New Breakthrough in the 10 Coolest Bike Inventions

There are always new technologies and gadgets coming out, but what are the coolest ones? This list will show you the top 10 coolest bike inventions that you will go crazy for!

Bike Inventions



1. MonkeyLectric Monkey Lights


2. Orfos Flare lights


3. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves


4. Camelback Podium Ice


5. Cobi System


6. Bike Lane Safety Lights


7. Self-Inflating Tires


8. Imprint Grips


9. E-Bike Converter


10. Varia Vision


MonkeyLectric’s Monkey Lights allow you to show off all your great moves in the dark.

These lights are amazing for being seen at night, showing off your favorite colors, an amazing amount of themes to choose from and uses a hub-mounted battery to keep your wheel balanced.

These lights last up to 20 hours before needing new batteries, can handle all weather conditions and terrain, and are lightweight!

When you purchase Monkey Lights, you are also buying a 2-year warranty, mounting straps and pads, and an anti-theft strap.


These Orfos Flare lights are head and tail lights that offer 360-degree visibility. These are very bright and designed for use at night and during the day.

The mount magnetically, so no need for tools or to position them in a certain place. They are waterproof, coldproof, and rechargeable. The charge last for about 24 hours, and recharges in only 90 minutes!

These lights are very lightweight and won’t throw off your balance. A unique feature of these lights is that they come with magnetic mounting strips that you can interchange between your bike and your helmet. They come in red and white.


Zackees offer these gloves that come with a built-in LED panel on each hand to allow you to use your hand signal and, by pressing a button, activate a turn signal on the back of the glove. These gloves are durable and breathable, but also are sweat and shock absorbent.

The batteries are rechargeable and you can purchase a charger separately. These gloves are a lifesaver for cyclists.

Zackees are available for $70 and the recharge system is $25.


The Camelback Podium Ice keeps water cold. Not just for hours, but for 4x longer than other bottles.

This bottle is free of BPA’s and is lightweight. It can hold 21 oz and has a wide mouth for ice. Leak-proof and self-sealing, this bottle is ideal for long rides and hot days.

This bottle is also able to keep warm drinks warm. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied, you can return it at any time.

The Cobi system allows you to mount your smart phone to your bike to turn your bike into a smart bike.

The mount allows for your smart phone to sit on your handlebars and provide you with directions, music, and more.

The Cobi system comes with the mount, the biking app, navigation and weather, and a light system, that at night will turn on front and rear lights.

The Cobi system will cost anywhere from $180-$380, depending on the package you want.


The XFire offer a bike lane safety lights system that is lightweight and provides two guidelines on each side of your bike to provide a bike lane area.

They are red lasers that are highly visible so that bikers and drivers can keep a safe distance and be seen.

These are weatherproof and shockproof. They are rechargeable by USB and will make you much safer to ride at night.

These are available for $40.


AdapTrac has created a self-inflating tire system that makes keeping tire pressure much simpler and easier.

The orders are all handled personally since they need specifications of your bike to make the models specifically for your bike.

This system allows the rider to adjust each tire pressure with just a toggle. This allows for easier rides and control where you ride.

This system will cost around $1,400.


TMR Designs has created imprint grips to perfectly fit your hands. This allows for more control and maximum contact. These grips are made using aircraft grade aluminum and titanium locks, so these grips are meant to last.

Since these are custom made for you, they do take a little time to complete your specifications, but are well worth it.

These will run you around $52.


E-Bike Kit has options for your standard bike to be changed over into an electric bike. Electric bikes have become highly popularized recently. These also help if pedal assist is needed, but the idea of getting around quickly is a must for some!

These kits will cost you anywhere between $700 and $1,470.


Garmin now has a smart device for glasses called Varia Vision that allow for an in-sight display. This will show you your ride stats, your heart rate, the time, calories burned, directions, and even calls from your smart phone.

This device is a bit bulky looking however they are extremely lightweight. It attaches to any side of your sunglasses and displays a monitor on the lenses.

This will cost you $400.

Gift Option

Want the best gift for cyclist? We recommend the folding helmet. This helmet is able to fold flat for easy carry, travel, and storage. It is a quality product that surpasses regular safety standards, and allows for easy storage.

After doing the research, companies found that most bikers won’t wear a helmet due to having to carry around a bulky headpiece all day. Foldable helmets are trying to change all that.

This helmet makes a great gift and will cost about $100.


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