Top 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guide

Top 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2020 – Ultimate Guide

The biking industry has boomed in the last couple of years. The manufacturers have always been looking forward toTop 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guide launching new models based on the increasingly nuanced styles. The electric mountain bikes are one of the new additions to that repository.

The e-bike movement has been enjoying a massive popularity boom of late. When bikers are preferring to have a little pedal assistance to everywhere, from the daily commute to cruising through city streets, why not have it too while conquering the mountain trails? You know, just for fun? We have also written a complete guide about the best full suspension mountain bikes.

Some serious bikers may hate ‘cheating’ but a large number of mountain bikers have embraced the e-version. Love them or loathe them but electric mountain bikes are here to stay! Check out our complete guide about the best schwinn mountain bikes.

Types of Electric Mountain Bikes

If you can swallow the pride of taking the assistance from an electric motor, you will discover that e-mountain bikes are much more fun than the standard MTBs. When a high-performance MTB gets additional mechanical support and power, it can attack the trails faster and harder. You can also add more rounds to your ride without feeling exhausted.

There are a couple of versions of e-bikes – hybrid, commuter & leisure, road bike, and MTB. The e-MTBs are available in mainly two types:

HardtailsTop 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guide

The hardtail electric mountain bikes are better suited for light trails. Less expensive than the full-suspension models, they are available in various wheel sizes and a range of front fork travel. If you want to tackle the bumpy grounds or muddy tracks in the local woods during the weekends, the hardtail e-bikes should be your choice.

Full Suspension

The dual suspension models are pricier than their hardtail counterparts, but they are more compatible with various types of trails. Available in a broad range of wheel sizes, fork and shock travel, and frame geometries, they are better for riding rough, hostile tracks.

Advantages of Electric Mountain Bikes

The e-MTBs have some unique perks that you will certainly appreciate if you love e-biking. Some of their benefits are:

Great for beginners – With an e-MTB, you can build your confidence on the trails at your own pace. The extra power will help you get over hurdles on the tracks while you will get time to devise your own approach to tackle certain obstacles. It will also give you strength and confidence to conquer harsh conditions such as rainy days and wet trails.

Exercise at your own pace – Many people do mountain biking to stay fit and healthy. But, the regular bikes are simply too much for many people because handling them requires sheer strength and skill to be handled. But, you can choose the level of assistance you get from an e-MTB. A high power output is the best choice when yTop 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guideou are a newbie and then you can gradually move to the lower power output modes that need more physical drills.

Take more rides – The e-bikes are a blessing for people who have a busy schedule. Even if you can manage one hour of free time each day, it won’t take many days to cover all of your local trails. With a regular MTB, you will have to spend more time panting and less time climbing the trails.

Recovery from injury will be faster – Injury and biking go hand in hand. When you are hurt, you cannot ride a regular MTB although biking can actually help your body to gain the fitness. An e-bike can be your best companion to your fitness-regain journey. As you can choose the assistance level, it will be easy to keep up with your trail mates without pushing yourself too hard.

Get the feeling of a regular MTB – Over time, the manufacturers have done a lot of improvements to the design and dimensions of the e-MTBs. Now, their geometry feels as good as the regular mountain bikes.

Do the e-bikes don’t have any downside? Well, they do but it’s nothing of a deal-breaker. Well, the only real issue could be forgetting to plug in and charge the bike. The bulkiness could be another issue but the extra weight actually helps when going downhill. The maintenance is not much of a hassle too, as it does not require any extra care than a regular MTB.

The Characteristics of Best-Quality Electric Mountain Bikes

With the growing popularity of the electronic version of mountain bikes, new brands are entering into competition. The familiar terms in MTB jargon like Shimano, SRAM, and Fox have been introduced in building high-quality e-bike mechanisms.

In fact, the manufacturers have already proven that what makes an e-MTB outstanding is not that much different to a regular MTB. Sure, there are slight differences in performance due to e-MTB’s heavier frame but both types share almost similar basics covering geometry, sizing, and balance. Also, the power-supplying motor comes into theTop 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guide forefront instead of the suspension in these bikes.

Let’s discuss the aspects that keep an electric mountain bike ahead of others:

Build & Controls

Most modern e-MTBs have small motor units, powerful battery packs, and a strong frame design. The ones with the pedal-assist motor are built around the bottom bracket and offer a range of pedaling support straight into the drivetrain.

The stability and agility of an e-bike depend on the wheels but what matters the most is the chainstays. The longer the chainstays the better the stability of the structure. The slacker head angles are also crucial to have better control on the steering when bombing along at high speeds.

Another important element is the primary user interface or the controls. It should be user-friendly so that the rider can navigate the features easily. A straightforward control panel should not include anything more than a small, digital display with clear readings, ergonomic thumb shifters, and a charging connection. In fact, a thumb shifter is even better than electronic buttons, although some riders may disagree.

The unit system is likely to have several options to choose various levels of pedal assistance, which is between 25% and 100% of the pedaling input of the rider. The drive system is most likely to have a smartphone app with features to control various settings including setting up the engine’s support settings, modifying the controls according to the rider’s preference, monitoring the health and charge status of the battery, and more functions.


The electric motor is what keeps an e-bike running. It transfers power to the drivetrain to provide support to the rider’s pedal strokes. Based on the quality of the bikes, the motor will provide three, four, and even five levels of Top 15 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2018 - Ultimate Guidepedal-support modes. There is also a walk-assist setting that helps when you need to push the bike uphill.

A good-quality e-bile will have a robust, responsive motor that will start instantly and cruise through the trails with consistent power and smooth shifting.

The downhill performance mostly decides the quality of an e-MTB. A good-quality bike should be able to bomb down the hill everywhere – from fast open trails to low-speed, tight technical terrain. It should be nimble but still manages to give confidence and stability during speedy rides.

The climbing performance also matters although going uphill with an e-bike is easier than a regular MTB. You can boss the uphill terrain because these bikes bring some serious speed when climbing. Despite the faster speed, handling them is much easier because the plus-sized tires and hefty weight keep them planed on the ground.

Other Features

Almost all the high-quality electric mountain bikes cover the same distance on a single charge. However, the distance range depends on several variables including the trail conditions, rider’s weight, pedaling weight, and a few more factors. There could be more smart features in an e-bike depending on the make and model.

If you are one of those riders who has embraced the use of new technology in mountain biking, here are 15 e-MTBs that piqued our interest.


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Cyrusher XF800 Fat Tire Electric Bike

non-slip heel cup

$$$$ 4.8
2. Addmotor HITHOT H1 Electric Bike
 Fit For 5’6″-6’6 $$$$ 4.8
3. Bpm Imports BAFANG Motor Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

5 modes of pedal assistance

$$$$ 4.7
4. Cyrusher XF660 Fat Tire Bike (500W)
battery is waterproof and removable $$$$ 4.6
5. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike
Anti-slip resistant tires $$$ 4.6
6. Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike
21-speed shifters $$$$ 4.5
7. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike
up to 15 mph $$$$ 4.5
8. ANCHEER Newest Electric Mountain Bike
Aluminum alloy frame $$ 4.5
9. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike
Max Speed:20 Mph $$$ 4.4
10.DJ Bikes DJ Mountain Bike 500W
Strong suspension fork $$$$ 4.3
11. Sheepfun Electric Folding Mountain Bike
fast charging only 4-6 hours $$$ 4.2
12.Tomasar Power Electric Bike
2 Working Mode $$$ 4.1
13. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike
Battery offers 30 to 35km of trip distance $$$ 4.0
14. NAKTO 26″ Cruiser Fat Electric Bicycle

With 360 Degree LED Spot Front Light

$$$ 4.0
15. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 26″

26 inch magnesium alloy

$$$ 3.

1. Cyrusher XF800 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat bikes are the go-to machine in the world of mountain biking. It adds spice to the fat biking experience if it’s anCyrusher XF800 Fat Tire Electric Bike e-fat bike. The Cyrusher XF800 is an impressive e-fat bike that is equipped with top-notch features. With a bombproof build and discreetly housed battery, the XF800 provides all-day action. It can take absolute beatings uphill or down with the beefed-up components.

Build & Controls

The XF800 boasts of a top-grade aluminum alloy frame fitted with a full-suspension rear and fork. There are Shimano 7-shifter freewheeler set and large wheels with wide tires.

The control panel offers options for monitoring the mileage and regulate the speed. The 5-inch LCD screen offers clear readings of the speed, charge level, and trip distance.


The XF800 comes with a high-powered motor (1000W and 48V) that works on three levels – Twisting Throttle to get the electric power at the full force, Pedal Assist, and completely Turn Off the power. The 7-speed Shimano shifter is great for experimenting at various speeds while the dual-suspension, wider tires, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure a bump-free smooth ride.

You can take it to anywhere you like as the bike is perfect for exploring wild trails, discovering the nooks of city streets, and daily commute. The motor produces no noise, so there is no way to disrupt the tranquility of natural trails. The more than 4-inch wide fat tires will roll over even on snowy and sandy tracks. The width of the tires and the full-suspension design will cushion the paths for you and help to cruise through the climbs and bomb down the descents.

Other Features

The 13amh battery is nestled at the down tube frame on a battery bracket, which you can remove quickly if required. The battery is powerful enough to provide life juice to the bike for a long distance. The trip distance is 25 miles in full electric mode and 50 miles on the assist pedal. The battery comes with a 48V 2.0A charger and it survives more than 500 times of recharge cycles.

The bike has a USB charger port that you can use for charging your phone and other electronic devices. However, they will draw power from the battery, so it will affect the trip distance.


  • Top-notch components and frame
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Dual suspension
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Fat tires provide excellent buffering and traction


  • Heavyweight body is inconvenient for lifting

2. Addmotor HITHOT H1 Electric Bike

The HITHOT H1 from Addmotor is the second bike in this list. It is cheaper than the Cyrusher XF800 because its Addmotor HITHOT H1 Electric Bikemotor and battery are less powerful but the bike, in no way, lacks in quality. Considering the price and quality of the components, Addmotor has done an amazing job. Riding this bike is fun and playful, and it will match the expectations of every budget shopper.

Build & Controls

The building quality of the HITHOT H1 is top-notch. All the parts are welded together perfectly and the geometry is excellent, so you won’t feel any rattling while riding. Despite the light 6016 aluminum frame, the bike weighs a whopping 56 pounds. However, the sleek body frame offers less air resistance, helping it to go faster.

The H1 is suitable for adult riders with a huge build. People weighing 300 lbs with a 6.6-foot height can easily ride this bike.

There is a 5-inch large LCD screen for showing the vital information such as speed levels, trip distance, and remaining battery charge.


The bike’s components including brakes, shocks, steering, saddle, and grips are not top-grade, which is understandable because it’s not a high-priced model. However, the generic parts get their job done. You cannot use it for jumping 100-foot descents but only a few bikes can compete it on light trails.

You can enjoy the full power of the 500W motor with the available 6 pedal-assist options. Setting it at the level 2 or 3 will keep everything rightly balanced, as you will get just the right amount of help without getting too comfy or requiring to work too hard. The motor works in silence, allowing you to concentrate on the trail.

The double suspension design featuring SR Suntour XCT 100mm travel fork, Shimano Pro 7-speed Freewheel, and the Kenda tires allow you to kick in your ride smoothly. The torque and speed will blow you away while the TEKTRO disc brake lever stops it within a moment’s notice.

Other Features

The 10.4ah lit-ion battery will run for 60 miles at the level 1 assist. You can remove it easily for charging. There is also a USB charging port for small electronics.


  • Powerful motor and long-lasting battery
  • Shimano Pro 7-gear shifters
  • 5 pedal-assist levels are available


  • Most components are generic
  • Weighs heavy

Bpm Imports BAFANG Motor Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

With a powerful motor, good battery, and several assist modes, the BAFANG fat tire bike from Bpm Imports is theBpm Imports BAFANG Motor Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike ultimate power-assisted rig that is more than just an electric dream. At less than $2,000, the machine is the answer if you still don’t have the skill to ride a regular MTB.

Build & Controls

Made with strong aluminum alloy frame, the BAFANG features a 750W motor, a 10.4ah Li-ion battery, the bike is built to perform on every kind of tracks. It is delivered almost 90% assembled as you have to install the front wheel, handlebars, saddle, and pedals. So, there’s nothing to worry even if you have little knowledge about a bike’s assembly.

The LCD screen provides crucial information about battery charge, trip distance, and a few other things.


The motor is powerful enough to allow you to hit up to 35kmh on a 10.4ah battery that stays alive for 50km. With the fat Kenda tires and suspension fork, the bike does not need any pedal assistance to smoothly roll on even surfaces. The PAS provides five levels of assistance and even the first level is quite powerful. The fifth level will just blow you away with speed and torque and there is no way that you can pedal fast enough to meet any resistance.

The 7-speed Shimano shifters provide a smooth transition from one gear to another and allow the riders to boss the trails with various speeds. The Tektro disc brakes do well in stopping the bike immediately after pressing the brakes.

Other Features

The Li-ion battery lasts for a long time. You can ride the bike for 50 to 70 km (depending on the PAS level you choose) on a single charge, and it takes 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged.

The bike comes with a front light installed, so there is no problem riding in the dark.


  • 750W powerful motor
  • 5 modes of pedal assistance
  • Battery lasts for 50 to 70 km
  • Aluminum alloy frame


  • Saddle and handlebars ae generic

4. Cyrusher XF660 Fat Tire Bike (500W)

The Cyrusher XF660 fat tire bike will make you addictive to ride with its thrilling features. It is an absolute joy toCyrusher XF660 Fat Tire Bike (500W) ride on everywhere – from city streets to forest tracks. Also, it will perform great on sand and snow due to the fat tires. It is certainly a brute and is meant for dominating the roads because of the clever engineering.

Build & Controls

Made of 6061 aluminum frame and fork, the bike is quite strong and can endure the abuse of harsh conditions. It can support up to 360 lbs weight. So, the bike can accommodate riders with various weights and heights.

The XF660 has an LCD screen but it only displays the remaining charge of the battery.


The bike, with a front suspension fork, 500W motor, and 48V battery, allows the rider to experience not only cruising but effortless cruising. The lockout suspension is great for snow biking, which gets the right assistance from the 26-inch specialized wheel rims, 4-inch tires, and the Shimano 7-speed freewheel.

There are three modes in the PAS – Twists Throttle, Power Assisted, and Pedal Only. With the 7-speed shifters, you can crank the bike at various speeds on road, sand, and snow. The mechanical dual disc brakes allow for a flawless stop.

Other Features

The 10.4ah li-ion battery is waterproof and allows you to cover a distance of 30 to 40 miles at 25mph on full electric power. It is removable and is strong enough to survive more than 500 recharge cycles.

The saddle is adjustable, which is a good thing as you can fix it for a comfortable ride irrespective of your height. The bike also has a front light and a bell that will keep you safe on the trail, especially at night.


  • Compatible with snowy and sandy trails
  • 7-speed Shimano shifters
  • The wide tires are built for tough terrain
  • Bell and front light for extra safety
  • The battery is waterproof and removable


  • The screen does not display much information
  • Motor power is average

5. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Pedaling all the way is not an option when you are climbing steep trails. An e-bike is a solution, and the foldingANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike e-MTB from Ancheer does more than just helping you conquering precipitous hills. It is also excellent for an enjoyable workout as you can tune it up for light to extreme sessions. Overall, it’s a good electric mountain bike at a pocket-friendly cost.

Build & Controls

The bike is extremely strong without being too bulky – thanks to the carbon steel fork and industry-standard aluminum alloy frame and handlebars. The metals can take heavy beatings, making it ideal for rough trails.

The geometry of the bike is carefully engineered to ensure the best comfort for the rider. The seat is cozy and you can adjust both the seat and the RST front fork for further comfort.

It is a foldable bike, so you can carry it around if needed and squeeze into a small storage. However, the lack of holding clasp could be a safety concern during transportation.


With a 250W motor and 36V/8ah battery, the Ancheer folding bike is not as powerful as some other models in this list. However, you can still enjoy the thrill of mountain biking with two working modes, e-bike and assisted, and 21-gear Shimano shifters.

The motor kicks in after pedaling for a few seconds and it does not halt at the moment you stop pedaling, which is a bit dangerous because the brakes may not work properly due to the added acceleration from the motor.

You can ditch the pedal assistance altogether and use it as a normal mountain bike on even roads and downhill. The 26-inch magnesium alloy wheels, anti-slip resistant tires, and front and rear mechanical disc brakes will keep everything under control even if it’s a rainy day or snowy evening.

Other Features

The battery will keep running for 25km on the e-bike mode and 50km on the assisted mode. You can remove it for charging and when want to use the bike without the motor power. The 4 to 6 hours of charging time is a bit disappointing, though.

The retro style LED lamp and electric horn not only look beautiful but are also crucial to ensure the rider’s safety.


  • A strong, carefully designed bike
  • Foldable
  • Anti-slip resistant tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes


  • No holding clasp
  • Longer charging time
  • The instruction manual does not have much information

6. Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike

Of all the Cyrusher models listed here, the XF700 is the least powerful in terms of motor power and battery capacity.Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike However, it’s a folding bike, so it’s better to compare it with the Ancheer folding model listed above. Both the models are almost similar but the XF700 has slightly more battery capacity and is more expensive.

Build & Controls

The XF700 boasts of a high-quality frame made of top-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, which is complemented well by the crown oil spring lockout fork.

The 250W motor and the 36V battery is built into a frame that also includes 26 inches wheels, anti-slip power-off brake, and Shimano 21-speed shifters. An integrated LCD screen shows power, speed, battery charge, and a few other statistics. It is suitable for adults as it can carry up to 360 lbs weight. However, the bike itself is almost 51 pounds, so keep that in mind.

The bike is foldable. So, you can transport it anywhere – to a camping trip, picnic, sightseeing, or any place you want.


The adjustable front shock offers smooth cushioning and buffers the jerks when cycling on uneven surfaces. However, the rear shock is rigid and hard to move. The Shimano 21-gear shifters will allow you to enjoy great speed with a maximum of 20mph. But, it would be better to have at least 24 gears at that speed, because you will feel almost no resistance when cycling at the max speed in the highest gear.

The full-suspension style is further enhanced by the highly-responsive throttle. You can just twist it and go! It saves your energy when you have to restart the bike after getting stuck in a traffic.

There are three working modes and given to the road conditions and your physical ability, you can choose between twist throttle, power-assisted, and pedal only options.

Other Features

The 10.4ah battery is hidden inside the frame but you can remove it easily whenever needed. The battery requires 4 to 6 hours for getting fully charged. The cycle also comes with a rear carrier rack and a highly comfortable saddle. The kickstand is standard but it may bend under repeated use.


  • Stylish look with hidden battery case
  • Highly responsive throttle
  • Three working modes
  • 21-speed shifters


  • The bike is heavy to move around freely
  • Kickstand may bend after using a couple of times
  • The rear shock is stiff

7. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

The Power Plus CX1 is a different animal than the Cyrusher bikes, and not just because of its thinner tires but forCyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike having a slicker, faster geometry. Just like the Ancheer folding bike, it is easier to ride without electric assistance. The bike is stylish, comfortable, and nothing about it says ‘cheap’ except for the price tag.

Build & Controls

The stylish bike is designed after the latest trend in mountain bike frame design. The bright silver finish is beautiful to look at. The quick release front wheel and battery makes it easier to store at a suitable place.

With a 19-inch steel frame, 250W brushless motor, 36V Li-ion battery, 21-speed Shimano gears, front suspension, and 26 inches Kenda tires, the bike is more than perfect for cranking up and down the trails.

The bike is suitable for riders aged 14 or more and who are not taller more than 5ft 4.


You can explore the pleasure of mountain biking with the three levels of pedal assistance – High, Medium, and Low – and you can select them from the handlebar controls. The 21-speed Shimano shifters will help you to dominate various trails but it would be better to have 24 gears because it’s hard to keep up with the pedaling at the 15mph maximum speed.

Going uphill is a cinch with this bike if you choose an assisted riding mode. However, don’t go downhill at a high speed because the bike does not feel really stable.

Other Features

The Li-ion battery is fully sealed inside a case, so don’t need to postpone your ride even if the weather is bad. It is easy to remove and recharge although the charging takes 4 to 6 hours, which is annoying. You can travel up to 25 to 31 miles on a single charge.

The bike comes with a bell and reflector for safety purpose. There is no headlamp, though. You have to install it separately.


  • Stylish design
  • The battery is protected inside a case
  • 21-speed Shimano gears
  • Strong Kenda tires


  • Feels unstable when going downhill at a high speed
  • At 47 lbs, it feels heavy to carry around
  • Some adjustments needed for preventing chin slipping

8. ANCHEER Newest Electric Mountain Bike

The newest electric mountain bike from Ancheer provides the joy of mountain biking with some advanced featuresANCHEER Newest Electric Mountain Bike that make it more enjoyable and let the riders to have the control of their rides. At less than $800 price and with mid-range features, it may not compete with the XF800 or BAFAG models, but it provides good value for the money, nonetheless.

Build & Controls

The e-MTB from Ancheer could be your new companion if you want to add some new routes to your weekly ride routes. The stylish bike is built around a sturdy but lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The design is ergonomic and is carefully engineered for the human body.

The control panel consists of a LED 3-speed smart meter button that allows you to choose the assistance level according to your need.


With a 250W motor and LG 36V/8ah li-ion battery, you can crank the biker for a burst of speed by just twisting the throttle. Choose any of the three modes of PAS or turn it off altogether to get the real mountain biking experience.

The front-suspension is high-quality that keeps everything smooth and bump-free. The front fork absorbs shocks and impact even if you are cycling on rough terrain. The 21-speed Shimano gears allow you experimenting with various speed while climbing uphill and riding on flat surfaces.

The suspension performs well at the time of cutting corners. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes give the 26-inch wheels extra strength during a stop.

Other Features

The removable battery keeps the bike alive for 15.5mph at the maximum speed of 25kmh. however, it is possible to stretch the mileage to 30mph based on the assistance mode you have chosen.

The bike comes with a headlight and taillight. The front one good but the rear light is rather dull and remains almost invisible.


  • Suitable for mountain biking and daily commute
  • Three PAS modes
  • 21-speed Shimano shifters
  • Aluminum alloy frame


  • The motor remains active for a few seconds after quitting pedaling
  • The taillight is poor quality

9. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

The ECOTRIC fat tire bike is not high-end, but it won’t be a stretch to call it a mid-tier electric bike. Assembled withECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike a bunch of standard components, that bike allows the riders to have the fun of mountain biking at less than $1,000. There are a few flaws here and there but it’s a good mid-range e-MTB overall.

Build & Controls

The bike is surprisingly well-built. The frame can survive hundreds of miles of rides without showing any wearing sign. The ergonomic design gives the rider the ultimate comfort. The well-designed seat, handlebars, and the anti-slip tires make the riding more comfortable.


The bike runs on a 500W rear hub motor and a removable 36V Li-ion battery. It offers both a throttle speed control and three levels of speed in the Pedal Assistance System. With the help of the 7-gear Shimano shifters and wear-resistant, wide fat tires, you will enjoy a fast, smooth ride at a maximum 20mph.

There is no suspension, so the fat bike is not ideal for downhill. Also, you will feel more shocks than usual while doing large drops or crossing big tree roots. The fat tires are helpful for keeping it accurate and quick on sand and snow but don’t run it on ice. The tires simply don’t have enough traction to stay steady on ice. Studded tires may solve the problem but the safer option to steer clear of icy tracks.

Another downside of this bike is that the first two speed levels of the PAS are too low. You are almost bound to switch to the third (the highest) level for enjoying the adrenaline rush.

Other Features                     

The battery is housed in a sealed case that you can remove if needed. You can also ride the bike in the rain as there is no chance for the cell to get wet. However, the 6-hour charging time is a bit annoying given that you cannot crank it for more than 25 miles at the highest speed on a full charge.


  • Ergonomic design and components
  • 7-speed Shimano shifters
  • Fat tires perform well on sand and snow
  • Throttle speed control


  • Performs poorly on ice
  • No suspension causes bumpy rides
  • The first two pedal-assist levels are too low

10. DJ Bikes DJ Mountain Bike 500W

When you are looking for a strong, powerful electric mountain bike with mid-range features, the DJ e-MTB from theDJ Bikes DJ Mountain Bike 500W DJ Bikes can be a good option. Priced at less than $3,000, it will offer you exactly what you have paid for. If you are looking for the wild mountain biking spirit in an electronic unit, this bike won’t disappoint.

Build & Controls

There is no way to doubt about the quality of this bike because it is equipped with standard components and features. You will enjoy the sturdiness of its stainless-aluminum frame, the power of the Bafang motor and Samsung battery, the strength of the Top Gun suspension fork, and the functionality of the Tektro brakes and Shimano gears.

The bike has a three-level pedal assistant system and a basic LCD screen shows information about the battery charge, trip distance, selected assist mode, and a few other factors.


The DJ bike is the perfect bike for every type of bikers. It has something for you whether you are a casual rider, daily commuter, or a sports fan. It has a powerful combo of 500W motor and 625Wh battery allow you to ace the trips to long, steep hills.

You can set the maximum speed at more than 20mph (but the legal limit is 20). Also, you should not cross that limit because the Shimano 7-gear transmission system won’t be able to cope up with anything higher than 22 to 23 mph. However, to the absolute joy of the thrill seekers, the huge weight of the bike can push the speed to go over 40 mph on downhill coasts. Be careful though and make sure that the road and traffic conditions allow that speed limit.

Other Features

The 48V Samsung battery is extra powerful and can keep the biked juiced for hours, depending on the road conditions and the selected level of pedal assistance. You can remove it from the battery case and charge it anywhere. Another plus point is the charger is designed to prevent overcharging.

There is a USB port to the battery case that you can use for charging your phone, iPod, or other devices. The front headlight keeps you safe on both city and off-road trails. The cushy saddle is highly comfortable, ideal for long rides.


  • Extra powerful motor and battery
  • Strong suspension fork
  • Suitable for fast, thrilling rides
  • The battery has a USB port
  • The seat is comfortable


  • The headlight may appear inadequate in rainy conditions
  • The walk assist feature is too fast (about 8mph) and there is no way to change it

11. Sheepfun Electric Folding Mountain Bike

The Sheefun folding e-bike is a budget-friendly option for entry-level bikers. It offers stress-free rides and cruiseSheepfun Electric Folding Mountain Bike through technical terrain. It takes only a small space in your storage and car trunk yet stands firm whenever you need to ride on rough trails.

Build & Controls

The bike is built around a strong metal frame. The quality of the components is not quite high. You can put them in the mid-range category.

The e-bike is foldable and you can also keep the pedals folded for saving more storage space. However, it takes much strength and quite a bit of practice to use that folding function.


It draws its power from a 250W motor and 36V battery cell. There are two working modes – the assisted mode and the electric mode. Choose the first one if you want to do some pedaling exercise while the second option is good for climbing uphill and driving when you are too tired to pedal.

It takes lots of physical strength and effort to climb uphill with a regular mountain bike. This Sheepfun e-bike makes it easier for those who are used to that high level of the physical drill but still wants to have fun. Besides, you can use it for working out even with the pedal assistance turned on.

The front suspension and extra-powerful wheels make the rides really smooth. The 26-inch magnesium alloy wheels with anti-slip resistant thick tires roll on every kind of tracks but provide lots of traction too when you push the brakes.

Other Features

The 36V/8ah li-ion battery is rechargeable and you can remove it if not needed. The bike’s mileage is between 35km and 50km depending on your chosen assistance level. It takes four to six hours to charge fully, which is the standard period for most entry- and mid-level e-bikes.

It comes with a headlight and electric bell for extra safety. There is a bottle holder too on the top rail.


  • The assist mode is excellent and kicks in quickly
  • Fun to ride
  • Battery stays alive for at least 35km
  • Comes with headlight, bottle holder, and an electric bell


  • The battery mounts on the handlebar, which is a quite odd position
  • The bottle holder is small

12. Tomasar Power Electric Bike

The power electric bike is a good-looking, powerful unit in the less than $1,000 price range. Considering the price, itTomasar Power Electric Bike has been made with good-quality components and the highest standard possible.

Build & Controls

Design wise, the Tomasar bike is quite similar to the Sheepfun folding unit reviewed above. The ultralight, strong aluminum frame holds together 25-inch wheels, a 250W brushless motor, 36V battery, and other necessary parts. The anti-rust and anti-exposure painting on the frame makes sure that the weather conditions don’t have any effect on it.

The highlight of the structure is the ergonomic design of several parts. The grips and adjustable seat ensure that your riding is fun and comfy. The bike is also easy to carry as it weighs almost 44 pounds.


The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and the tires are made of high-quality lithium. Together they allow the bike to move easily, absorb the road bumps, and also perform well during cutting corners and on slippery and wet tracks.

There are two working modes to choose from. You can either leave it to run completely on electric power or select a pedal assistance mode. The 21-speed transmission system is excellent for experimenting with various speed levels on different trails. However, don’t select the e-power mode or a high-speed level when bombing down descents. The high-speed won’t let the bike to stay stable.

The bike has a front and rear disc brake system. It performs pretty well and brings the bike to a stop almost immediately after being applied.

Other Features

The 36V/8ah li-ion battery is rechargeable and removable. It takes 4 to 6 hours for recharging it fully and it can go approximately 25km at the highest speed. It can be extended to 50km given than you have selected the low-level of assisted mode.

The bike comes with a LED front light, electric horn, and a water bottle.


  • Does not weigh much
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Two working modes to choose from
  • Extra accessories include LED headlight, water bottle case, and a horn


  • The battery sits in an odd position
  • The water bottle holder is small

13. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

The e-MTB from Kemanner is a clean-looking and affordable unit. It comes with generic components and most stockKemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike features needed to tackle off-road tracks. You can purchase this bike with confidence as the company promises to solve any problem within 24 hours!

Build & Controls

The Kemanner bike comes with a sleek, no-fuss design. Built around a light and strong aluminum alloy that ensures a faster ride by providing less drag. At around 48 pounds, the bike is not easy to carry around but it rolls easily on any surface because of having a front fork, 26 inches wheels, and a powerful 250W motor.

There is a LED 3-speed smart meter button on the control panel. It allows the rider to choose the speed level with the flick of a switch.


The 250W motor and 36V battery supply the required power for the highly strong front suspension to make the riding super comfortable for you. You can choose between the e-bike and pedal assist option, depending on whether you want to just discover the trails or do some physical drill too along the way.

The PAS has three modes that allow you to enjoy the thrill of speed with the 21-speed Shimano gears. However, don’t pair up the highest mode with a high-level of gear because you will hardly feel any resistance at that speed no matter how fast you pedal.

You can rely on the front and rear mechanical disc brakes for keeping you safe irrespective of the weather conditions.

Other Features

The Kemanner bike has a 36V/10ah battery that provides a 30 to 35km of mileage on a single charge. It comes with a smart charger and takes almost 4 to 6 hours for being fully recharged.

It comes equipped with a LED headlight and two horns for ensuring more safety during traveling at nighttime.


  • Sleek, no-fuss design
  • Comes with a headlight and two horns
  • Battery offers 30 to 35km of trip distance
  • The front suspension fork is strong


  • Weighs heavy
  • Riding uphill without the motor power will be grinding

14. NAKTO 26″ Cruiser Fat Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Cruiser electric mountain bike is an amazing entry-level product at an affordable price. You cannot reallyNAKTO 26″ Cruiser Fat Electric Bicycle expect much from a less than $1,000 bike, but the Cruiser will impress you with its range of features. You can ride it for hours without feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

Build & Controls

Unlike other entries in this list, the Nakto Cruiser is built with an aluminum alloy hub and iron frame. However, there is no possibility of catching rust due to the anti-rust paint.

The bike has a throttle attached to the right handlebar and an LCD screen to the left bar. The throttle allows the rider to choose from 5 levels of pedal assistance and the display shows various information including battery level, trip distance, and speed.


The bike shows greater terrain adaptability with the 300W brushless motor and 36V Li-ion battery. The 6-speed Shimano gears provide further range variation. You can select any one from the five levels of PAS but the level one or two assist is perfect for cycling on most tracks. Be careful that there will be little pedal resistance at higher levels. You can also twist the variable speed throttle instead of selecting the pedal assistance.

Riding the bike is so much fun. It can be your trusted fitness trainer as riding it for two hours, even with the pedal assistance is on, will help you to burn a significant amount of calories. If you are struggling to keep up with a fitness routine, just ride this bike for one or two hours a day.

There is one downside of the Cruiser. Whenever you hit a severe bump on the road, the battery comes ajar. There is a suspension in the front fork but it is not adjustable, which could probably be the reason for the battery issue.

Other Features

The battery stays alive for 27 to 30 mph at a max speed of 30mph. It takes four to six hours for being fully recharged. You can pedal even if the battery dies.

The bike is equipped with a 360-degree LED headlight that provides safety during night cycling.


  • Good battery life
  • Five levels of pedal assistance
  • LCD screen
  • LED headlight


  • No clear instructions
  • Takes a bit of trial and error to tune up everything correctly
  • Big bumps cause the battery coming ajar

15. Binxin Power Plus Folding Electric Mountain Bike

The Power Plus from Binxin is a cheap entry-level bike. However, the folding unit is equipped with some solid features that will definitely make a ride unforgettable for any level of riders. The bike is suitable for cross-countryBinxin Power Plus Folding Electric Mountain Bike trails and terrain with light hurdles.

Build & Controls

The frame of the bike is made of industry-grade aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable. The structure holds together a 250W motor, a 36V battery, double-layered aluminum alloy wheels, and dual disc brakes.

The design is ergonomic and all the components have been engineered with great attention to detail. In addition, you can fold the bike for easy storage and transportation facilities.

There is a 3-speed smart meter panel attached to the left handlebar. You can use it for choosing a pedal assistance mode.


The 250W brushless motor and 36V/8ah battery help you to run this bike on almost any track. However, it is not suitable for rough terrain, so don’t expect it to do crazy jumps or go extremely steep uphill.

The carbon steel front fork along with the magnesium alloy integrated wheels make your trips comfortable by buffering the shocks. The thick, anti-slip resistant lithium tires will perform well on snowy and rainy weather conditions. The Shimano 21-gear system and the three-level PAS keep things interesting for the thrill seekers.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes will also not disappoint you. They provide the wheels great stopping power, which comes handy on tricky surfaces.

Other Features

The battery will support for 25km in the e-bike mode and 50km in the pedal assisted mode. It takes 4 to 6 hours to complete a recharge cycle. But, you can’t charge it away from the bike, which is a downside.

The Power Plus has a fully adjustable saddle, ergonomic grips, bright LED headlight, and a horn. All these components are crucial to ensure the rider’s comfort and safety.


  • The frame is an industry-grade aluminum alloy
  • Tires perform well in hostile weather conditions
  • Comes with a headlight and horn
  • 21-gear transmission system


  • The battery won’t take charge away from the bike