5 Ways You Should Bike Tour Richmond

Riding your bike in Richmond, VA makes you really appreciate nature. You are surrounded by beautiful trees; color changing leaves, and the amazing four distinct seasons that give you different cycling experiences.

Richmond has some of the most unique bike tours than some of the other cities out there. There is a lot of history in Richmond that really makes your rides unique.

You can feel the sense of historic value, nature, and community when you cycle through Richmond and experience everything this city has to offer.

1. The Foodie Tour


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Yes, Richmond has a foodie tour for cyclists. It’s pretty fantastic. You get to explore the beautiful, historic Church Hill that is filled with a crazy food scene. Crazy good, that is. There are a lot of award-winning restaurants, along with several bakeries in the area.

The foodie tour is a great way to start off in Richmond. The food is unique as well as the architecture of the buildings is. The nature in the area is naturally grown, so there isn’t any places that have a distance where there is nothing to see.

On this tour, you will be able to experience the historical architecture, the history of Church Hill, and all the beautiful nature that surrounds you. This is a tour that is one-of-a-kind and you don’t want to miss this experience.

2. Belle Isle


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Belle Isle is a skills course that helps beginners become more comfortable with mountain biking. This skills course is filled with rough terrain, rocky paths, mountain simulators, and so much more.

Belle Isle is a newer community built park. It’s meant to encourage and help riders of all skill level to be ready for what Richmond trails can offer, and what to be prepared for. There are always people standing by on the location to assist and help with any questions, concerns, or biking advice.

This is a great spot to come, even if you are an advanced biker, to experience the beauty of the skills course and to experience the involvement the community had in putting this together.

3. The Northbank Trail

This trail offers a challenging experience that engages riders. This trail passes below a historic cemetery and has gorgeous views of the James River. This is a great spot for mountain bikers to ride and experience the beauty the Richmond area has to offer.

The river is fresh and clear, and when you ride, make sure to stay on the path to avoid causing any erosion. On the trail, beware of other hikers. You’ll pass by the old Foushee-Ritchie Mill, made of granite, and built in 1819. This is a 200-year old structure that has endured multiple weather conditions and vandalism.

You can even take a break to snorkel. You can find fish, turtles, seashells, snails, and so much more. Being out in beautiful weather, surrounded by nature, his is truly a relaxing adventure.

4. Powhite Park


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This park is tucked away, but well worth finding. This park is over 100-acres and is full of hardwoods, wildlife, beeches, and hollies. This is the perfect place to ride if you want to be a part of nature.

In the wilderness you can see deer, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and so much more. Bikers will often take the multiple trails that flow through the park, and wind up staying for hours enjoying the cool, calm feeling of nature.

The beauty of the park is marvelous. You forget about the cars and industry back in town as you lose yourself in the nature, filled with trees, animals, and scents reminding you of childhood campouts.

5. The Wetlands

The Wetlands on the south bank of the James River system and is attached to the Pony Pasture Rapids Park. There is a wide variety of wilderness out here. There are plenty of trails and paths to follow through the Wetlands to enjoy, and is welcoming to bikers of all ages and skill level.

The Wetlands have a pond, beaches, an enormous amount of fish and birds, as well as unique wildlife, such as beavers and possums. The river offers a beautiful view and at night, the skyline across the river lights up.

There are many unique sites along the Wetlands to experience. You can fish, float on the river, and even swim in the river.


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When looking for places to have fun at in Richmond, VA, remember that there are tons of bike tours, trails, paths, and experiences for bikers to have. There are some for the solo riders, and some for the family riders.

Richmond, VA is a place where everyone can enjoy their time cycling and get used to being a part of a cycling community. Riding your bike is a popular activity to do in Richmond, and the parks and trails all support the activity with beautiful scenery, nature, and adventures waiting for you.


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