Are Children Spoiling Your Mountain Biking Holiday?

Are-Children-Spoiling-Your-Mountain-Biking-Holiday-kidsDoes it mean that once you have children you got to leave out all the trilling pleasures and adrenaline pumping activities? The answer is unfortunately yes because, if you plan on such activities, there would be almost nothing for the children to do in that spot. They would get bored or would not be willing to join you. But, what if there is a way to entertain your kids while you get your thrill? So, its spring break and you want to take up a mountain biking holiday. How to keep your children busy?

Traditional Method

The traditional method is to find one guy or relative who would be free and ask him to babysit. But, what if you want to spend a day or two on the track? You cannot leave your children for that long. Moreover, it is holidays and they would need their outing too.

Taking Your Children With You On Your Trail

There are a few trails like the Alps route where you can take your children with you. But, they might get tired and board. So there is an option to take your children with you during your trip. But, all you need to do is find some ways to keep them occupied.

Kindling Their Curiosity

Are-Children-Spoiling-Your-Mountain-Biking-Holiday-beautiful-sceneries So, they get tired and bored during the trip. What if you are choosing a mountain that has beautiful sceneries? You can point out beautiful sceneries to them and keep them entertained. If you can mix their entertainment with mountain biking, then you got yourself a mountain biking holiday with your children. Make sure to choose the track that has some wildlife, streams or something interesting.

Get Into Their World

You are going to ride the mountain bike and watch the sceneries. You can add some fantasies to this situation to keep them occupied. Create a story which would interest them and live in that story. For instance, if your child is a Jurassic Park fan, you can make a story of driving into the Jurassic Park in your mountain bikes.

Give Them A Goal

Ask them to count the number of goats on the track. Or, keep them engaged with some activity when they drive the bike. They can’t be with you while you aimlessly drive the bike around.

Are you planning on some mountain bike vacation plans? You can choose the French Alps. The mountains have wonderful sceneries filled with wildlife and other elements. This would keep your children busy. Moreover, it is not just for mountain biking. There are a lot of other activities that would keep all the members of your family, busy. The mountainside has top resorts that are appealing. This would make a wonderful mountain biking vacation for you and your child can live in his dreams.

Tips To Follow While Taking Your Children With You

Going on a mountain bike vacation is something that you got to be prepared and well equipped to be safe. Think about the safety measures that you need to keep up if you are bringing your children to the vacation.

  1. Stack up light snacks with you. Children might get hungry during the mountain biking session.
  2. Choose clothing that would suit the environment.
  3. Keep first aid kits and other safety equipments.
  4. You might plan on riding at 6 miles per hour. But, this does not mean that you can avoid helmet. Each and every person on the bike should have helmet.
  5. Avoid steep uphill and downhill trails.
  6. Do not take them on routes which would take hours to complete.
  7. Always have a map.
  8. Helmet, knee pad and other safety equipments are must.

It is a good exercise and an adventurous way to spend time with your family and nature. Remember that there is a kid who is watching you and you got to be responsible. No thrilling acts and dangerous trails should be taken. Make sure that you are prepared for all kinds of scenarios like, kid wanting to end the session just after 10 minutes into the trail. Remember that if your child finds it not appealing, you would have to carry him and also his bike.

Sometimes, things would go out of hand. You would probably hear sentences like, ‘Is this fun?’ or ‘Why are we doing this? ‘or ‘When will this end?’. Make sure to use the above techniques to make them feel interested and when the road starts to tip down, the cheering would return to some kids. Last but not least, just because a route is tagged as a family-friendly trail, it does not mean that it would suit your kid. Handpick the track and make sure to double the precautions to avoid any mishap.

What are you waiting for? Get your kids ready and race to the mountains to have an adventure and adrenaline filled holiday.