5 Tricks To Look Like A Pro In Downhill Mountain Biking

Mountain bike and a downhill track are the two main elements of fun. Those who are new to this fun sector would have a little hard time in getting into the track. There are only a few tricks that you need to keep in mind so that you can race like a professional. Are you looking forward for your first mountain bike downhill session? Here are five basic tips that would make you look like a professional.

Expect The Unexpected

5-Tricks-To-Look-Like-A-Pro-In-Downhill-Mountain-Biking-featureBe prepared for almost all kinds of scenarios. The mountain bike riding sessions are an intense foray. You might have tried the bike on some flat and smooth terrain. This does not mean that rough terrains would be easy for you. Do not start the mountain bike rides in the downhill trail for the very first time. Choose some local tracks, prepare for the rough paths and obstacles.

Check the mountain bike and get it ready for the trip. Any maintenance or repair work, no matter how small it might be, should be taken care before the trip. Starting from helmet to goggles, keep everything that you might need in the track. Expect all the scenarios and be prepared for them.

How To Sit?

 5-Tricks-To-Look-Like-A-Pro-In-Downhill-Mountain-Biking-sitThe most common mistake that people who ride the bike for the very first time do is lean forward when going downhill. You need to always sit on the seat and put your weight on the bike. In case, if you feel that the front wheels are out of your control, you can lean a little forward.

Your limbs should be bent. This would help you to absorb shock. Remember that you are riding downhill and you would hit a lot of patches and bumps. Your body should be free and relaxed. Make sure to have a good suspension to control your body. Do not hold the handle like that’s the only thing stopping you from falling down. If your body is not relaxed, you cannot control the descent.

Keep An Eye On The Trail

It is not a road to just keep an eye on the vehicle just before you. You need to be in a position to watch what is there ahead of you. At the least, about 15-20 feet of the trail should be visible to you. Hitting a bump or a rock unexpectedly can be dangerous and in some cases fatal too. Make sure to do last minute decisions and choose the simplest and smoothest path available. If you are riding for the first time, thrill is not as important as safety and control over the bike. Always keep an eye on what is on your path and calculate accordingly.

Last Minute Decisions

As stated earlier, you would have to take up a lot of last minute decisions. With adrenaline pumping in your body, sweat oozing out, you need to watch for all possibilities and choose the right action. After all, the mountain bike session is for fun. You need to keep your head cool and enjoy it. Watch for all kinds of hazards. No matter how small the rock might look or how weak the small stem might seem to, it is better to stay away from the obstacles.

What’s Your Speed?

5-Tricks-To-Look-Like-A-Pro-In-Downhill-Mountain-Biking-speedWhat is the point in driving your mountain bike at 6 miles per hour? Speed is all that matters now. But, make sure that you do not let the speed take away your control on your mountain bike. Even if you lose your control for one nanosecond, you would end up in an ugly crash. Always be ready to grab the brakes immediately. While applying the brakes; put the rear break first and not the front one. If you use the front one, your bike would flip in some cases. Do not even dream of riding your mountain bike without helmet.

The last but not least message is to keep in mind that it is not a race that your life depends upon. Do not try to block the other riders or make a scene or show off. Let them pass by. Crashing with the other riders is not going to be fun.

You are not playing a video game where you can reset or restart the race. If you lose your control and crash, there is no chance that you can undo it. You reached that mountain with your bike for fun. Remember to have all the fun within the safety limit. Keep up your speed, but do not overdo it. Slow down when and where needed. Brakes are not for fashion. Enjoy, have fun and at the same time, be safe. Now that you have learn all the tips and tricks, head to the mountain and make some memorable time there.

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