rides.

The aluminum rims holding up the wide wheels are perfect for rough and bumpy grounds.

It includes a kickstand.

The bike is moderately affordable.


It does not have a foldable frame.

The bike does not include horn and front light.

It does not have a digital LCD to indicate mileage and speed.

15. Head Rise Mountain Bike

The mountain bike by Head Rise has magnificent performance and the toughest structure. All the parts attached areHead Rise Mountain Bike of premium-quality that work together to form a competent mountain bike. The durability and versatility of the head rise are exceptional. The ride of the bike is smooth and effortless for the rider as it does not demand vigorous activity by the rider. The fatigue-free ride of the bicycle is the feature chosen by the riders the most.

Build and Design

The build of the bike is solid as it is constructed using aluminum. Aluminum has a durable strength and lightweight to facilitate the transportation of the bike. The aluminum suspension fork is longer travel to absorb shocks and jerks the instant they are encountered to relieve the rider from feeling anything. The Shimano trigger shifter is extremely powerful and robust and provides maximum strength to drive the bicycle on rough terrains.

Comfort and Durability

The Promax V-brakes that are also made of aluminum are exceptionally solid and stops the bicycle even on declining slopes instantly. The aluminum handlebars are lightweight and covered with foam for comfortable gripping whereas the quick release seat is padded. The 29-inch wheels have a wider diameter to increase the stability on the rocky mountain ground. The wheels are also quick release for repairing and changing.

Additional Feature

Aluminum kickstand is included.


The aluminum frame, handlebars, kickstand, rims, and suspension fork are extremely sturdy and reliable. They are durable and do not need maintenance often.

The front fork has an excellent shock absorbent capacity.

The aluminum brakes by Promax are robust and powerful enough to halt the bike immediately.

The Shimano drivetrain is versatile and runs the bike smoothly over every ground.

The kickstand is also made of aluminum for better strength.

The seat and wheels are quick release for easy repairing.

It is cost-effective and easily available.


The frame cannot be folded.

No front light and horn installed in the frame.

No LCD display to monitor the progress of the ride.