Anyone Want to Read the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike Review

This bike has an ultra-sleek design made to be on the top of performance and in style. This is designed for you no matter what your level of cycling is. This is a high-cost performance at an affordable price for a cycling enthusiast.

Update: We have compared this bike to another mountain bikes with the same price range. You can see it here.​

This is a great bike if you’re like me. I was looking to improve my cycling performance and had hit the spot where my bike wasn’t helping improve my skills at all. I upgraded to the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike and had been improving my skills and performance like a pro.

Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike​

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

When looking for a bike that will give peak performance on the roughest terrains while providing a smooth ride, the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike is perfect for you.

If you are just a cyclist who enjoys bike rides through the park or on the paved roads, then this bike wouldn’t benefit you. This bike is made for the rough terrains of dirt paths, mountains, and brush. If you are looking to purchase a bike to take off roads and into the wilderness, grab this bike!

Before buying the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike, you should consider where you want to ride your bike, what the terrain will be like, if this bike is within your budget, are you the right height for this bike, and have you ridden a mountain bike before.


Pros and Cons

The Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike offers a high-cost performance at an affordable price while providing a smooth ride on a sleek bike. It’s an ultralight bike that is made for easy transportation and carrying if needed.

​The ultra-lightweight design came in handy when I was biking in the mountains and came to the river. While crossing on the stones, this bike was easy to carry across on the rocky path to the other side. Other bikers were struggling with heavier bikes, so I was thankful for this design.

The Beiou mountain bike is made for serious mountain bikers that are looking for a long-term bike to take on rugged adventures. This bike is made for people with biking experience, so if you are not used to being in rough terrains, this might not be the bike for you.

This bike isn’t for you if you think it’ll help you lose weight. Losing weight also requires a diet change, but biking for weight loss requires you to build up your stamina and your skills before jumping onto a mountain bike and riding on rough trails that could put you in a dangerous situation.​


  • It’s ultra-lightweight.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Powerful braking system.


  • The fork is average.
  • Tires will need to be replaced for rough terrain riding.
  • The rear hub is noisy.

Features and Benefits

The Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike has such wonderful features and benefits. The bike will need to be partially assembled.

You can choose to do it yourself, though the bike doesn’t come with instructions, or you can choose to take it to a bike shop. We’ll cover all the great things about this bike in our Beiou mountain bike review.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Suspension and Brakes

The Gears

The Tires

Design and Comfort

Responses to the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

Many people are trying the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike just like you want to. They’re experiencing the smooth rides on their rough trails and are having a lot of positive things to say about their experience.

Southeast Mountain bikers posted a video about their review and showed off the beautiful look of the bike, the features we mentioned, and will show you how the bike rides.

Another article discusses all the pros and cons about the bike as well as discuss the problems we also saw with the bike.

With this bike, you can see that most things discussed are positive with a few minor changes and replacements. You can get this bike and upgrade it as you need it to perfect the bike for you.


If you are looking to get a different bike but would like something like the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike, then we have some other choices for you the look into to.

Gravity FSX 1.0 is a sturdy entry-level bike that can handle off-road and road riding. It is a full suspension bike that offers smooth and fast riding.

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Mountain Bike is an affordable bike that can handle gravel, pavement, and dirt paths with ease.

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike 26 Aluminum 21 Speed is a lightweight aluminum frame that is great for any weather and any stress on the bike.

Final Thoughts

By replacing my old bike with the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike, I’m able to do so much more than I could before. My riding has improved, my skill knowledge has been expanded, and the areas I can bike in have expanded. It was the best choice for me and you, if you’re situation is similar.

Since its durable and lightweight frame, I can take it anywhere I want to bike and need to cross over. I also love the fact that the ride is smooth and comfortable which allows me to continuously increase my stamina on longer rides. It also makes it easier to push myself further.

If you need help getting out of a relationship with a bike that just isn’t working out, then you should definitely check out the Beiou Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike and increase your performance and stamina.

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