What are the Best Mountain Bike Brands – 2017 Edition (UPDATED)

Nowadays, mountain bikes have become popular worldwide. Responding to that, more and more bike producers are entering this promising market. On the one hand, it gives consumers more opportunities and options to choose their beloved mountain bike.

On the other hand, it confuses them because they do not know which brand they should trust. With this reason, this review is written to help customers understand more about the top 3 best mountain bike brands out there in the market as well as assist them in the decision making of buying their most suitable mountain bike.


Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Brands Diamondback

The first of top 3 best mountain bike brands that we want to mention today is the Diamondback. Founded in Kent, Washington since 1977, Diamondback is famous for its low to mid – price bicycles.

Today, Diamondback produces a wide range of bike type: from mountain bikes to BMX bikes. Though hybrid and BMX bikes are both loved by bikers all around the world for the versatility and the thrills they bring, it is the mountain bike type that represents the face of Diamondback.

In fact, Diamondback mountain bikes are all designed to handle difficult terrains that can be encountered on rough trails or off-road adventures. In order to do so, those bikes are equipped with a strong frame and wide tires to overcome obstacles more easily and increase the ability to absorb shocks.

Moreover, those bikes also come with the upright handlebars for easy handling. This is really important in mountain biking because the ability to keep control of the bike can definitely save life.

This is a list of Diamondback Mountain Bikes on Amazon:


Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Brands SchwinnThe second one in the list of top 3 best mountain bike brands is the Schwinn. Founded in Chicago in 1895, Schwinn Bicycle Company has become dominant in the field of bicycles through most of the 20th century and today.

Despite being successful, Schwinn declared bankruptcy in 1992 and was bought by Pacific Cycle. In 2004, the Pacific Cycle was bought by Dorei industries – a multination conglomerate. As a result, Schwinn Bicycle Company now has become a subsidiary of Pacific Cycle, owned by Dorei industries.

Talking about the products, Schwinn now sells two lines of bicycles: discount bikes sold through mass – merchandisers such as Walmart or Kmart and the higher end bikes sold through speciality shop. Schwinn mountain bikes are appreciated by its affordable price, design and quality.

In fact, many bikers all over the world consider Schwinn mountain bikes to be a “good bike for the price” or “best bang for the buck”. This is also the reason why we – Mountainbikeez.com considers Schwinn to be one of the top 3 best mountain bike brands out there in the market.

This is a list of Schwinn Mountain Bikes on Amazon:


Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Brands MongooseThe final one among the top 3 best mountain bike brands that we want to introduce today is the Mongoose. Like Schwinn Bicycle Company, Mongoose is also a subsidiary of Dorei industry.
Founded in 1974, Mongoose is popular for its BMX, mountain bikes and street bicycles. In fact, similar to Schwinn, Mongoose also sells two lines of products: discount bikes through big merchandisers and high – ends models sold through specialty shops. One unique characteristic of Mongoose mountain bikes is the exploitation of lightweight alloys and magnesium. It makes the bike look more stylish yet sturdy enough to be used on rough terrain and mountain trail.
Being good at providing bicycles to amateur bikers around the world, Mongoose also involves in professional bicycle events and sponsors many bikers in various competitions. It means that, Mongoose has always played an important role in the world of mountain biking.

This is a list of Mongoose Mountain Bikes on Amazon:

Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Brands InfoGraphic

Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Brands infographic


This is the end of the review. All the brands above, in Mountainbikeez.com’s opinion, are all the best one the world of mountain biking. Because each brand has its own style of designing and producing mountain bikes, one should try to figure out which brand is the most suitable in order to buy a good mountain bike for himself.

If you are still confused about these brands, please come to Mountainbikeez.com and read our review. You can also contact and ask us questions that you have in mind. We are pleased to deliver to you the best answer within our ability. Thanks!

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