6 Simple Steps for How to Install the Bell Bike Rack

Installing any bike rack can be stressful and be the cause of frustration. Bike racks can cause damage during installation, and you can install it incorrectly. Installation of a bike rack can deter people from wanting to use a bike rack that attaches to their vehicle.

This bike rack can hold up to three bikes securely, is relatively easy to install with little time, and will require additional security cables for added security of your bikes.

The Bell bike rack is no different. It can be hard to install correctly and can cause damage to your vehicle if you do not take care. These easy, step-by-step Bell bike rack instructions will help you to put your bike rack on stress-free.

Tools of the Trade

You do not need any tools for this bike rack. Instead, it is suggested to expect to spend anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes on this installation.

You might need to make an extra purchase, but overall, you will not need any tools or machinery to install the Bell bike rack.

1. Bell Strap Bike Rack

You will need to have the Bell bike rack to install this particular bike rack. It will come folded and wrapped. This procedure is also how you can also store it when it is not in use.

The Bell bike rack is durable and stable. When correctly installed, you will not have to worry about the bikes falling or the rack falling off.

2. Vehicle

This product is guaranteed to fit any vehicle. This bike rack is on trunks of small cars, but it can also fit the back of SUVs and minivans.

The vehicle you do choose to mount this on should have a strong trunk closure and should not block your view out the back of the vehicle.

3. Bicycle

The bike rack you choose can hold between two and three bikes. You can choose how many bikes you want to secure on, but for this installation, you will need at least one bike.

You can choose any bike you want. Any weight, size, and model will fit on the bike rack.


4. Security Straps

These do not come with the bike rack, and you will have to buy them if needed. The extra straps are used to secure the bikes further and to keep them from swaying back and forth on the bike rack.

The straps will help the bikes to stay secure on the rack and grip them together. Securing them together will keep them secure while suspended in the air during travel.

Bell Bike Rack Instructions

After acquiring all the things, you need for the installation process, you ready to follow through my simple Bell bike rack instructions! Let’s get your bike rack installed!

#1: Unfold and Inspect

You will need to unpack your bike rack and unfold it. It should have six straps attached to the bike rack. Make sure to thoroughly look through the bike rack and inspect the material, straps, Velcro holders, and foam padding.

You want to make sure to find any damage to the bike rack before mounting it. Inspecting the bike rack will ensure you that the product is correct to use and ready for installation onto your vehicle.

If the bike rack is damaged, make sure you return it for a new one. You cannot ensure the safety or security of your bikes if the product is broken, damaged, or defective.

#2: Positioning the Bike Rack

This step is very easy to do. You will need to place the rack with the shortest arm (which is the rear arm) on the top of the trunk, and put the larger arm (which is the front arm) at the bottom of your car.

Make sure that the two protruding arms are facing away from your vehicle. These are what will be holding your bikes securely about the ground. These should be on a slight incline when the arms are lined up correctly on your vehicle.

Make sure to move the arms to the position that works the best for your vehicle. You may have to adjust the rear and front arms and readjust the bike holders.

#3: Bell Bike Rack Installation

The word installation seems a little scary to hear, but this installation process could not be easier. When you have the bike rack in the correct position, place the two rear straps into the top part of the trunk, between the lid and frame of your trunk and car. Pull to tighten a little, not too much.

Next is a trickier step to follow. Take one of the side straps and one of the bottom straps on one side of the bike rack. Place the side strap first on the side of the trunk between the lid and frame again, and the bottom strap as the base of the trunk. Tighten them together.

Repeat this process on the other side. Once the bike rack has been placed and installed into the proper position, retighten all the straps, starting with the bottom straps first. The final tightening should be on the rear straps to securely lock the bike rack into place.


#4: Loading the Bike

Loading up your bikes is very easy to do when using this bike rack. Whether you got the 2-bike holder or the 3-bike holder, the holders come with Velcro straps. Undo one strap. Pick up your bike and place the bike holder arms under the top rod of your bike. The top rod is what will be held by the bike arm.

Securely Velcro into place. Once the bike is in position and is secure, add the second and third bike, if needed. Follow the same steps as with the first bike.

#5: Securing the Bike

Now that your bikes are safe on the bike rack, they may move and sway as your vehicle moves. If you are uncomfortable with this, there are some extra precautions you can take to make your bikes more secure.

Mini bungees can be strapped to the frame of the bike and pulled to the bottom of the trunk. Additional security will keep the bike from swaying depending on how tight you make them and how loose the bungees are.

The rope is an excellent way to wrap the bikes together and secure the three bikes together, then pull tightly with a bungee to the trunk.

Whatever you decide to use to secure your bikes further is a step you will need to prepare for ahead of time. You want to make sure to give yourself enough time for packing up your bikes and making it to your destination.

#6: On the Road

While driving to your destination, you will probably make multiple stops for bathroom breaks, filling up your car, and stretching your legs. Maybe you will even camp overnight somewhere.

No matter how your traveling goes, make sure to always check your bikes and the bike rack at each stop. Give the bikes a little tug and a little push to make sure they are still secure. Tighten all the straps on the bike rack again, in case they came loose from the ride.

This step is not necessary, but it could save you some heartache if your bike rack is not tight enough and your bikes fall off on the road.

Finishing Thoughts

This bike rack is an easy to install a bike rack. Other bike racks tend to take tools and to put pieces together. The Bell bike rack is an easy bike rack to use. Take the bike rack out of the package, unfold, position, and strap on. That is all it takes.

With the ability to hold two and three bikes, this bike rack is easy to travel with and bring your bikes along for the adventure!

Have you tried the Bell bike rack? What do you think of it? Did these instructions help you? Let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you!

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